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Building a JavaScript App powered by WordPress & AngularJS


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For my talk at WPCampus 2016
I use Angular, Firebase, and WordPress to create a LIVE real-time notification plugin that allows you to send a notification to all active users on your website, LIVE.

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Building a JavaScript App powered by WordPress & AngularJS

  2. 2. ROY SIVAN WHO AM I? • Been using WordPress since the beginning • Currently Working: The Walt Disney Company • WPCrowd member - • • Github / Twitter / WPCrowd - @royboy789
  3. 3. HI FRIENDS! #HIROY @ShawnHooper, @mikecorkum, @codeaaron,
 @ChrisWiegman, @joytreats, @webelaine
 @MantelopeMusk &
  4. 4. QUICK SURVEY HOW MANY OF YOU? ▸ Use JavaScript, in some form (jQuery, vanilla, frameworks) right now ▸ Built a plugin, any plugin ▸ Used npm ▸ Used GULP, or any other task runner / build tools?
  5. 5. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL WHAT ARE WE BUILDING? ▸ something cool ▸ We will use AngularJS ▸ We will use the WordPress ▸ We will not use Mongo ▸ #Carl2016 ▸ Demo?
  6. 6. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW? ▸ REST API - did you see Josh Pollock speak? We won’t be using it. ▸ AngularJS knowledge is helpful ▸ JavaScript knowledge is helpful WHAT DO YOU NEED ▸ command line access (Terminal) with npm ▸ code editor (PHPStorm, Coda) ▸ GIT (Desktop for ease) ▸ Local Environment … if you need it. ▸ an open mind.
  7. 7. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL BUT FIRST! ANGULAR? JAVASCRIPT? CLIENT-SIDE ▸AngularJS, is according a current Senior Software Manager, at Disney, Roy Sivan, the best JavaScript client side framework ▸“Roy doesn’t know how to use, commas;” 
 - Roy Sivan ▸It uses HTML templates ▸Use it to make great Single Page Applications ▸Use it to make Phone Apps (ionic / AppPresser)
  9. 9. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL STEP 2 ▸Open a Code Editor and Terminal window to the directory
  10. 10. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL STEP 3 ▸I don’t know.. we’ll come back to this one later.
  11. 11. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL STEP 42 PROFIT! ▸sorry, i mean code now, profit later
  12. 12. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL ANGULAR RESOURCES - THEME & PLUGIN Angular-Wordpress-Theme angularjs-for-wordpress
  13. 13. BUILDING SOMETHING COOL OTHER AWESOME RESOURCES WPCrowd WP-API on GitHub & Repository My Blog, AngularJS WP Theme & Plugin Josh Pollock TorqueMag