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Extending carriers network with fring OTT


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It’s hardly news that carriers traditional revenue streams are under threat, and the pressure to react and adapt is greater than ever. fring and the fring like, once a Foe or Frenemy are actually becoming true friends for the carriers.
With communication OTT high quality of service on 3G and LTE netwroks, with the boarder lines between carriers and enterprise getting blurry .... and with consumers seeking features and capabilities from their devices and provider beyond price. It is mandatory by carries to leap into the OTT space. It's a reality

Attached presentation i have done with several leading carriers in Europe

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Extending carriers network with fring OTT

  1. 1. Extending Carriers Network with fring OTTJan 2013
  2. 2. fring overview“fring is a mobile application and telco-gradeplatform, enabling users and partners to delivervoice, txt & video as well as advanced VAS overIP”• Founded in 2006• One of the world’s first mobile VoIP services
  3. 3. fring’s Network Statistics fring new activations fring total activations (new users who registered) Total registrations (Normalized 30 days) 1.4 45 38.13M New cloud 40 1.2 Old cloud 35 1.0 30 0.8 25 0.6 20 15 0.4 10 0.2 5 0.0 - 11 11 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 11 11 12 12 2 2 2 12 12 12 2 2 -1 r -1 -1 -1 t -1 -1 r -1 -1 -1 t -1 n- b- n- l- g- v- c- n- b- n- l- g- an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov ec an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov ec an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov ay p ay p ar ar Ju Ju Oc Oc Ap Ap De Au No Au Ja Ja Fe Ju Se Fe Ju Se M M M M Over of 1 million new user/month More than 40 million users Mobile VoIP traffic fringOut (Paid Service) Traffic Mobile Video Minutes (Voice-only, not video) call duration (million minutes) Monthly fringOut usage Million Minutes (30 days) (Video-only, not voice) Total video call duration (million minutes) 350 25 300 New Cloud25 fringOut Old Cloud fring 250 2020 New Cloud 200 Old Cloud 1515 150 10 10010 5 505 - ec an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov ec an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov ec an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov - an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov ec an eb ar pr ay un ul ug ep ct ov- May-14 Jun-14 Aug-14 Oct-14 Nov-14 Jan-15 Feb-15 Mar-15 Apr-15 May-15 Jun-15 Jul-15 Aug-15 Sep-15 Oct-15 Nov-15 Dec-15 Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Aug-16 Sep-16 Oct-16 Jan-14 Dec-14 Mar-14 Jul-14 Sep-14 Feb-14 Apr-14Over 15 million video min/month 300 million voice minutes/month ~20 million paid calls min/month
  4. 4. Evident, Tangible Industry TrendsUsers Adopting OTT Communication Smartphone users adopting 3rd party apps for FREE messaging, voice and video calls “…every 10 percentage points of smartphone penetration could cost Western European operators US$1.19 billion in voice and messaging revenues” Source: Operators vs. OTT – Informa 2011 Accelerating MVNO Growth …the mobile operators fought against MVNO legislation and the MVNOs themselves; then they accepted the existence of MVNO players; and then they started eagerly seeking new MVNO partners and developing aggressive wholesale strategies. …a rejuvenated phase of expansion is beginning. … MVNO players consolidating and internationalizing but, despite this, they are continuing to grow in many segments Source: Informa 2012 “Global MVNO market will be worth $40.55 Billion by 2016” Source: Visiongain 2012
  5. 5. MNO/MVNOs Launch Their Own Solutions T-Mobile LaunchesTelefonica & O2 TuMe CleverConnect Vodafone, SK Telecom & more Orange Libon  Reduce churn with their own “Virtual Phone” application  Retain “ownership” of user’s call control and billing  Reduce roaming termination costs by offloading to IP  Fully integrated with carrier’s telephony and OSS/BSS
  6. 6. fring OTT for Carriers Your User, your Brand. Going native OTT Private-labeled solutions for MNO, MvNO & MvNEs
  7. 7. fring for Carriers fring Applications & Open Platform Private-Labeled OTT Communications Apps Open Platform with IP/PSTN/GSM Interfaces Quick Time-to-Market Through “Cloud” Model
  8. 8. Communication ServicesMessaging Voice Calls Video Calls Conferencing
  9. 9. Multi-Platform Support• Applications available for Smartphone, Tablet & Web (HTML5)• Support for concurrent multi-device sessions
  10. 10. Quick “Cloud-to-Cloud” Integration Carrier SIP fring Network GGSN SCCP/CAMEL Billing User DB APP IN SBC API SBC SMSC (Messaging, MSC HLR Monitoring etc)fring Network Carrying millions of VoIP, GSM and Video calls each month GSM/PSTN termination by leading international carriers Global network of SIP gatewaysfring-Carrier Interfaces Allows “transparent” user experience between IP/GSM/PSTN Telephony (SIP), Billing (prepaid/postpaid) and Messaging Carriers retain call control and billing monitoring
  11. 11. Customer Value Through Simplicity Call or SMS anyone as if on home network  Use standard phone number – no “user IDs”  Receiving party will get standard call or SMS Remain available when roaming or even when using another network’s SIM  Reachable on your home network number  Calls and SMS seamlessly received via IP Single billing entity  Calls and SMS billed according to user’s plan  No 3rd party payments required
  12. 12. Extended Network “Coverage” Avoid Roaming Charges  For both national & international termination by offloading minutes to IP Stickiness  User still “online” even when he switches to another SIM a-la ‘Femto Cell’ via WiFi OTT  Extend your network coverage via WiFI Flexible IP Roaming Policy  Allowing your preferred policy for supporting only WiFi or National and international IP Roaming
  13. 13. Extend Your Services with Advanced VAS Brand Footprint ‘With a Pulse’  Your brand at the forefront with your own communication app, for ongoing dialogue with users Communication, Collaboration & Productivity  Video conferencing  Cloud integration for file sharing  Voice & video recording
  14. 14. Summary A native solution for users & carriers• Voice, SMS and Video over IP has never been simpler• Reduce churn to OTT apps while offloading roaming costs “Virtual Handset” for your brand  Messaging, VoIP, Video & conferencing  Transparent support for PSTN/GSM Proven Platform and Network  Quick time-to-market - “Cloud” integration Carrier remains in control  Call control and Billing (postpaid & prepaid)  Your choice of termination routing
  15. 15. Contact us : Thank You
  16. 16. Network InterfacesUsage & Integration Scenarios
  17. 17. Telecom-Enterprise Interfaces Telecom fring Enterprise SIP Network LDAP MNO SCCP/CAMEL SIP User DB APP Corporate Billing GGSN Network File IN SBC API Repository SBC (Messaging, Mo Firewall / SBC SMSC nitoring etc) MSC HLR IP-PBX Directory SIP/E1 (Audio/Video) SIP/E1 SIP/E1 PSTN/NGN MVNO HLR Billing MSC AccessMobile Phone Fixed Phone Smartphone Tablet Laptop Desktop IP Phone Video Conferencing
  18. 18. Incoming Voice Call Home Network A Joe is in home network coverage Call is received as standard voice call Roaming B IP Available Jane calls Joe on Joe roaming, using WiFi Call is received on fringhis regular mobile or other SIM for IP connectivity application number No IP connectivity C Joe is roaming, with no IP Call is routed as standard connectivity roaming call
  19. 19. Delivering an Incoming Voice Call1. Jane’s call reaches MSC MNO/MVNO fring2. MSC queries HLR & IN3. Flexible delivery priority: • Forward to fring • Direct delivery • Voice Mail B User DB B HLR IN I 4 5 I Call forwarded to fring L S S network: SIP L L 2 B B4. Call routed to fring’s L I 8 C 8 C network through SBC Pager I5. User DB determines Joe is N N online and sends call to G app server 6 G MSC6. Pager wakes up Joe’s fring application 1 App Server 77. Call is routed over IP network to Joe Joe is not reachable by IP8. Call returned to MSC for alternate (cellular) delivery or Voice Mail Jane calls Joe Call reaches Joe on fring deposit
  20. 20. Incoming SMS SMS ON FRING ONLY A Joe wants to receive his SMS is delivered on fring over SMS on fring only any available IP connection IP ONLY Out of coverage, usingJane sends Joe an WiFi or other SIM for IP SMS delivered on fring, allowingSMS on his regular SMS ON connectivity for easy and cost-efficient reply FRING TOO mobile number B Joe wants to receive SMS on fring in addition Roaming to the standard mobile delivery Roaming on other SMS delivered directly network as well as on fring
  21. 21. Delivering an Incoming SMS MNO/MVNO fring1. Jane’s SMS reaches SMSC2. SMSC queries HLR3. SMSC delivery options: • Forward to fring B XMPP User DB B HLR S S • Both SMSC & fring I 2 M M 5 I SMS forward request L MM4/MM7 L provisioned by fring S S L L network following new SIP user registration I I G G Pager N N4. SMS routed to fring’s W API W network through either: G G 6 • XMPP 4 • MM4/MM7 SMSC • SIP 1 App Server • SMS API 75. User DB determines local APP server6. Pager wakes up Joe’s fring application7. SMS is delivered over IP to Joe Jane sends Joe an SMS SMS reaches Joe on fring
  22. 22. Outgoing Voice Call I’M A HOME NETWORK A USER Joe belongs to the home network/country Native phone call is Outgoing call placed received on Joe’s handsetJane uses fring over B through home network IP to call Joe on his I BELONG TO ANOTHER normal number NETWORK Outgoing call placed through fring gateway Joe belongs to another network/country
  23. 23. Delivering an Outgoing Voice Call1. Jane’s call reaches App Server MNO/MVNO fring2. User DB update 6Call routed to home network for termination B B 3. Call routed to home HLR User DB network through SBC I I L S S 4. MSC receives incoming call 4 SIP L L B B 2 5. Native call delivered to Joe 3 L I C C ICall terminated through local N N fring/partner gateway App Server G 3 G 6. Billing/Prepaid server 5 MSC interface opened for the 7 duration of the call 1 7. Call routed to fring/partner gateway 8 Call GW 8. Native call delivered to Joe Joe receives Jane uses fring over IP to call Jane’s call Joe on his normal number
  24. 24. Making a Video Call HANDSET APPLIVATION A RUNNING Joe’s VoIP handset Video Call received on fring application is running Joe’s handsetJane makes a fring runs Android Push notification wakes up fring HANDSET video call to Joe APPLICATION application and Video Call is received B NOT RUNNING Joe’s VoIP handset application is not running Push notification reaches handset. Joe’s handset Joe accepts notification, fring app runs iOS wakes up and Video Call is received
  25. 25. Delivering a Video Call1. Jane’s video call reaches her fring local App Server2. App Server queries the User DB for the identity of Joe’s local App Server User DB shows that Joe’s handset User DB application is NOT running Google Android3. Request for waking up handset Push Server 2 application is sent to either Apple 5 or Android Push Servers 34. Push Notification reaches Joe’s handset and wakes up application*5. Joe’s location registers in User DB App Server App ServerUser DB shows that Joe’s handset application is running 7 Apple 1 6 Push Server6. Request for video call sent by 5 Joe’s App Server to handset application 47. Jane and Joe’s handset applications 8 negotiate call, select compatible media protocols and optimal routing channel8. Video call takes place over Jane makes a Video call selected routing channel reaches Joe video call to Joe