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Design examples Roy Sivan


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Some design examples and wireframes from a few of my projects

Published in: Design
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Design examples Roy Sivan

  1. 1. Roy Sivan Usability Specialist
  2. 2. – Slew HOLD o Mark POI – – FOV –5 way –Dynamic Cursor Mark/POI (pilot right left – Pilot -Right – Left
  3. 3. 5 G 4532 46 G 241 TGS337 TSPD599 CARPS 349.9 TTG 132.33 XTK L 0.0 NM BHD 17:41 04:32
  4. 4. Graphic design for the dashboard feature
  5. 5. Effect maps A technique I use for mapping system goals, user groups and required features in the system. The effect map is used together with Persona descriptions
  6. 6. Effect maps Practical examples
  7. 7. • General look and feel • Main screen components • Location and size of screen components: main work areas, logo, system name, menu, toolbar, status bar and more • Definitions of controls: tree control, action buttons, wizards • Work processes: search, filtering, form-filling • Definition of graphical elements: icons, buttons, dialog boxes, forms, tables • System messages (warning, error, information, question) • Keyboard and mouse activation