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Toenail Fungus Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Prevention


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This slide show gives you the common toenail fungus symptoms and treatments, its causes and how to prevent toe nail fungus.

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Toenail Fungus Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, Prevention

  1. 1. Toe Nail Fungus Symptoms Causes Treatment & Prevention
  2. 2. Toenail Fungus SymptomsToenail fungus symptoms are relatively easy to recognize. Here’swhat to look out for:1. You will probably notice a change of color, with a lack of shinein the toenail the first sign. The nail becomes duller thenyellowish or even clear.2. The shape of the toenails may start to change. They may startto appear cracked and damaged, even after cutting.
  3. 3. Toenail Fungus Symptoms 23. The toenail may become thicker and then flake layer by layer.4. It is also possible for the nail to lift up from the nail bed. Thiscan be painful.5. You may notice an odor. Others may notice too. This odor isnot in the feet but in the fungus, but your friends won’t knowthat; unless you tell them!6. This fungus odor can get quite strong under the toenail.
  4. 4. Toenail Fungus Causes1. Toenail fungus actually comprises microscopic organisms.These live in the dark.2. There are different types of organisms that cause toenailfungus.Yeast can be one of them; the most common aredermatophytes. They are minute, and can get into tiny spacebetween your toenail and toe.3. Fungi love warm moist conditions, and toenail fungus is noexception. You can catch it in similar places you might catchathlete’s foot; and there are no prizes for catching both!
  5. 5. Toenail Fungus Causes4. Showers and swimming pools are common places to catchtoenail fungus, so take extra care in public swimming pools andshowers. A family member can bring it home too!5. Your toenails provide warm and moist shelter; a home fromhome for a nail loving fungus.6. Toenail fungus is more common than fingernail fungus simplybecause toes are more likely to spend a lot of time in damp,dark conditions. It can also start as an infection which isuntreated and in these damp conditions the fungus flourishes.
  6. 6. Toenail Fungus Treatment1. Toenail fungus can be quite persistent; it can therefore befrustrating to find a successful treatment. Even if you find thebest treatment for you, it will require some patience as thefungus can be well hidden, and can soon spread again if nottreated 100%.2. There are a wide variety of medical treatments on the marketwhich some people say work. They may come in the form ofsprays, creams, ointments or liquids. Or medications includeDiflucan, Lamisil, and Sporanox. If you are tempted by any ofthese then check the internet for known side effects first.
  7. 7. Toenail Fungus Treatment3. These oral medications tend to aim to help new nails growand can take up to 7 months to get the new nails fully grown. Itis worth looking for genuine reviews online for anypharmaceutical toenail fungus treatment, and the same appliesto natural remedies for nail fungus.4. There are a number of tinctures and lacquers available in thetoenail fungus market. Fungal infections can be treated withnatural anti-fungal treatments, of which nature has blessed uswith many. Oils such as lavender and tee tree are powerful anti-fungal treatments; cider vinegar can be another, so too can aloevera and bee propolis.
  8. 8. Toenail Fungus Treatment5. There are branded natural products available online as well asguides to toenail fungus which can offer good advice.6. Whatever you decide to try first you always have the choiceof testing it on one day for a few days to see if you have anyadverse effects or whether you notice a beneficial effect. Evennatural products straight from the garden can cause irritation ifoverused and with particularly sensitive skins. An ointment forexample will get onto surrounding skin as will aloe vera gel.7. Never despair though; you can get rid of toenail fungus!
  9. 9. Prevention of Toenail Fungus1. Most people would not normally think of preventing toenailfungus unless they had suffered it or were already suffering it.However, there are a few step to take to prevent the re-occurrence of the fungal infection of the toenails.2. The steps you can take are really to avoid the causes. In otherwords: a. Moisture is a problem so always take care to keep your toes as dried and aired as possible. b. There are powders which can be used in shoes to reduce dampness. Drying shoes in hot sunshine is a great idea when possible.
  10. 10. Prevention of Toenail Fungus3. Hand hygiene is important even for toenail fungus. Touchingan affected area can spread the fungus without proper hygiene.You should wash and dry thoroughly after touching the affectedarea. Wearing rubber gloves can assist as well, but even thenyou should wash and dry the gloves after use. Click below to learn about Claripro NATURAL SAFE EFFECTIVE way to treat toenail fungus