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Area Development Districts' Role in Kentucky's Road Prioritization Process


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During the National Regional Transportation Conference (June 2019, Columbus, OH), Jessica Bray shared the work of the Cumberland Area Development District and other regional organizations to partner with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet on roadway project prioritization.

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Area Development Districts' Role in Kentucky's Road Prioritization Process

  1. 1. Area Development District’s Role in Kentucky’s Road Prioritization Process Presented By: Jessica Bray Regional Transportation Planner Cumberland Valley Area Development District Kentucky
  2. 2.  Kentucky Transportation Systems 59 Airports carrying 10.2 million passengers/year Over 85,000 miles of roads 14,341 Bridges 2,648 miles of railroad tracks 1,020 miles of navigable waterways 4,189 miles of sidewalks 296 miles of bike lanes 85 miles of multi-use paths
  3. 3.  Kentucky ADDs
  4. 4.  Services Provided by Area Development Districts Transportation Highway Safety GIS Mapping Regional Transportation Planning Rural Public Transit GIS Mapping Services 911 Community Assets Hazard Mitigation Road Centerlines Trails Water/Sewer Lines Economic Development CEDS Planning Grant Writing Hazard Mitigation Homeland Security Industrial Development Public Administration & Training Revolving Loan Program Tourism Water & Wastewater Management Aging & Disability Services Workforce Development
  5. 5.  Data Collection Efforts Major Traffic Generators Economic Development Entertainment Housing Developments Industrial Development Medical Facilities Schools Shopping Centers Freight Freight Network Intermodal Connectors Load/Unload Locations Truck Parking Air & Rail Airport Locations Railyard Locations Intermodal Connectors Other Bicycle Route List of Contacts Pedestrian Facilities Trails
  6. 6.  Regional Transportation Committee  Agricultural Industry  Civic Organizations  Economic Development  Freight  Emergency/Safety Officials  Historic Preservation  Local Elected Officials  Planning & Zoning  Private Citizens  Public Transit  Tourism  Advocacy body on transportation issues  Evaluate and prioritize road projects  Provide assistance with ADD Annual Work Program Membership Includes: Duties of the Committee:
  7. 7.  Examples of Public Involvement  Transportation Planning Brochures  Engage with citizens at community meetings/events  Display Booth at community health fairs  Review local new media social media pages  Provide updates to local radio stations  Have informative Website & Social Media pages
  8. 8. Strategic Highway Investment For Tomorrow
  9. 9.  What is  Data driven and objective  Prioritizes spending of transportation projects  Incorporates local input  Compares projects  Transparent and defensible
  10. 10.  Project Focus for Prioritization  Safety Improvements  Road Widening  Reconstruction  New Routes & Interchanges
  11. 11.  Prioritization Timeline KYTC Develops Initial Project List ADD, HDO, & Local Leaders Identify Needed Changes KYTC Calculates Scores for Statewide, Regional Projects ADD, HDO, & Local Leaders Provide Input on Regional Projects KYTC Develops Draft Highway Plan for Governor Governor Finalizes, Presents Plan to General Assembly General Assembly, Governor Enact Highway Plan JANUARY 2019 – NOVEMBER 2019 JANUARY 2020
  12. 12. Timeline in Detail 1. List of Projects 2. Sponsorship of Projects 3. Review & Scoring 4. Statewide Priorities 5. Local Boosting 6. Regional Priorities 7. Recommended Highway Plan 8. Enacted Highway Plan
  13. 13.  List of Projects Meetings with Local Officials
  14. 14.  Sponsorship The number of sponsorships is determined by the number of counties, population, and lane miles within the jurisdiction of these agencies. Formula to Calculate the Number of Sponsorships 2 x Number of Counties + Population/25,000 + Lane Miles/1000 = Number of Sponsorships
  15. 15.  Key Scoring Components
  16. 16.  Statewide Priorities KYTC reveals projects of high importance & to be included in recommended plan.
  17. 17.  Local Boosting KYTC reveals projects of high importance & to be included in recommended plan.
  18. 18. 2020 Funding Formula Statewide Regional * *Standard Regional % listing, Regions may adjust priorities by up or down by 5% with a minimum of 5% in any individual criteria. The overall data portion of the score will remain at 70%. The District and Local Priorities % may not be adjusted.
  19. 19.  Regional Priorities
  20. 20.  Recommended Plan Presented to Governor
  21. 21. Highway Plan Voted and Enacted in Legislative Session
  22. 22.  Results Before SHIFT: $7 Billion of Projects were in road plan = Over-Programmed After SHIFT: $1.8 Billion of Projects were in road plan = Flexibility & More Balanced  Data Driven Results  Easier for ADD Transportation Committee to review projects in each county  Easier to review 1200 projects versus 4000+ projects  Able to dig deep with more forecasting models
  23. 23.   Listen to citizen input and ask them for possible solutions.  Provide information at community meetings and regional transportation committee meetings.  Follow up with those that bring up concern.  Educational articles or website on why decisions are made. Lessons Learned
  24. 24. The most important road…. …is the one that leads you home.
  25. 25.  Stay in Touch Jessica Bray Regional Transportation Planner Cumberland Valley Area Development District Phone: (606) 864-7391 Facebook: CumberlandValleyADD