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DFIM - Design for Innovation in Manufacturing - crib sheet


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a one page crib sheet of the Design for Innovation in Manufacturing, known as DFIM

Published in: Engineering
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DFIM - Design for Innovation in Manufacturing - crib sheet

  1. 1. 7/8/2012 The Strategy + Innovation Group | All Rights Reserved - Copyright (c) 1 Customer Requirements, Data Standards e-CAD data input CAM / DFM s/w package Run Design for Manufacturability Analysis and review results Do manufacturability issues exist? Document Issues in the DFM report Use principles to Identify viable solutions Yes No Prototype New Component solutions for ES Build ES Prototypes (w/ Mfg. Eng. at build) Identify Contradictions Check DFM violations against customer Product cost and Performance requirements Low Risk Med & High Risk Review Manufacturing Performance (w/ mfg floor feedback) Legend: ES = Engineering System CAM = Computer Automated Manufacturing DFM = Design for Manufacturability Release Product for High Volume Mfg DFM Tool as a Virtual Prototyping Tool Continue NPI Builds for Statistical significance Root cause for low yield High Yield Trends of ES Evolution Analysis S-Curve Analysis Low Yield Problem solved with standard Engineering approach No Yes DfIM Flow All Rights Reserved – The Strategy + Innovation Group