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Published on Search Engine Domination Workshop presented by Cinnamon Edge.
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  • Get people to introduce themselves, and say briefly what they want to learn / achieve with their learning.
  • Get ideas here, and chat over them briefly. They might not know. I haven’t put them in a slide because they’ll read the answers before you get there!Put them on the flip chart, or on a Word doc. If you do the latter, you could chat, and then paste these in and add any others. That is quicker and helps if you’re not happy writing lots and facing them at the same time.You can pre-prepare a word doc with these on, and hyperlink to it. Write some text, eg, “SED =...?”. Highlight it, press Ctrl+K, and put the link in the box. Eg, C/Docs/SED workshop/SED benefits. Then you can click on it when the slide show is there and it will open without the slide show closing/going into edit mode.Or click on the logo; you will go to Google, and then the docs bar below will be open, and you can have the word doc already there, minimised and waiting  .On page one of Google (and Bing & Yahoo)CredibilityAuthoritySocial proofGetting ahead of your competitorsReputation management Targeted visitorsGenerally cheaper than conventional marketing... And anything else I’ve missed outSecond click shows us dominating page one.
  • Other ways of getting noticed! By the way, we teach the same things he does, but at a fraction of the price.Show the expensive stuff he sends out as well – think bag is near grey drawers – online domination means you can keep those sorts of costs out of the equation if you want.
  • These points will appear one at a time.Put brief points/keywords to answer on the flip chartTwo and three can be dealt with separately or together. Depending on time, go with a), or straight to b)Say, “Before you tell me the answers for your own business, let’s look at it from a searcher’s point of view. For example, Niamh, I might put in ‘chair to stop my back hurting’.”Or ask people to give 2 main search terms they think people will be looking underOutline the difference between short tail and long tail search termsShow Google predictor (next slide – linked, but you prob won’t need it) and competitors (next but one slide) and AdWords keyword tool (after that)
  • They can find competitor sites by using Google predictive search, Pay per Click (including banner ads), and suggestions found at the bottom of a SERPs page
  • Show how to see source......and then see what keywords and descriptions they are using
  • These will appear at once after one click – there won’t be time to deal with them individually re finding keywords
  • You get links back to your siteEven more links if release is syndicated/people use itCredibility growsMake sure you put a copy on your own site!See handout for how to write an online-friendly release. Give it out now, or have it already in the folder after the slides copy.Give a minute for them to look if there’s time. If not, say it covers the structure and where to send them
  • So, to reiterate, regular news releases help. Another way you can get link juice, awareness, credibility, kudos and authority is to place online articles
  • Sarah might offer CVs, so I have put this example up.Before you look at the articles, use the site to look at competitor ideas.
  • Get seen as an expert. If people like an article you have written, they can click your name to find the others you have...and even subscribe to your feed.
  • Another site is Article City. Notice how people can share articles easily without adding them to their website or blog.
  • Add screenshot of a bio ... And note the offer as wellDo screenshot of 50 quid challenge using syndicated articles – plug the £50 Challenge a bitMention you can use them yourself when short of time, though in SEO terms not quite so goodIf you find an author you like, show you are using theirs, and suggest they might like to use yours too
  • Not only do people read them (and click through), many ‘borrow’ the articles for their blogs and sites. Your bio – and the associated links – remain with the article when people use them.
  • Remember, print articles help too – you still get a link to your site that people can put in.This is one of three we did for a client  It has brought in many enquiries and new clients. (That is my foot starring in the pic )The client paid for these to be included, but it still looks like an article rather than an advertorial. Even advertorials can be effective, though, providing they are written well enough.
  • Make sure they know that podcasts are online audio – stories, songs, interviews, etc. You can make podcasts straight off, or just use the audio part of a video. For the purposes of today, we’ll look at video.What could you use these for? Get them to give you ideas and put on flipchart or new word doc. Using a word doc means you can face them...and save their ideas and email them to the group – another chance to follow up.EG:To build authorityTo get people coming back to your site (eg, Michael Senoff’s one)  make use of them to upsellTo put across messagesTo teach people how to use your productsTo show them around your place/how to get to itTo get testimonials EtcWhat, specifically, could your business do?You can use a simple FlipCam (Jacqui has ours!), or even a smartphone camera to record. Audio can be recorded with a digital dictaphone or just over Skype.
  • Liz’s video to tell people to sign up. See, videos don’t have to be slick! A flipcam will do the job.This is on our client’s site, but is fed in from YouTube = they do the hosting (keeps your costs down); you get link juice; other people can use your vid and your optimised description stays with it (show you that in a minute)Flipcams – link to Amazon, just to show what they are, given that ours is here with me Challenge launch, showing on £50 site, blog page – scroll a little to see it – show some or all of it, up to you. This is the one that is featured in the next slide (optimisation)
  • Log in to YouTube (you can log in using your Google/Gmail account details if you want)Click on the Videos linkThis screen will appearClick on Edit
  • Hand out sheet – stress these tips are for them and not to share Put in a keyword rich TitleThe Description is the place to get your link in. Put in the full URL at the beginning (that is, including the http://). Many people leave this out, but don’t miss the opportunity. Include your phone number and/or business address if you want. Give some informative content, including keywordsThe Tags are keywords you want your video to show up for, so make sure you do these. Just put words and phrases in, separating them with commas – YouTube will put in the speech marks for youMap: put in your postcode or, to be even more exact, your latitude and longitude. This feature really helps when people are doing a local search. You can find your lat-long at can add Annotations – writing that appears on the video. The annotations aren’t linked, but you can still show your website URL and/or phone number and/or call to action. You can link to another of your videos using the Spotlight optionAdding Captions and Subtitles makes your videos more accessible to people who can't follow the audio—either because they speak a different language or because they are deaf or hard of hearing (see If you are OK hosting your video, you can make a clickable link on it. Take the YouTube code, go to, fill in the details, get the new code, and paste it into your blog.You can track your video views with Google Insights which shows you views and popularity, demographics, community engagement, how people found the video, and which part of your video viewers like most (and least).See more about Insights at
  • People see this. Notice the URL and the (optional) phone number are right at the beginning.People can click ‘Show More’, and [click mouse] the full description shows.
  • This pic is hyperlinked to that search page if you need it – screenshot on next but one slide in case Int not workingWhat is Places?A search showing Places – we’ll look at the zoo one, not least because it’s showing 5 stars. Note the phone number is there.
  • Done well, you get seen on page one – esp imp as:If you are the only one there (see Liz’s one on next slide) – we triggered that map; there wasn’t one there before – this is linked, but will also include a screen shot in case Int is offIf there are many, you need to be near the top and not dropping off the bottom – link to v popular one well - this is linked, but will also include a screen shot in case Int is offSome people just call the number!Some click through to a Places page rather than your siteGold stars attract attention!It’s like an additional site (or, for those who don’t have one, their main site!)
  • Because we set up the Places properly, we triggered this map. Even better, there are no competitors showing!
  • Hyperlinked to page.
  • Hyperlinked if you need it
  • Linked to Places page.Anyway, back to the Jersey Zoo Places Page (which has not been verified by owner, but still has lots of stuff on it – could be even better!)Can’t even fit it on the page!Great for quick reference, esp if on a mobile device.
  • Give out Places handout – depending on time, either take a minute to look at them, or suggest they study them at leisure when back at work.
  • Tea break!
  • Recap.we looked at researching keywords and your competitors, and how you could build link juice, credibility , authority and kudos through building up an online presence with releases, and sharing sites – articles, podcasts, videos, photos and presentations. We also looked at the importance of having a well-optimised Places page.
  • Bits we have no time to show you today...butwill give you notes
  • To get seen in the SERPsWhen people get there to give them what they needTo get people to take action (click a link, call you, visit you, sign up, buy from you, etc)
  • Why use graphics? They look good!Use them to full advantage – keywords will be picked up by Google...and you can see what they are about too!
  • Google notices how long people stay on your site, especially the landing pages.
  • We’ll look at SEO in a minute, but what people do when they get to your site is very important.Click for ? When people land on a page on your site, what do they want to do?Click for question: If the info is hard to access or irrelevant, people will just click awayClick for screen shot: A couple of you here may recognise this example as one typically coming from Jacqui’s favourite how-not-to-do-it site,!
  • See if they know what a breadcrumb trail is before your show this example. It shows where you are in the site.
  • 1 = h1 tag with keyword2 = keyword in first sentence in bold3 = h2 tag with keyword4 = keyword again – aim for 2-3% density – also, you can italicise or underline it 5 = H3 tag with keyword6 = keyword in last sentence7 = get people to shareNext slide shows 8-11
  • 8 = pic added; saved as ‘get_a_new_website_with_cinnamon_edge.jpg or somesuch; also has description when mouse hovers over it.9 = call to action (plus link)10 = keyword rich anchor text/hyperlink11 = white space
  • Interaction helps – eg, games, polls and free reportWe’ll look at ‘click here to get content’ soon
  • If time, ask them first what they think could come in/examples they have noticed.You can get fresh content onto your site by:Content in form of new articles, info, etcShow your latest Twitter posts (more on Twitter in a minute)Show your latest YouTube videos Bring in live feeds for industry-related or business news (Google plugin, or BBC/Yahoo/Google RSS feed or widget). A web master will help you if you can’t do that.Blog posts (more on that in a minute)Weather feed (the code for this one was from the Met Office site)Feeds with plugins (code) and RSS feeds.
  • This is what the things we are covering today will do for you (aside from the credibility, etc).Links can be can be from your properties, articles, etc, or third party references to you.
  • eg, marketing sites could be linked with web design and printersCompetitor sites – eg, you may do slightly diff things or cater for different clients. Or they may be in another part of the country. Either way, you can reciprocateWARNING! Don’t do obvious link wheel (explain), and don’t have links to and from irrelevant or poor PageRanked sites, or any to do with porn, etcNo time to cover them – have sheet. If time at the end, we could look at these [Give out sheets]QR Codes and Apps: they can be linked to your siteThis is what we’ll be looking at now – blogs, directories and social media
  • If anyone wants to try this, it should go to £50 Challenge home page! Of course, they can be made to go to other landing pages.You can find QR generators online – or use Google Tags.
  • Just a quick mention...And, speaking of apps, make sure your sites are mobile-friendly
  • Ask/explain what blogs are.Blogs can be integral to a site...Or separate entities: teaching ESL, Health & Safety, Accountancy, Marketing/Biz adviceOutine Pros and cons of both approaches.
  • Benefits of blogs:(They are in diff colours purely cos all black is boring)Search Engine Marketing/domination – what we are doing todayDirect Communications.Brand Building.Competitive Differentiation.Relational Marketing.Exploit the Niches.Media & Public Relations.Position You as an Expert.Reputation Management.Low cost.Internal/back linking
  • What are they?Show Yellow Pages book, and then say they are the online version (if they don’t know).
  • There are two types:Horizontal VerticalExamples of horizontalExamples of verticalLarge vertical arrow is hyperlinked to Google results for search for language directoriesLarge horizontal arrow is linked to – you could do a live search if time 5. Directories are a good way to see what your competitors are up to Get in the directories... and make sure you put the same details in each one!
  • What is social media, and what are social media sites?
  • There are sooooo many! They can be chat or bookmarking, for example (explain difference). Those showing are delicious, digg, Facebook, Reddit, stumble Upon, Twitter and Follow with RSSHere are a couple of places you can find large lists – go for popular ones, and industry specific onesWe’re going to look at Twitter and Facebook
  • Facebook is not just about sharing gossip, photos and videos, or even just making friends.It’s increasingly a business tool where people can get to ‘know, like and trust’ you and your company.People buy from people they like and trust.BUT it’s also another chance for you to dominate the local search, as we’ll see shortly.
  • All Facebook profiles and pages look much the same… which has one big advantage……with no ‘design’ needed it only takes a few minutes to get started.
  • Company pages are almost the same, but they do have some extra features and you can add more (apps)List is on left of screen.This means you can start to make your Page different.You can also choose which tab (page) visitors land on, so not necessarily your ‘wall’
  • Give people an incentive to ‘Like’ your page – just like building an email list on your website – although you can do that too!When you Like this Page you get a free PDF book, all about social media The ‘app’ to do this hidden content trick is called ‘My Tab’
  • It’s simple to use and quite basic. The whole thing is one clickable image.
  • The two clickable images are affiliate links and there’s a donate button, too.The more Likes you have and the more activity on your page, the more authority Google gives you and the more likely you are to see your Facebook Page in the SERPs.What could you use as an incentive on your Facebook Page?You can just ask people to Like it but an incentive will mean a better response.But even without the clever apps and things, keep your Page and profile active. Link to Twitter, to save time too, speaking of which…
  • Because Twitter is simple it’s very, very popular. There’s been a lot of coverage of Twitter in the news (Egypt, Syria, Iran, India, etc) but I think it’s becoming more and more important for local business – seems to have reached a ‘critical mass’. People now say to us “I’ve seen Cinnamon Edge on Twitter” or “I follow you on Twitter”. No one follows you in the local press (unless you can get a column!)
  • Notice how the social media have boosted the website and blog.Another blog and a directory are also on page one.We have seven spots on page one… and a PPC ad for good measure. Mostly achieved in the last few months.
  • We’ve looked at Websites and on-page and off-page SEO Blogs and why you should have at least one blog – we have severalDirectories and how valuable they can be and how important it is to be consistentSocial media -Facebook profiles and Facebook PagesEncouraging people to Like your Facebook Page – or you can just ask!Building a local following on TwitterHow those things are all likely to feature in the SERPs if you stick at them
  • Summarise what you’ve done and how it all comes together.Presence almost becoming saturationAuthority and credibilityDominating search results, maybe squeezing out competitors or putting you in control of the market – you can send referrals if you wish!Basically, dominating your market It certainly beats submitting to it!
  • Questions?There’s more information in the handouts and some more in the email course
  • reviews (eg, on review sites and Amazon)Get people to leave reviews about youAnswer questions on LinkedIn and forumsMake Hubs and LensesGet backlinks from high PageRank sitesMake AppsRun workshopsWrite ebooks and reports – send some of them out virally
  • This pic is also hyperlinked to the site
  • Search Engine Domination with Cinnamon Edge

    1. 1. Search Engine & Internet Domination How to Get Seen on the Search Engines & All Over the InternetBrought to you by Cinnamon Edge
    2. 2. Why do You NeedInternet Domination?
    3. 3. Chris CardellOther ways to get noticed…
    4. 4. Keyword Research1. Why is it important?2. What keywords do people search for you under?3. What keywords would you like them to search for you under?4. How do we find out what search terms people use?
    5. 5. Keywords: Use Suggestions
    6. 6. Keywords: Use Competitors
    7. 7. Keywords: Use CompetitorsBuild up a database ofthe keywords anddescriptions successfulcompetitors are using
    8. 8. Keyword Research: Also Use...• YouTube• Facebook• Technorati (for blogs)• Sharing sites such as Flickr & SlideShare• Bookmarking sites such as Digg• Twitter• Forums• Etc
    9. 9. News Releases1. Great Link Juice!2. More Link Juice3. Credibility4. Don’t be shy5. See handout for details
    10. 10. News Releases• Get noticed  awareness, credibility, kudos and authority• Articles
    11. 11. Articles
    12. 12. Podcast & Video Sharing ?
    13. 13. Podcast & Video Sharing• Link Juice, especially if other people use them• Authority, credibility, etc• Link them to each other if in series• Can also put them on article sharing sites• Optimise them
    14. 14. • Use the same principles for podcasts• And upload podcasts to sites like iPlayer• There’s a list here: http://www.podcasting-• Back to YouTube...
    15. 15. Use All Sorts of Videos • Foot Care – sign up here • (Flipcams) • £50 Challenge Launch
    16. 16. You will need a YouTubeaccount. Upload yourvideos to the account.
    17. 17. Also Share...• Presentations• Eg,• Photos• Eg, (You’ll need a Yahoo account)• Make sure they have links coming to your site• The presentations can have calls to action to visit your site/call you
    18. 18. PlacesWhat isPlaces?
    19. 19. Why is Places Important? ?
    20. 20. Competition Means YouNeed to Do This Properly
    21. 21. Steps to being Placed on Places
    22. 22. Now...• Websites• Blogs• Directories• Social media• Bits we have no time to show you today• Bringing it all together• Qs & As• £50 Offer
    23. 23. Why are Websites Important? ?
    24. 24. SERPsInfoaction
    25. 25. Graphics
    26. 26. Give Description
    27. 27. Call to Action
    28. 28. Inform
    29. 29. 4.31 mins...or 2 seconds?
    30. 30. Can people find what they want on your site? ?
    31. 31. Navigation• Hyperlink your logo to your Home page• Use ‘breadcrumbs’
    32. 32. On-Page SEO
    33. 33. Interaction• Games• Polls• Free report/gift
    34. 34. Fresh Content Website
    35. 35. Off-Page SEO
    36. 36. Recap ~ Get Links From:• News releases• Articles• Sharing sites (YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, etc)• Bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit, etc)• Places
    37. 37. Also From:• Complementary sites• Competitor sites (yes!)• (WARNING!)• Forums, review sites, hubs & lenses, ebooks• QR Codes and Apps• Blogs, directories and social media
    38. 38. QR Codes
    39. 39. Mobile-Friendly?
    40. 40. Blogs
    41. 41. Benefits of Blogs SEM/SED Comms Brand Differentiation Relationships Niche PR Positioning Reputation Low cost Internal/back linking
    42. 42. Directories?
    43. 43. Directories Yahoo, Yell, town directories, etcTrade directories, industry specific, etc
    44. 44. Social Media ?
    45. 45. Social Media
    46. 46. Facebook• Personal profile• Company Pages• Groups• Products, Places, etc
    47. 47. Facebook Profile
    48. 48. Company Pages
    49. 49. Facebook ‘Landing Pages’
    50. 50. Revealed ContentWhen you click ‘Like’ you get your gift
    51. 51. More Revealed Content
    52. 52. TwitterAn even more simple way to ‘spread the word’
    53. 53. Results!
    54. 54. Recap
    55. 55. Bringing it Together
    56. 56. Other Things to Do•• Leave reviews (eg, on review sites and Amazon)• Get people to leave reviews about you• Answer questions on LinkedIn and forums• Make Hubs and Lenses• Get backlinks from high PageRank sites• Make Apps• Run workshops• Write ebooks and reports – send some of them out virally
    57. 57. £50 Offers
    58. 58.