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  • Learning and Teaching Advisor with the Business School and also AHOS in the Business School which included a remit of L & TMy current job as Curriculum Leader in Computing and Digital Media also involves me advising on Learning Teaching and AssessmentI see that role as not only catering for today but also keeping an eye on tomorrowBuilding communities of staff where they assist one another on a give and take basis appears the fast way forward. Having a champion in there also helps.
  • Ddm 2

    1. 1. School of Technologyand Creative Arts GROUP SESSION WELCOME
    2. 2. Jobs Film Web Designer Maker/Visual Effects Editor GraphicAnimator Designer Games Photographer Developer
    3. 3. Employers Education – Universities, Schools, Colleges Self Employment – Web, Design, Media, Training Public – Councils, Government Private – Media Companies
    4. 4. Application AreasDesign or Technologies Games Design Graphic Design/ Visual Communication Web Technologies Animation/Video Technologies Photography
    5. 5. NC RULES: 12 creditsSome assessments areintegrated across units
    6. 6. • 12 credits for HNC, must include all core • One Graded Unit per year (exam or project) HN • 15 credits required to progress to HND • 30 credits for HNDRules: over 2 years (includes 15 from HNC) • Some subjects overlap across the awards, so classes may be combined
    7. 7. Accredited by Degree EDINBURGH NAPIERprogrammes: UNIVERSITY, delivered at Carnegie Articulation to other universities Entry is at the discretion of Edinburgh Napier University
    8. 8. About US Passion ExperienceKnowledge
    9. 9. HOW• Software Training• Briefs• Real Clients• Real Work• Projects• Exhibition Work• Competitions
    10. 10. Hardware Used• Projectors• Digital Camera• Flip Video• Webcam• Mobile Phones• Smartboards• Microphones• Sound Mixers• (DJing)
    11. 11. SOFTWARE• Photoshop• Illustrator• Premiere• Dreamweaver• 3D StudioMax• Blender• CSS• Flash
    12. 12. ACCESS to CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Enterprise activity Software skillsCore skills Djing project Design activity Internet Project: design widgets, games, blogs etc Photography: Image capture & manipulationHardware & Software Audio / Video project Web design Exhibition design
    13. 13. Level 5: 3 Strands Level 6GAMES Animation ProjectPHOTOGRAPHY Video Project Web ProjectCOMPUTING Software skills Photography project Digital Media 3D skills developmentGraphic Design Design ProjectAudio Acquisition & Editing Exploratory mediaIntro to 3D design Games / App designWeb developmentExhibition project Core skillsProduction Project Final Project
    14. 14. Mandatory OptionsVisual communication 2D Computer AnimationDigital Imaging 3D Computer AnimationArt & Design Context Web DesignDesign Project Graphic DesignCreative Industries New mediaGraded Unit Digital Video PhotographyDigital Imaging Project Motion graphicsCreative Project Creative ProcessDesign Production Film studiesWorking in creative Industries Game design Interactive media Portfolio building
    15. 15. Progression – 1 academic year for each level Access NC Intermediate 2 NC Higher HNC HND Year 2 Degree
    16. 16. ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENTSUp to 19 hours per Up to 16 hours per Up to 12 hours per week at NC/NQ week at HNC/D week at BScBalance of time in each case (to 30 hours per week) is STUDY timeExpected to attend all timetabled classes, could be anywhere from Monday morning to Friday afternoonTimetables change in January with no guarantee for keeping same days/times
    17. 17. SUPPORT available includes:Guidance Tutor, Class Lecturer, Learner AssistantAssistant Head of School – Denise Breckenridge e: dbreckenridge@carnegiecollege.ac.uk t: 01383 845147Access Centre, Library Resources, Student Rep Council
    18. 18. Next Steps: • Course information including startdate will be sent to you nearer thetime (August 2012)
    19. 19. Questions• Gillian McArthur• Caron Harvey-Ogilvie• Colin Maxwell• Graeme Smith• Chris Boyle
    20. 20. Any further course relatedqueries can be directed to:• Gillian McArthur– NC Digital Media Computing, HNC/D Interactive Multimedia e: gmcarthur@carnegiecollege.ac.uk• Caron Harvey-Ogilvie – Graphic Design/Visual Communication e: charvey-ogilvie@carnegiecollege.ac.uk• Niall Hendrie – NQ/HN Photography e: nhendrie@carnegiecollege.ac.uk
    21. 21. School of Technologyand Creative Arts
    22. 22. E n D 8-)