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  1. 1. Assignment 3 ROOSEVELT & HITLER
  2. 2.   1933 The Great Depression brought about its low points and the worst hit countries were the US and Germany   Both: Industrial production and unemployment levels dropped   Experienced period of poor leadership   Hitler became chancellor March 4, 1933   Roosevelt took oath as President when thousands of banks were in midst of closing their doors.   Even after a long sought economic up-turn, their presence marked the end of the Great Depression. Their methods and persuasion had extreme effects on the Western World.   Even though both were highly unsuited for the job
  3. 3.   Roosevelt   Born to Wealth and social prominence   Attended elite private schools   His political career was successful but nothing genius   Deemed “intellectual lightweight”   Had the sketchiest understanding of economics   Hitler   Was a poor and lazy student   Dropped out of school at the age of fourteen   He simply lounged around Vienna for years, “studying art”, but actually just absorbing Ultra Nationalist & Anti-Semantic ideas   After serving in War, he became involved in political movements   National Socialist Party was scorned by most Germans for Ideology & rowdy violent behavior
  4. 4.   Roosevelt and Hitler were especially appealing to their social and economical opposites   Roosevelt to industrial workers, farmers and the Unemployed   Hitler: to hard working shopkeepers, peasants, industrialists, large land owners and even military.