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Lessons From Hosea


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Sermon with several modern day lessons for us to learn.

Based in the book of Hosea!!!

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Lessons From Hosea

  1. 1. Lessons From
  2. 2. Introductory ThoughtsBackground to the book Hosea prophesied to the ten northern tribes around the year 750 BC. Nothing is known of Hoseas family or occupation, only that he was the son of Beeri. Hoseas message was a message of doom.Notice what Hosea said concerning the Israelites inHosea 8:7. The mistakes of the Israelites present valuable lessons for us to learn. We too will reap what we sow.
  3. 3. They Were Destroyed Because of the Lack of KnowledgeHosea 4:6Neglecting to study is sowing to the wind. Their lack of knowledge resulted in much wickedness. They had rejected the knowledge of Gods will and, as a result, God was about to reject them. All of us need serious study of Gods word. Many people think they know Gods will, but, in reality, they know only bits and pieces.
  4. 4. The Parable of the Good Samaritan There was a Good Samaritan going down fromJerusalem to Jericho and fell among the thorns, and theysprang up and choked him and left him half dead. So he said, `I will arise! and he arose and came to a tree and got hung in a limb of that tree for forty days and forty nights, and the ravens fed him. Then Delilah came along with a pair of shears and cut off his hair, and he fell on stony ground.
  5. 5. The Parable of the Good Samaritan He said again, `I will arise! So he came to a wall, and Jezebel was sitting on that wall; and he cried out,`Throw her down! So they threw her down, and a dumb donkey spoke with mans voice when he saw some of her blood being sprinkled on the wall, and when they came to pick up the fragments that remained, they picked up twelve baskets full, but whose wife shall she be in the resurrection?
  6. 6. They Were Trusting in the Wrong SourcesTrusted in their idols Hosea 4:17 Hosea 8:4-6Trusted in Assyria for help Hosea 5:13-15 Hosea 7:8-10Consider Psalm 55
  7. 7. Guilty of Grievous SinsHosea 4:1-3Hosea 6:7-11 Bloodshed and immorality were common in those days All the while, these same evil people were still offering their animal sacrifices - Hosea 9:4
  8. 8. Guilty of Grievous SinsAs we consider this, it is similar to the Christian today who,although he continues to attend services regularly, lives an evil, corrupt life.We need to beware of empty, meaningless ritual.We need sincerity in our worship, coupled with godly living in our everyday lives.
  9. 9. Leaders were CorruptHosea 5:1Hosea 6:9 Corrupt leaders existed in Jesus time – John 18:28 Jesus rebuked the Pharisees Compared to a whited tomb – Outward Beauty, InwardFilthOur challenge is to be continually cleansed by renewing the inward man day by day.
  10. 10. They Were Called to RepentanceHosea 14:1-3 Hosea’s responsibility was to convict them of sin so they may be humbled and return to God. God would have readily received and blessed them if true repentance had taken place.
  11. 11. Concluding ThoughtsGod commands all men to come to repentance andobedience today.God will wipe away our sin if and when we turn to Him.Recall, if you will, the skier from ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Why did he choose to fall?