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WCLAX 2015 Presentation | Level Up as a Developer


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My journey took me from learning HTML in a weekend to now being a full time developer. I share what I've learned through the years and hopefully give you some tips on how to level up and become a better developer.

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WCLAX 2015 Presentation | Level Up as a Developer

  1. 1. 1 Becoming a WordPress Artisan Developer
 leveling up as a developer Roy Sivan Twitter/Github - @royboy789 |
  2. 2. I am not going to shield you from the truth. Be Warned
  4. 4. WordPress developer at Disney and the co-founder of My first install of WordPress was 0.7 and been a user & developer since Roy Sivan Twitter/Github - @royboy789 | Who is this geek?
  5. 5. a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand What is an Artisan? noun
  6. 6. WordPress Artisan Developer
  7. 7. Do you want to be an Artisan?
  8. 8. Learn which tools are best for your workflow Pay for them Tools
  9. 9. Step out of your comfort code Stop Copy Pasting blocks of code StackOverflow is not always the answer Code
  10. 10. GoogleFu Before you Google: Don’t think about the whole problem, think about the parts that make up the whole. Drill down piece by piece of the code, You may find that you know most of it
  11. 11. GoogleFu “How to use a JavaScript file in a WordPress Theme” “wp_enqueue_script”
  12. 12. Debugging console.log() breakpoints Browser Web Inspector is very awesome Level Up your code debugging
  13. 13. Stop Using WordPress You can learn a lot by just taking a few steps away from WordPress and trying to develop something else
  14. 14. What can I learn? Front vs. Back End Coding MVC architecture New PHP Frameworks that might suit for your clients New frameworks not even built on a LAMP stack so much more
  15. 15. Coming back to WP Not everyone comes back, but those that do are usually the ones that produce the best code, the best talks, and really get you thinking outside the WordPress bubble
  16. 16. The dip sucks. Power through Everyone has a “dip” Developer “Dip” = Learning something new Get through it as efficiently as possible EFFORT RESULTS
  17. 17. Awesome Resources Roy Sivan Twitter/Github - @royboy789 | Coda 2 Sublime Text GitHub WP Codex Gravity Forms AWP Facebook Group
  18. 18. Thank You Find me online: Twitter: @royboy789 Github: @royboy789 Roy Sivan Twitter/Github - @royboy789 |