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Importance of arts (2)


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Importance of arts (2)

  1. 1. Title.
  2. 2. POINTS TO BE DISCUSED What is science and arts. Difference between science and arts. Horrors of science. Literature and arts. Effects on thoughts. Role of Arts.
  3. 3. Science and Art.Science:- A systematicknowledge of physicalworld gained throughobservation andexperimentation. Art:- Application of human creative skill and imagination typically in visual form such as painting and sculpture.
  4. 4. Difference b/w Science and ArtsSciences object is to increase the available data concerning anattribute or behavior of some entity or category of entity in theuniverse, or to establish a theory which can correctly predict thebehavior of some entity or category of knowledge in theuniverse.Art has no object. An artwork is its own object. The object of anartist is simply to create a complete work of art. The purposes ofthat work of art are as many as the works of art themselves.
  5. 5. Horrors of Science  Joys of comfort are counterbalanced.  Nuclear weapons.  Global Warming.  Increase in death rate due to speed, electric shock, machines, etc.
  6. 6. Literature And Art Deriving gladness from things. Teaches a man to see the spiritual as well as physical side of life. Depicts human thoughts. Distinguish good from evil.
  7. 7. Effect on Thoughts. Literature can drive thoughts of people. Allama Iqbal, Hali, Zafar Ali Khan, Sir Sayed Ahmad Khan, changed thoughts of people of subcontinent. Art teaches us to reason logically and clearly.
  8. 8. Role of Art Source of pleasure. Depicting human Thoughts.
  9. 9. Impacts of Arts on Human lifeArt is expressing ones feeling & mind in a non-literal way. I visit artmuseum and just looking at the art inspires me and refresh me.The beauty of art is that people can interpret the art workdifferently. Art is more diverse than language because it giveseveryone the authority to feel the work in their unique way etc.
  10. 10. Art is the understanding and appreciation of those aestheticnatures of life, it is a balance for the harsh reality human face ona daily basis.
  11. 11. No doubt science plays a key role inlife.But man can never be happy withoutliterature and art.