Implementing an inhouse recruitment function


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Implementing an inhouse recruitment function

  1. 1. Rozalyn Willocks February 2012 1
  2. 2. Recruitment strategy Get the right people in the right position at the right time with the right skills to perform the right role in a short lead time without paying agency fees 2
  3. 3. Employer of choice  Implement strategies to attract talented employees;  Retain employees by enhancing the work environment     and creating a culture that values employees; Invest in employees‟ professional development and growth; Provide opportunities for all leadership staff to learn and share best practices with each other; and Provide opportunities for all employees to learn and share with one Encouraging better dialogue between employees and management. 3
  4. 4. Current challenges  No recruitment policy or clear strategy  Current vacancy adverts not compliant  AV lead time – 6-12 weeks  Agency costs 6-12k per hire  No stat reporting  Recruitment process not stream lined  No job specifications  Candidate target base too narrow 4
  5. 5. Strategy  Goal 1: Make Samepleorg hiring procedures more efficient - Implement a clear recruitment process from vacancy to offer  Goal 2: Recruitment and Retention - Measure & evaluate recruitment activities to determine effectiveness & ROI of resources  Goal 3: Use technology to raise Sampleorg's‟s employer brand - Utilise Taleo to stream line recruitment process - Send text messages and/or email alerts about job openings - Enhance the “jobs” page on the company‟s website - Participate on social networking websites Linked In 5
  6. 6.  Goal 4: Actively market Samepleorg as a desirable employer - Identify and participate in recruitment opportunities i.e. job fairs - Improve job opportunity announcements (simplify, clarify job descriptions/specifications; “sell” the position.) - List classifications used, minimum qualifications, testing info and vacancies on websites - Introduce Exit interviews & „New Employee Survey‟ data to help direct recruitment - Develop a recruitment e-brochure, portfolio, or a series of brochures to market Samepleorg job opportunities - Develop a e-publication that provides career development information and promotional paths (i.e., ”career ladders”) - Create mentoring and job rotations programs to improve employee retention levels 6
  7. 7. Measuring success  New Employee Survey – evaluate recruitment process – results shared with          HR, AM, European Recruiter & Management Monitor Headcount, probation end dates, staff turnover, performance issues; and demographics of new hires (e.g., years of experience; level of education). Lead time Vacancy to offer - the number of days to fill vacancies Wastage analysis - % of workforce which leaves in a year. Stability analysis - % of workforce that stays in their current jobs across a year Cohort analysis - % of a cohort that stays in their current job across a year. Internal promotion analysis – number of people in each group of staff who are promoted internally over a year Forecasting external supply - national/international labour markets Agency rates, Cost per hire, revenue per full-time employee Salary bench marking 7
  8. 8. Implement  Implement recruitment and retention policy & strategy  Implement transparent & efficient recruitment process  Clarify competences  Devise job specifications  Widen talent pool – social networking  Robust recruitment tool - Taleo  Build networks - online groups, universalities, job fairs  Introduce exit interviews & New starter surveys  Bench mark salaries against market & competitors 8
  9. 9. Linked In  World‟s largest professional network with over 120      million members and growing. Connects to broader network of contacts to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities. Advertise career opportunities to wider talent audience Build database of talent and networks Company page Links to Taleo 9
  10. 10. Taleo  Using high performer profile information to target top candidates.  Reaching the right candidates easily with tailored career sites.  Connecting to social networks like Face book and LinkedIn.  Making recruiters and Account Managers more effective with intuitive recruiting tools (Screening & Assessments Interview & Offer Management Reporting & Analytics, Anywhere Anytime Recruiting, Social Sourcing Employment Branding & Career Sites Proven Integration Precision Matching Applicant Tracking & Compliance)  Enabling direct access to Taleo through email and mobile devices.  Selecting the best candidates using multi-tiered screening and assessments.  Seamlessly on boarding new hires and getting them productive faster. 10
  11. 11. Benefits              Improved succession planning Forecast future demand Identify skills gaps Vacancy to offer lead time shorter Agency fee saving Wider talent pool Diversity monitoring Better record keeping & stat monitoring Best practise and compliant More stream lined Improved retention Competitive advantage Employer brand 11