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Rachel smith smartboard pdf


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Rachel smith smartboard pdf

  1. 1. Rachel Smith smartboard.notebook April 29, 2011 All About Ohio By Rachel Smith 1 This Smartboard presentation is intended for 4th grade social studies students. Ages 9‐10 years old Objective: To teach students basic information about their home state of Ohio. 2 Ohio Academic Standard This lesson is in conjunction with the Ohio Academic Standards according to The Ohio Department of Education. "The fourth grade year focuses on the early development of Ohio and the United States. Students learn about the history of their state and nation." 3 1
  2. 2. Rachel Smith smartboard.notebook April 29, 2011 The Basics • Where did Ohio get its name? From the Iroquois word which means "great river." • What is Ohios nickname? The Buckeye State • When did it become a state? February 19, 1803 Congress passed an act stating that the citizens of Ohio had adopted a constitution in accordance with the 1802 enabling act and the said state (Ohio) had become one of the United States of America. • What is the state capital? Columbus 4 5 State Symbols • Bird: Cardinal • Flower: Red carnation • Animal: White‐tailed Deer • Tree: Buckeye • Insect: Ladybug Click here for more state symbols and information about Ohio. 6 2
  3. 3. Rachel Smith smartboard.notebook April 29, 2011 More State Symbols • State Motto: "With God all things are possible." • State Song: "Beautiful Ohio" • State Rock Song: "Hang On Sloopy" CLICK 7 8 Ohios Most Famous Citizens • Benjamin Harrison: (1833‐1901) He was the 23rd President of the United States. He is the only president from Indiana but he was born in North Bend, Ohio. • William Howard Taft: (1857‐1930) He was the 27th President of the United States and also the 10th chief justice of the United States. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. • William McKinley: (1843‐1901) He was the 25th President of the United States. He was born in Niles, Ohio. • Rutherford B. Hayes: (1822‐1893) He was the 19th President of the United States. He was also an American politician, lawyer, and military leader. He was born in Delaware, Ohio. • Ulysses S. Grant: (1822‐1885) He was the 18th President of the United States. He was also an American General during the Civil War. He was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio. 9 3
  4. 4. Rachel Smith smartboard.notebook April 29, 2011 Who is this? Benjamin Harrison William Taft William McKinley Rutherford B. Ulysses S. Grant Hayes 10 More Famous Ohio Citizens • Warren G. Harding: (1865‐1923) He was the 29th President of the United States. During his time in office, he signed peace treaties that ended World War I. He was born in Corsica (Blooming Grove), Ohio. • James A. Garfield: (1831‐1881) He was the 20th President of the United States. He was the 2nd president to ever be assassinated. He was born in Moreland Hills, Ohio. • Neil Armstrong: (1930‐) He was the first astronaut to walk on the moon. He was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio. • John Glenn: (1921‐) He was the first American to orbit the Earth. He was born in Cambridge, Ohio. • Thomas Edison: (1847‐1931) He is the only American inventor with more than 1,000 patents. His inventions include the phonograph and the light bulb. He was born in Milan, Ohio. 11 12 4
  5. 5. Rachel Smith smartboard.notebook April 29, 2011 Resources • • • • • 13 THE END Thanks for listening and playing along. I hope this helped you learn a little more about our great state of Ohio. 14 5