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SFE General Presentation

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Sfe presentation 02 jul2012

  1. 1. Sale s Force Europe ( SF E ) E) Business Development Ser vices Europe - Middle East Africa – Latin America July 2012Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 - 2012 1
  2. 2. ContentsAbout SFESFE Sales ProcessSFE AdvantagesSFE Team
  3. 3. SFE in a Nutshell  International organization founded in 2003  Over 40 sales professionals  Helping high-tech companies to launch, develop and expand their bu$iness in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin AmericaCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 3
  4. 4. SFE Offering in a Nutshell  Process 1-2weeks Engagement Planning Then immediate In-Country Sales Management Optional, initial 3-month In-Country Market Qualification  Business Model Fixed Monthly Fee per Region covering time to hit objectives & local sales costs Commissions on revenue received by Client during agreement + 1 year tail No other Legal, HR, recruitment, facilities, benefits…costsCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 4
  5. 5. The Way We Work  SFE Team: ex MDs, Sales VPs, Country Managers... In-country, highly-skilled sales people in all major markets + SFE Senior Management team (Madrid& London )  Managing entire Sales Cycle in target markets Planning, qualifying, trials, closure, development, reporting  Effective collaboration with our clients Fit with client’s objectives, strategies and priorities Integration into client’s sales teams and processes  Immediate access to channels, partners and prospects Personal contacts and influence at a local level, per vertical SFE people in -sourcing v conventional sales outsourcingCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 5
  6. 6. In-country Sales Team Experience and Credibility Each sales executive has minimum of 10 years technical sales experience and has been selected from hundreds of interviews Most have worked with the SFE management team at Cisco, IBM, Nortel, Oracle, Alcatel, Apple, HP, Telefonica, etc., with proven sales records Other important characteristics Indigenous to local markets: language, culture, traditions, contacts, influence  Shared resource: each manages 2-3 clients  More effective than cross-boarder sales Trained and technically proficient with client’s technology  Transparent to end customer – viewed as client’s sales team  Quarterly sales quotas, weekly sales calls Interviewed and approved by client  Resumes (CVs) and references availableCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 6
  7. 7. Geographic Coverage  Immediate access to channels, partners and prospects in: Western Europe Eastern Europe Middle East / Africa Latin America UK / Ireland Poland Turkey Argentina Germany / Austria Czech / Slovakia Israel Brazil Spain / Portugal Hungary UAE Chile France Bulgaria Saudi Arabia Colombia Italy Romania Egypt Peru Benelux Russia / CIS Morocco Mexico Nordics Baltics Nigeria / W Africa Switzerland Balkans Southern Africa  100+ Distributors currently signed with SFE clients, supporting 1’000s of resellers  100+ Service Providers signed with clients  1000+ Global Enterprises currently supported by SFE Partners  SFE database of personal contacts: Channels, Service Providers, Enterprise, Media...Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 7
  8. 8. Market Focus & Clients  Since 2003, SFE has served over 50 clients from USA, Canada, Italy, Israel, Finland, UK, France, Switzerland, India, ...  Tried and tested contacts in leading-edge sectors SaaS/Cloud, Applications, Services, Security, Media-VAS, Video, Networking, VoIP, Wireless  Some current clients:Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2012 8
  9. 9. Clients and Sales Partners 20+ Active Clients 40+ SFE Sales Representatives 3 SFE ManagementCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 9
  10. 10. Main SFE Benefits Immediate Access to new markets  SFE team trained and selling in 1 month vs. 6 months hiring direct  Direct access to channels, partners and prospects  First revenues within 6-9 months on average Reduced time &costs into international markets  No costs for local recruitment, legal, HR, social, facilities, IT, telecom, …  SG&A at an average 20% versus the industry standard of 30-40%  SFE Sales Representativeat a ¼ of the cost of a direct hire Low risks  1-year agreement, 30-day termination clause, anytime / reason  No issues / costs with employee hiring/firing, local laws , taxes, HR, etc.  No capital costs or exposure – the SaaS of Sales SaaS = Sales as a ServiceCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 10
  11. 11. SFE Sales Process 11
  12. 12. OverviewTwo main roads to Market :Direct operations in selected countriesENGAGEMENT PLANNING IN- COUNTRY S ALES MANAGEMENTPreliminary qualification of potential countries (optional)ENGAGEMENT PLANNING IN-COUNTRY MARKET QUALIFICATION IN-COUNTRY SALES MANAGEMENT 1 to 2 weeks 3 months one-year agreement with 30-day termination clauseCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 12
  13. 13. ENGAGEMENT PLANNINGOut-of-the-box perspective on your ‘International Readiness’ to expand from professionals with years of industry experienceDirect market feedback from SFE Sales Partners based in-regionPractical recommendations concerning international expansion such as target Countries & VerticalsSuggestions to improve your positioning and your marketing message and materialsCreates a solid, documented basis for discussing and agreeing on the SFE mission for your company Provides the Foundation of the Sales PlanCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 13
  14. 14. ENGAGEMENT PLANNING ENGAGEMENT PLANNING – MAIN STEPS Engagement Planning Questionnaire filled-in by Client - Questionnaire Review (conference call) Engagement Planning Report sent to Client Client info summary SFE observations - Report Review (conference call) Initial in-country feedback  Agreed Actions  SFE Proposal SFE recommendations Proposed actions Are target markets clear ? YES IN-COUNTRY SALES MANAGEMENT NO IN-COUNTRY MARKET QUALIFICATION 1 to 2 Engagement Planning Report sent within one week of Questionnaire return weeksCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 14
  15. 15. IN-COUNTRY SALES MANAGEMENT Sales Management from in-country experts, driving business at local level Full  Senior team, ex GMs & VP/Dir Sales, strong contacts and influence to drive decisions  Complete Sales Cycle: qualification, signing partners/trials, closing deals, revenue  Long-Term sales partners, fully integrated with client, transparent to marketIntegration of our Sales Representatives into your own sales team / organisation:  Execution of the strategies and tactics defined by client  Active Communication and Reporting  Client business cards, emails, sales processes, etc.Business growth through our tested sales development and management processes (quarterly objectives, weekly reporting, regular reviews, continuous training, experience sharing, etc.)Expansion opportunities through our collaboration with you  adapt and refine strategies to  define and implement new marketing programs to  launch new products to  plan sales into new markets. toCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 15
  16. 16. IN-COUNTRY SALES MANAGEMENT IN-COUNTRY SALES MANAGEMENT – MAIN STEPS SFE Proposal  Agreement  Kick-off In-depth training of SFE Sales Reps / Complete marketing materials Immediate operations in defined Sales Targets: - Channel Trials – Agreements – Channel support& mgmt. - Direct POCs – Sales – Account mgmt. Weekly reporting from Sales Reps Monthly reviews with SFE & Client Quarterly review of objectives and strategies Expansion opportunities (new markets, new products, ...) one-year agreement with 30-day termination clauseCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 16
  17. 17. IN-COUNTRY MARKET QUALIFICATION Senior in-country experts, trained on client’s technology with influence to quickly penetrate targets Wide engagement across a number of potential countries and / or sectors Practical in-country feedback from channels and end-users Progressive selection of markets with the best fit and the highest potential success Prioritization  effectiveness of your sales investments Possibility to refine your sales strategies and tactics Opportunities to close the first channel partners and early client trials Market Qualification Report (including identified prospects and summarizing findings and recommendations) for immediate and future reference.Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 17
  18. 18. IN-COUNTRY MARKET QUALIFICATION IN-COUNTRY MARKET QUALIFICATION (OPTIONAL) – MAIN STEPS SFE Proposal  Agreement  Kick-off Engagement of SFE Sales Reps in countries to be qualified Qualification of potential targets – confirm fit and interest Weekly reporting from Sales Reps Monthly progress reviews with Client Market Qualification Report (second half of 3rd month) Qualification Final Review (conference call) Recommended local objectives  Agreed actions on ‘Go’ regions Recommended strategy versus local  IN-COUNTRY S ALES MANAGEMENT requirements., competition, … Prospect identification (list / initial pipeline) 3-month qualification Engagement Report sent within one week of Questionnaire ReviewCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 18
  19. 19. Sales Launch Management OPTIONAL 1…3-MONTH PROJECT aiming at providing SFE Sales Representatives the appropriate tools and information for smooth and effective operations. Usual Project components: SALES PLAN Definition of target market sectors/customers, positioning, sales strategy and tactical elements (reporting, sales support, admin, etc. ) Coordination of the SFE team activities in collaboration with the Client over the duration of the Project (e.g. roles & responsibilities, prospect qualification criteria, sales progress reporting, pipeline management, etc). MARKETING SUPPORT Creation/editing of critical materials such as boilerplate, 1-page ‘About Us’, presentations, value proposition to partners, white papers, case studies, competitive analysis, The CLIENT Story, The CLIENT Experience, support on Marketing Plan, Partner Program, etc.Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 19
  20. 20. International Sales Director OPTIONAL ADDITION of a senior SFE Partner (usually a Country Manager of the same country as the Client’s) who manages the team of SFE Sales Representatives selected by the Client. Role & Responsibilities: Manages the SFE team towards agreed objectives, reporting to a senior manager in the Client’s organisation (CEO, COO, Sales VP, …). Regular contacts (weekly at least) with Sales Reps to discuss progress, to provide advice and to share experience across countries. Reporting to Client as requested:  Frequency: usually weekly  Form: usually on the basis of a consolidated pipeline report.Copyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 20
  21. 21. Business Model Summary ENGAGEMENT PLANNING • € 1,000 (Euro) one-time Flat Fee • Includes Engagement Planning Report IN-COUNTRY SALES MANAGEMENT • Monthly Fee per Region (or large Country) covering local sales costs • Commissions on revenue received by Client during SFE agreement + 1 year tail • Creation and implementation kickoff of a Sales Plan (optional) • 1 year agreement, with 30-day termination for any reason IN-COUNTRY MARKET QUALIFICATION • Reduced Monthly Fee per Region (or large Country) during the 3-month period • Includes Market Qualification Report • Commissions on revenue received by Client during agreement & 1 year tail • 1 year agreement, with 30-day termination for any reasonCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2011 21
  22. 22. SFE Advantages SFE Team 22
  23. 23. SFE Added Value  SFE sales teams’ expertise, experience and efficiency In-country sales (language, contacts, traditions, regulations) Typically under ¼ of the cost of a direct hire Support from the SFE central teams  Rapid and profitable entry into new markets ... with significant reduction of: Costs office, logistics, IT, full salaries, travel, localisation Delays initial set-up, hiring, training, localisation, prospection, ... Risks firing, laws & regulations, taxes, etc.  Immediate access to channels, partners and prospects Close collaboration with Trusted Channels / Targets  Tested sales development and management processes One point of contact via SFE Sales VP In-sourcing of experience &Out-sourcing of risksCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 23
  24. 24. SFE Added Value cont’d  SFE management team’s experience and creativity Strategic and tactical marketing matters Product design and development  Strategic planning: external, out-of-the-box point of view Development of alternative strategiesandplans At a small fraction of the cost of large consultancies Support from the SFE central and local teams  Sales support: deep knowledge of local environment Localised positioning, pricing, materials, etc. Hands-on channel support Long-time contacts and partnerships Growing number of Trusted Channels  Integration / complementarity with client’s teams  Strong basis for future expansion “A p o i n t o f v i e w i s w o r t h 5 0 I Q p o i n t s ” – A l a n KayCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 24
  25. 25. Powerful EcosystemClient Benefits: Immediate access Channels / End-Users Benefits:to international channels, service Access to SFE portfolio ofproviders, enterprises & partners complementary, tested and qualified product offeringsCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 25
  26. 26. SFE ManagementSENIOR MANAGEMENT - CENTRAL TEAM * Rick Pizzoli Managing Director - Based in Madrid Henri Aebischer Marketing Director - London Elena Centenera Operations Director -Madrid Elizabeth Powers Legal - MadridIN-COUNTRY SALES TEAMS * 40+ Sales Directors Ex Sales MDs / VPs / Directors of major manufacturers, service providers and channels Based in their respective countries * Detailed profiles on LinkedIn or via CVCopyright © Sales Force Europe 2010 -2011 26
  27. 27. Contact Rick Pizzoli Managing Director General Castaños 9, 2D Madrid 28004 Spain Phone +34 91 310 0070 Mobile +34 659 449 202 E-Fax +1 415 276 6038RickPizzoli@SalesForceEurope.com www.SalesForceEurope.com 27