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Yvonne Williams - Higher Education Information - 3rd March 2014


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Published in: Education
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Yvonne Williams - Higher Education Information - 3rd March 2014

  1. 1. Applying to university Yvonne Williams
  2. 2. To cover…. Researching Higher Education UCAS applications process What Admissions Tutors are Looking for The Personal Statement Section
  3. 3. Research The objective: right course + right place = great time + great career Avoid being part of 7.1% that drop out in first year RESEARCH
  4. 4. Detective work Where do you find this information?      Prospectuses Internet – University sites and UCAS Social Media – Facebook/YouTube Visits Talking to people
  5. 5. Which course      Over 50,000 different courses available Have you studied the subject before or do you want to study something new? Look at course content and style Career options 68% of job adverts aimed at graduates do not specify a degree subject
  6. 6. Which type of degree? • Single • Joint • Major/minor • Sandwich • Study abroad • Professional accreditation • BA/BSc/BEng • Masters
  7. 7. Choosing where to study       Course Entry requirements Location Facilities Accommodation Student life
  8. 8. Opportunities to develop skills Volunteering opportunities Clubs and societies Student Newspaper/Radio/TV Sports Centre Music/Drama
  9. 9. Careers Support and employability Internships and work placements Careers awards – the PSA Year in industry Global challenge Alumni mentoring Subject specific careers advice Employer fairs on campus
  10. 10. Open Days  University websites   Fri 27, Sat 28 June 2014 Sat 13 September 2014 Sat 18 September 2014  A great opportunity to discover university life first-hand
  11. 11. UCAS – KEY DATES AND PROCEDURES 1 September Opening Date 15 October Deadline for Oxbridge applicants 15 October Deadline for medicine, dentistry and vet science applicants 15 January Deadline for all other applicants
  12. 12. Key UCAS facts •All applications made online •Maximum of five choices •Some choice restrictions: - max 4 choices for Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry - Oxford or Cambridge •‘Invisibility’ •Conditional offers – 2 can be held, one as a Firm choice and one as an Insurance choice •Unconditional offers
  13. 13. What universities look for  Will you be able to cope with the academic demands of the course  Do you meet the entry requirements
  14. 14. Entry requirements What are they? Are they realistic? Are there any specific requirements? e.g.: GCSE; ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Levels; IB etc Admissions tests Work experience
  15. 15. Birmingham examples Economics, AAA, GCSE Mathematics grade A if not offered at AS or A2 Physiotherapy, AAB, work experience Applied Golf Management Studies, AAB, two out of PE or Sports Studies, Business or Economics, Design and Technology & a Science Meet a Golf handicap (4.4/6.4) Satisfactory criminal records check
  16. 16. How is your application assessed? In general: •Academic requirements •School /college reference •Personal statement
  17. 17. The personal statement The only opportunity to see the real you Used to select between applicants Replacement interview – or used as basis for interview Its difficult to write about yourself – good assessment of candidates
  18. 18. Personal Statements • • • • • • • • Reasons for choosing the course or subject - What is the background to your interest in this area? - An understanding of the subject at degree level - Interest in the subject matter beyond A Level or equivalent Career aspirations Interests and hobbies Positions of responsibility Work experience or employment Skills relevant to the course Gap year information, if applicable Motivation - commitment - enthusiasm
  19. 19. Find out more  Visit the website • Attend an Open Day Fri 27, Sat 28 June 2014 Sat 13 September 2014 Sat 18 September 2014 • Become a Birmingham VIP
  20. 20. Any questions?