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  1. 1. Assignment 4 Imperial Responses to Revolution
  2. 2.   War in Vietnam was a traumatic experience for the US   American Revolution VS. vietnamese Revolution   US fought for independence against the nation & governemnt whose policies had created loose association of colonies
  3. 3.   Familialand fraternal bonds across the Atlantic were strong: spoke the same language, economic ties were vigorous, and many families in North America sent their kids to england for schooling   Vietnam & the US had no similar qualities   Vietname was not a significant part of US history, culture, politics, diplomacy   Vietnam didn’t rebel against American Control
  4. 4.   Similarities   The score of American hegemony in the 1960’s was ridiculous and expansive, just like of the UK in the 1770’s   British Reaction to American Revolution VS US response to Vietnamese Revolution of the latter 20th century.