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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Globalization and American Power
  2. 2.   Globalization: the concept of acceleration of the movement of capital, goods, people, and information around the world. ◦ It began with an older concept: the first contact with one another through war, trade, and disease ◦ Didn’t reach global proportions without the expansion of European trade and influence in the 1500’s ◦ The US recently took lead in Globalization  When the US emerged from WWII as the economic leading power of the world
  3. 3.  Globalization can be seen as in three levels ◦ Military Power  Where America obviously dominates ◦ Economic Power  where its between one && several key figures ◦ Transitional Relations outside of government control
  4. 4.   Itis beginning to point toward a break down of powers among each nation & gaining a need for new international players ◦ Soon, America might not be able to hold onto sole dominance in the global ring.