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TRIZ Innovation Poster V3 1


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This poster was presented @ the Intel Conference Research and Design Days, 2005. Presented directly to Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel (at the time)

Contribuors: Shawn Holmes, John Birchak, Jack Hipple, Invention Machine,

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TRIZ Innovation Poster V3 1

  1. 1. TRIZ Methodology: The Science of Innovation Accelerating Innovation at Intel TRIZ (pronounced treees) is: A proven means for enabling innovative solutions The scientific method for solving problems and getting innovative solutions…“The Science of Problem Solving” A structured, methodical, way of thinking… a means for directing the development products and processes. A concept generator for multiple, potential solution paths Conventional Innovation: 3 Key Discoveries from TRIZ Research: 1.Problems and solutions were repeated across industries & sciences 2. Patterns of technical evolution were repeated across industries & sciences 3. Innovations used scientific effects outside the field Current Methods from where the original problem was found “Not Repeatable or Reliable” Intel Structured Problem Solving: Great for A Moore’s Law for ALL Engineering Systems? Moore’ “what” of a problem, NOT known “how to” provide solutions. “The Law of Ideality” More psychology than science or technology based. Forces us to imagine an “ideal” state early on Random results, burden to come up with “best” and then to ask two questions: solution is dependant (in most cases) on who is on the team. 1. What are the contradictions that must be Does not address “Psychological Inertia”, nor resolved to reach that ideal end state? provides “Outside the Box” solutions. 2. What resources does our system or product Isn’t able to address working on the “wrong problem” have that could be used to achieve a more ideal final result? TechOptimizer Modules Automate TRIZ: "TRIZ is set of methods, principles and strategies for problem solving based on the analysis of patents. Patents arguably recognized as technical examples of engineering excellence. So with TRIZ, you have a set of methods, principles and strategies for enabling Engineering Excellence." ** R.Platt - TRIZ & Innovation Poster V3 - 12/03