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HKBU Festive Lecture 8 - onsite logistics management


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HKBU Festive Lecture 8 - onsite logistics management

  1. 1. Festive Event Management Subject Code: CEM4103 Lecture 8 Onsite logistics & crisis managementDeveloped & Presented by : Roy Ying Note: Pictures used in this power point file is for academic Purpose only
  2. 2. Table of Content• Elements of event logistics• Crisis management• Case studies sharing
  3. 3. Resources - talent• What should event manager be good at? Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  4. 4. 4 A good event manager must be good at supplier management• Audio visual production house • Modeling agencies• Designers • Travel agencies• MC & performers • Translation agencies• Transportation companies • Web 2.0 software developers• Securities • Audit firm• Part-time staffing agencies • Market research companies• PR agencies • Team building agencies• Marketing service providers • Charitable organizations• Database rental companies • Insurance companies• Website developer • Airport VIP access service• Photographers & video crew • Telecommunication service• Media agencies • Others……. Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  5. 5. Elements of festive event logistics
  6. 6. Prior to onsite• Supplier management is the key• It’s more important than just issuing RFPs• They become an extension of your service• Every PCO should have a system to qualify their suppliers
  7. 7. Ticketing• Marketing of tickets should happen prior to the festival, but if tickets are sold onsite, queuing should be considered
  8. 8. Transportation• When thousands of people leaving at the same time, special arrangements should be made
  9. 9. Flow of audience, VIP & crew• Where do audience enter the venue?• Where do VIPs come in?
  10. 10. Communications• Contact list• Radio / walkie-talkie• Telephone cards• Signage• Runners• AV Cues
  11. 11. Amenities and consumables• Depends on events, but should at least include:• Petty cash• Stationeries and office supplies• Electricity adaptors, extension cables• F&B (or at least take-out menu)• Contact lists prepared by everyone• Personally, I’d always have my overnight kit with me on “move-in” day
  12. 12. Check List for Festive Event Manager• Event Brief • Media Reception Plan• Contact List • Staff and Volunteers• Registration List • VIP Reception Plan• Venue Floor Plan• Entertainment • AV & Production• Catering Menu • Task Delegation Chart• Transportation & Logistics• Event Rundown (for yourself)• Sponsors Entitlement
  13. 13. Festive Event Crisis Management• What can go wrong? – Macro – Micro
  14. 14. MACRO Political vs Political vs Business Business Financial Financial Protocol Protocol constraint constraint Too many Too many Who (not) Who (not) bosses bosses to invite? to invite? Cross border Cross border communication communicationSupplier Supplier Expectationdeadlines Expectation deadlines unmatched unmatched No clear No clear direction direction
  15. 15. MICRO Too many possibilities Venue Media Security Design & Speakers / Registration /Production performers crowd controlProgram Technical PartnershipAudience Marketing Traveling
  16. 16. Examples of “flagged items”• When your festival has the following circumstances, be prepared that things will go wrong 1. Large numbers of attendees 2. Use of volunteers and inadequately trained staff 3. Untried (new) venues and sites 4. Complex and specialist activity 5. Newly formed corporate event management agency 6. The high-risk period just prior to the start of an event 7. Subcontractors and suppliers who are not influenced by the promise of possible work in the future.
  17. 17. How do you plan for crisis?• Part of the knowledge gained by a person with event experience is the ability to identify when crisis will occur.• Asking those people with the most experience to provide input about potential crisis.• Other common sense crisis management tools include: 1. Meeting with event stakeholders 2. Employing risk management experts 3. Raising the issue at staff and volunteer meetings 4. Consulting the local authorities, including the fire and police 5. Asking the emergency service suppliers
  18. 18. Crisis Expectation – risk level• Depending on the type of events, there are certain crisis that you can expect to see from time to time. – For events in Summer, plan for bad weather – For events with celebrities, plan for delay – For events involving live audience interaction, plan for poor response – For business development events, plan for a discouraging guest registration list
  19. 19. Crisis Expectation Bad Weather
  20. 20. Crisis Expectation Celebrities• Contract with production house or PR firm who supplies you the artist• Rehearsal planning• MC selection• Venue access and flexibility
  21. 21. Crisis Expectation Live Audience• Plant your own audience• Conduct rehearsal with the “extra” together with the script• Alert MC• Back-up logistics• Media relations
  22. 22. Example – extreme urgent case • Investment forum from Brazilian Consulate1st telephonecall to enquiremy service Event date - expect full house attendance Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  23. 23. What have I done?• I was a PCO. There was no strategic goal. My tactical goal is to deliver full house.• Made sure client knew what kind of nightmare they had got themselves into.• Evaluated the job based on 5W and 1 H. Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  24. 24. 5W + 1H• What – Invest in Brazil• Why – Emerging market / BRIC concept• When – Sorry, no choice• Where – I even get to pick• Who – Investors, private equity, accountants, consultants• How…… 3.5 working day? Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  25. 25. How….think of “who”• Only 3 tools I could use: – Direct mail (database) – Telemarketing – Online advertising Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  26. 26. Back up? Contingency?• Using the Consulate’s name, I managed to solicited support from HKGCC• Usually when Brazilian minister comes to HK, the business community from Macau would be interested• Hired temp. staff to hand out event flyer at investment fund retail outlets in Central that offer BRIC products Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  27. 27. Results & lessons learned• I promised 40 attendees. 90 showed up. It’s just expectation management.• Use the 5W1H framework• Project manager must be experienced and resourceful• Don’t do it all by yourself. Try to strike strategic alliance as much as possible. Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  28. 28. Unexpected Crisis• Sometimes, crisis would catch you totally off-guarded. You just have to find a way to deal with it. 1. Don’t Panic! Approach the situation with a clear head 2. Seeking advice from your senior 3. Teamwork, surround yourself with a council of genuine knowledge of the situation – your not alone 4. Make decisions based on fact – not opinion 5. Play safe, don’t gamble, if your unsure then choose the safe option 6. Take your time – don’t be rushed into making someone else’s mistake 7. Recording …. If necessary•
  29. 29. Example – how to turn hopeless events into a job “well done”• New designer. His dad paid for a fashion parade to be held at Grand Hyatt. Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  30. 30. Client wanted fashion buyers• A fundamental change to the event was required• Using the 5W1H model, client was willing to adjust “What”, “When” and “How”• Buyers will not attend because of his collection, but will come to a fun party with celebrities• PR agent was contracted• Extra space was created to cater for paparazzi• The timing of the fashion parade was pushed back because of the availability of the artists Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  31. 31. Buyers, retailers and media ended up coming because it’s now an interesting event Page No. VTC 職業訓練局
  32. 32. Unexpected Crisis• Event documentation becomes crucial – Contact List – Guest List, VIP List – Seating Plan / Photo Shooting Plan – Gantt Chart – Rehearsal Schedule – Rundown / Itinerary – Site Map
  33. 33. Legal Issues in Crisis Management• Contract terms• Liability issues• Payment collection
  34. 34. Legal Issues Case Sharing• The organizer of an art festival went bankrupt• Liquidator wanted all revenue we as PCO collected on behalf of the organizer be returned• Legally, all ticket holders would not get refund unless they file claims to liquidator