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Organizational influence-hacks-45min


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Published in: Technology
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Organizational influence-hacks-45min

  1. 1. Influence Hacks @RoyOsherove
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Agenda• The six influence forces• Playing Sherlock Holmes
  4. 4. “For every behavior you see The world around that person isperfectly designed for that behavior to happen”
  5. 5. • “My Peer does not practice TDD – even though I have explained the benefits many times and sent him to a TDD course”
  6. 6. Six Factors• Personal Motivation• Personal Ability• Social Motivation• Social Ability• Structural Motivation• Structural Ability
  7. 7. Motivation Ability Does the person believe in Is the person physically ablePersonal the good behavior? to behave well, or physically avoid the bad behavior? Do people react directly to Does the person followGroup the person about the bad others who spread bad(Social) behavior? behavior? Does the company reward Are the physical resourcesCompany the bad behavior in some and objects around the(Environment) way? person pushing for the bad behavior?
  8. 8. Personal Motivation: Make the undesirable desirable• A Game• A Challenge• Moral Values
  9. 9. Personal Ability: Surpass your limits• Growing people• Training
  10. 10. Social Motivation: Harness Peer Pressure• See others do the same thing• See someone you respect do the same thing
  11. 11. Social Ability: Find Strength in Numbers• Support Groups• User Groups• Learning Groups• Special Interest Groups• Are others part of the problem?• Group Training• Give them responsibility to change others
  12. 12. Structural Motivation: Design Rewards and Demand Accountability• Take care of Personal and Social FIRST• Use simple incentives, privately• Reward vital behavior
  13. 13. Structural Ability: Change the environment• Better desks, chairs, smallerbigger room• Budget• Deploy Rollback Mechanism
  14. 14. Fix it all at the same time
  15. 15. FIX IT ALL AT THE SAMETIME! Motivation AbilityPersonal X ---Group(Social) X ---Company(Environment) --- X
  16. 16. Information Hoarder
  17. 17. Information Hoarder Motivation AbilityPersonalGroup(Social)Company(Environment)
  18. 18. Information Hoarder Motivation AbilityPersonal ? ---Group(Social) --- ---Company X X(Environment) Regarded as Sits in lone Hero office
  19. 19. Information Hoarder Motivation AbilityPersonal ? --- TALK!Group(Social) --- ---Company X(Environment) X Make in charge Move into of teaching shared knowledge
  20. 20. Rushes without TDD Motivation AbilityPersonal Says sometimes no time for TDD to fix mistakes --- ---Group(Social) --- ---Company X(Environment) Deploying system --- with bugs cannot be rolled back
  21. 21. Pair Programming
  22. 22. Motivation AbilityPersonal YESGroup(Social) YES YESCompany(Environment)
  23. 23. Continuous Integration
  24. 24. Motivation AbilityPersonalGroup(Social) YESCompany(Environment) YES
  25. 25. Simple Wall Board
  26. 26. Motivation AbilityPersonal YES YESGroup(Social) YES YESCompany(Environment) YES
  27. 27. Motivation AbilityPersonalGroup(Social)Company(Environment)
  28. 28.