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Webinar 2 How to optimize your mobile user onboarding (With: Ariel Kedem from Fiverr)


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Webinar 2 How to optimize your mobile user onboarding (With: Ariel Kedem from Fiverr)

  1. 1. FIVERR TIPS ON HOW TO CREATE, TEST, ANALYZE AND OPTIMIZE YOUR USER MOBILE ONBOARDING. How To Optimize Your Mobile Onboarding Ariel Kedem, Fiverr July 2015 Webinar
  2. 2. New spot: Growth Hack of the month
  3. 3. Ariel Kedem Mobile Product Manager @ Fiverr Special Guest
  5. 5. Today we will cover 4 main topics: On-boarding myths How to engage users Personalized experience Retention tools
  6. 6. Bacon?! Alcohol for 17 yrs old kid?! Middle class people?? :- A Rabbi, Swedish princess and 
 17 years old kid walk into a bar
  7. 7. On-boarding (ˌɒnˈbɔːdɪŋ) The management of the early stages of a relationship between a business and a customer
  9. 9. “Our app on-boarding flow is a 4 screen welcoming message explaining about the app”
  10. 10. “My on-boarding main goal is to let everyone know what this app is all about”
  11. 11. One on-boarding fits them all
  12. 12. ALAWYS add a “skip” option
  13. 13. Do not ask your users to register before they understand their benefit
  15. 15. Use the on-boarding to engage your app’s new users
  16. 16. Show your users why and how
 they should use your app. 
 Show, don’t tell.
  17. 17. Each persona should get a personalized experience
  18. 18. on-boarding process can’t be skipped! 
 Engaging new users is your main goal ( hopefully ;-))
  19. 19. Registered users are the key to re-engagement, make them loyal to your app (Honestly, do you really need them to log in?)
  20. 20. QUICK NOTE…
  21. 21. there is no right and wrong. 
 One webinar does not fit them all.
  22. 22. On-boarding types How value proposition Test Engage
  23. 23. Show a maximum of 3 key benefits, 1 per slide Choose only the main benefits Use consistent vocabulary Keep the on-boarding process as brief as possible On-Boarding types - Benefits focused
  24. 24. On-Boarding types - Benefits focused
  25. 25. Your focus should be - help the user get started Do not explain simple functionality Limit yourself to 3 slides with 1 functionality per slide On-Boarding types - Function focused
  26. 26. On-Boarding types - Function focused
  27. 27. Use it to explain complex flows Show hidden functionality Gesture-driven interaction On-Boarding types - Walkthrough
  28. 28. On-Boarding types - Walkthrough
  29. 29. • Highlight the important areas of the app • Users would be able to easily locate the functionality • they are looking for. How - Highlights overview
  30. 30. • Highlight the important areas of the app • Users would be able to easily locate the functionality • they are looking for. How - Highlights overview
  31. 31. Show the key strengths of your app by going through as few screens as possible during the on-boarding process. Give users what they want and then engage them further after you have brought them onboard. How - value overview
  32. 32. How - value overview
  33. 33. Guide your users step by step if needed, provide them the smoothest experience possible. Get them onboard! How - “And now what?”
  34. 34. For example: Blogging app - pick a theme, a name, and write their first post, to get them invested. Social app - import their address book, connect to a few friends, give them a strong feed experience and opt them into friend notifications. Shopping app - Start their search experience, favorite/save one item.
  35. 35. define your main goals / KPIs Track your goals’ funnels Understand your on-boarding drop-offs iterate quickly to fix them a/b tests are your best friends Don’t listen to best practices Test Test
  36. 36. Test 35% increase 30-50% increase
  37. 37. User input User acquisition Personas And… Test! We are all different
  38. 38. Build your on-boarding flow based on the user’s input
 Pros: • Your users will actually tell you what they want • Structured flow • Very easy to use on mobile devices if done right
 Cons: Too structured flow Too long, in order to get meaningful insights a bit “webbish” approach User input
  39. 39. Use paid acquisition campaigns data. Today, we can track our new users from their first click on our ad/blog link/Facebook post - use this info! 
 Pros: Your users don’t have to tell you what they’re interesting in Engagement funnel is getting shorter You can gain credibility Cons: Not 100% success due to network issues Recommendations must be tested very carefully Feeding your users with a spoon might be too easy User acquisition
  40. 40. Pretty innovative approach, allowing you to get data on your new user from his location, apps, battery, device etc.
 Pros: When data is relevant - it’s amazing. Using device data can improve app performance Cons: Relevant data is hard to get Personas data could be too wide (use few inputs) Personas
  41. 41. Not sure if mentioned, but I totally think you should test your flows. A/B test normal flow vs. personalized Test different personalized content Iterate fast and clean, don’t mix up tests Test your personalisation
  42. 42. Deeplinks In-app message Push Notifications/
 Email/SMS Platforms Test All aboard? not yet…
  43. 43. Use deep-links Deferred / Deep-links are your best friends. Use them to personalized your users experience and 
 give them what they want faster! User clicks on SEO 
 install ad on Facebook Left or Right?
  44. 44. In-app messages In-app message are intrusive, that’s right.
 But just like an old-school 2 pints ice-cold water, they can help you introduce new features and engage your users ;-)
  45. 45. • Less than 50% of mobile users opt-in to receive push notifications. • Over 60% of emails are being open from mobile device. • 0% of SMS are being lost. • Use all retention channels wisely, optimize them. • The first 3-7 days are the most important to get a loyal user. • Understand the context and timing of each retention channel. • Ask yourself “why should I open this app message?” • Find the relevant “mobile moments” for your app. • Segment your messages - location, install ad, context, etc. Push Notifications / Email / SMS
  46. 46. Deep-links - Facebook ads, Appsflyer, Google Index Real-time changes - Apptimize, Elasticode In-app messages & Push notifications - Kahuna, Appboy, OtherLevels, Intercom and many more… The platforms
  47. 47. Choose your platform wisely, find the right platform that will allow you to test your on-boarding flow with super easy dashboard / insights / analytics. Test… and analyze everything!
  48. 48. • On-boarding starts when someone sees your app and “finish” when they engage with it, depend on your goals. • Don’t choose the right on-boarding type for your app. Test them. • Use the on-boarding flow to help your users with their first steps. Guide them & they will thank you later. • Be clear, short and keep things simple. • Do not skip on-boarding. 
 Show your users why, what and how in order to engage them as soon as possible. • ATOM - Analyze, Track, Optimize, Monitor. Summary
  49. 49. “An app is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved” W. Da-Pooh, VP Product. Ariel Kedem
  50. 50. Email list harvesting with Fiverr Growth Tip of the Month Use Fiverr to harvest a list of potential clients for your business
  51. 51. GROWTH TIP 
  52. 52. Step 1: Research and create a potential client list
  53. 53. Collect a list of potential clients Create a spreadsheet with names and URLs of your potential clients
 or companies you’d want to approach
  54. 54. Step 2: Use Fiverr to extract email addresses
 from your list
  55. 55. Use Fiverr to get a reliable scraper to do the job for you. Search Fiverr for: ‘web scrapers’, ‘email harvesters’ or ‘scrapbox experts’. Message some of the scrapers and ask them if they can scrape emails of your list. attach an example.
  56. 56. Hire the person who guarantees the best result. Pay the chosen service provider approximately 5$ (depending on the list size)
  57. 57. Step 3: Sit back and wait for him to send you a list of targeted email list of potential clients you can approach.
  58. 58. Sign up for our next webinar Elizaveta Lavrienko, Education Program Manager  Talking about Maximizing your competitors research: Organic, Paid and Social Media July 22 | 1PM EST / 10AM PST