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Navigating your Institution


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Published in: Education
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Navigating your Institution

  1. 1. Project ADVANCE 2012 Navigating your SchoolObjectiveThe following module is designed to provide you with the appropriate steps to accessing servicesonline through your academic institution. This guide is not intended to replace any materials thathave been designed specifically by your institution. This module is designed to give you a broadunderstanding of how to go about navigating your school’s website to access information on theservices that are generally appropriate to students. Services covered in this module include:1. Campus Directory3. Disabilities ServicesCampus DirectoryYour campus directory represents a list of services offered by your institution.Disabilities and Accessible Learning ServicesWhen attempting to access these services online through your school, always begin the tab that islabeled Students.Similarly, the tab may say things like ‘Current Students’, ‘Future Students’, ‘Student Services’.The rule of thumb is to ‘Current students’ or ‘Students’, then look for a link that says studentservices or schools services. The gist of this is that you are looking for a tab that will take youinto a portal that introduces you to your school’s services:SchoolsRefer to your specific school School Website Link Conestoga College Click: 1. Current Students 2. Student Services 3. Disability Services Humber College Click: 1. Student Life 2. Campus Services 3. Scroll down to Student Support St. Francis Xavier Click: 1. Future Students Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section Ensuring your Success 2. Select Student Counseling or/ Accessible Learning Ryerson Click:
  2. 2. Project ADVANCE 2012 Navigating your SchoolUniversity 1. Student Services tab (top) 2. Access Centre (students with disabilities) or/ 3. Centre for Student Development and CounsellingUniversity of; Type in Disability Services in the search portal onToronto the right hand sideWilfred Laurier Click: 1. Campus Services 2. Student Affairs (choose your campus) 3. If you have chosen Waterloo, click on Support Services at the top of the page 4. Accessible Learning or Counselling ServicesYork University www.glendon.yorku.c Click:(Glendon Campus) a 1. Current Students (right hand side) 2. Current Students (top) 3. Campus Services Scroll down to Counselling and Career Centre and select the appropriate item For French: 1. Etudiants, Professeurs et Personnel 2. Etudiants 3. Services sur le campus Défilez vers le bas jusquà des services de counselling et Centre de gestion de carrière et sélectionnez lélément appropriéYork University Click:(Keele Campus) 1. Current Students 2. Campus Services 3. Support Services 4. University Counselling and Support Services
  3. 3. Project ADVANCE 2012 Navigating your SchoolCarlton University Click: 1. Current Students 2. Scroll to the bottom to Student Services 3. Paul Menton Center for Students with DisabilitiesGeorge Brown College Click: 1. Current Students 2. Accessibility for Students 3. Disability ServicesWaterloo University Click: 1. Current Students 2. “Go to Current Student Pathways” 3. Under Services, click Office for Persons with DisabilitiesLakehead University Click: 1. Current Students 2. Under Student Affairs, click on Student Accessibility Services