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Published on How to publish with Amazon Kindle from Cinnamon Edge Publishing. Join our Kindle Publishing Workshop on 28 June in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk for more hands on instruction and training - even if you've never written a book before! We'll show you how to write, publish and promote your book.

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  • Crush it with Kindle and the world’s biggest bookstore.
  • Where else can you get all this for free? Brilliant for promoting a business, fantastic for ambitious authors!
  • You don’t need experience, time or even talent. So what do you need?
  • Not like old fashioned publishing – no editors or agents to convince, and no upfront costs at all except your time.
  • Probably the simplest way to publish your book yet devised. Lots of people doing very well with Kindle but there’s still room for you and millions of potential readers for your books.
  • At least five ways to write your book…
  • Creating a Kindle account takes a few minutes. You will need bank details so they can pay you!
  • Enter book title (important to get this right), a good description and author/editor, etc. Add a cover image and save the book in the correct format. Zip them together and upload…
  • You set the price and commission, enrol in KDP Select if you want, agree to terms and conditions and press ‘publish’!
  • Publicise your book through Amazon, using KDP Select (ask us how!) with a blog or website, using social media and more…
  • Learn more about Kindle and our publishing services at
  • Join us on 28 June or contact us via the website, call 01284 767193 or email
  • Go to to book your place
  • Crush it With Kindle

    1. 1. Crush it With KindleHow to Publish, Promote and Profitwith the World’s Biggest Bookstore
    2. 2. Publish, Promote and Profit Where else can you: • Guarantee publication • Get free promotion • Get almost free worldwide distribution • Get up to 70% commission • Set your own price, choose your markets and publish as many books as you want?
    3. 3. Why Publish with Kindle? • You don’t need experience • You don’t need much time • You don’t need an agent • You don’t even need talent! So what do you need?
    4. 4. No Experience Necessary Not like conventional publishing • You decide what you want to publish • No commissioning editor • No publisher to convince • No minimum ‘print run’ So what do you need?
    5. 5. Publishing is Quick and Simple • Probably the simplest publishing system ever • So simple that tens of thousands of people have published books already • But there’s still room for you! • You just need a book to publish! Can you write a book if you haven’t already?
    6. 6. Writing a Book is Easier than You Think Five ways to write your book: • Write a book from scratch • Gather and edit your articles, newsletters, etc • Dictate and have it transcribed and edited • Interview others and transcribe and edit • Pay someone else to write it Then what?
    7. 7. Create a Kindle Account Go to • Takes a few minutes to set up • That’s about it! Then publish your book…
    8. 8. To Publish With Kindle • Enter book title, description and author(s) • Save your book for Kindle in html format • Design a cover image that looks good as a thumbnail too • Save both in a .zip file • Upload the file to your kdp account Nearly done!
    9. 9. To Publish With Kindle 2 Just a few more things… • Decide on price, distribution and commission • Enrol in KDP Select (or don’t) • Agree to terms and conditions • Publish! Now you need to publicise your
    10. 10. Publicise Your Book You already have the power of Amazon behind you, and to make the most of that you will need: • A website or blog • A Facebook page • A Twitter account • A Pinterest account • LinkinIn, etc For more information
    11. 11. To Learn More About Kindle Publishing For more detailed instruction and training on publishing with Kindle and more, go to: Or join us on 28 June for our unique workshop! Next step >>>>
    12. 12. Take the Next Step Join us on 28th June, when we’ll show you: • How to write your book • How to set up your Kindle account • How to publish your book • How to publicise and promote your book • How to take the next step (if you want to) All at published-on-kindle-workshop-2/Or call 01284 767193 or email
    13. 13. Kindle Publishing Workshop 28 June Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk Go