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Something about Foursquare

  1. 1. Case Study on Foursquare12年8月15⽇日星期三
  2. 2. Foursquare is a LBS social network game that you play with your friends and get rewards by check in.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  3. 3. Released on Mar 13,2009. Get a good rank in the Social Networking. It growing to 20 million users in April 2012.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  4. 4. Check in on Unite State and Europe are the most. More interesting, South Asia people also like to use Foursquare.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  5. 5. Don’t you think why people check in ?12年8月15⽇日星期三
  6. 6. People connect online with their offline friends, they love to connect people in any ways. More than 50% of social network users are connected to brands. People check in because they love the brand or place, not because of advertising.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  7. 7. NO.1 check in place in Taiwan Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport12年8月15⽇日星期三
  8. 8. So...You got the point ! People check in to show off themselves, and to let their friends where they are. Fashion is never end.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  9. 9. Check in pubs...12年8月15⽇日星期三
  10. 10. 12% Smartphone owner use LBS apps 20% of location-based users check in daily12年8月15⽇日星期三
  11. 11. “Difficult for new social networks to succeed. More than 50% does not need to any new social networks. 90% is feel good with what they use now.” How does Foursquare get a number of users?12年8月15⽇日星期三
  12. 12. - Check in - Points - Badges12年8月15⽇日星期三
  13. 13. 12年8月15⽇日星期三
  14. 14. Users want to be involved with companies, brand, and place. Bring them together can improve the connection and relationship. Direct interaction Conversation Brand fan Co- creation12年8月15⽇日星期三
  15. 15. Check in to a new place : 5 points Add a new venue : 5 points Check in to a place you’ve been before – 1 point Location multiplier for each place you go in a day : 1 point per location12年8月15⽇日星期三
  16. 16. The point is for user to get new Badges.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  17. 17. Ok..users have fun while using Foursquare, and what else? Location Based Service, local business can give consumers discount with Foursquare’s special features: check in, mayor, badges.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  18. 18. Foursquare establishes a ecosystem between “consumer” and “local business”. users can get discount by checking in; business can get more exposure with Foursquare. Win-Win.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  19. 19. People prefer to share positive brand and place experiences on social media.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  20. 20. Let’s talk about a user story...12年8月15⽇日星期三
  21. 21. Foursquare + Starbucks12年8月15⽇日星期三
  22. 22. Summary People check in cause they want to tell their friends where are they and show off. Foursquare succeed to make users fun and easy for business promote themselves. Besides, Foursquare creates a new way for customers to show their brand loyalty and a deep connection between local business and customers.12年8月15⽇日星期三
  23. 23. Case 1 what’s the factor that Foursquare can reach the first 1 million users in 13 month?12年8月15⽇日星期三
  24. 24. Case 2 and how to persuade your TA to use Foursquare check in, instead of Facebook app?12年8月15⽇日星期三
  25. 25. Case 3 What’s their plan for monetization ?12年8月15⽇日星期三
  26. 26. A) check in and get discount12年8月15⽇日星期三
  27. 27. b) CRM12年8月15⽇日星期三
  28. 28. C) cooperate with famous brand12年8月15⽇日星期三
  29. 29. D) a special Badge12年8月15⽇日星期三
  30. 30. E) charity12年8月15⽇日星期三
  31. 31. follow me on twitter : @roygabble add me as a friend on Facebook : /roylinkung Gabble website :http://gabble.me12年8月15⽇日星期三