The tribal culture from the past to present in ancient india


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The tribal culture from the past to present in ancient india

  1. 1. The tribal culture from the past to present in ancient India The tribal cultures are the most ancient and respected among the people. There are tribe people in all the parts of India, each with different culture and tradition. This article leads you to fetch details of the tribe culture of north eastern India. The tribal people are the real wealth of the nation. The original culture can be retrieved from the tribal people only. The people most treasure considered are the tribal people. The tribal people are the one who follow and have their own culture and tradition to adhere with. The people who belong to the tribal caste have an entirely different aspect towards life. Tribal groups of North east India: Arunachal Pradesh: In the land of rising sun of India, there are more than 20 different notable tribal groups. All these tribal groups have their own importance in customs and religions. Some of the groups are Adis, Mishmis, Nyishi, Wanchos, Akas, Yobin, Tagins, etc. Overall the village culture can be enjoyed to the full extend in this state with a highlight of music, dance and celebrations. Lambanis tribe: The Lambanis tribe is one of the main tribe groups of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Also this tribe people are found in the northern regions of Karnataka. This tribe speaks a language that more related to the dialect of Rajasthani. The Lambanis are known for supplying grains and the needed to the armies’ for many centuries ago. These tribal men and women also differ in the dressing, their cultural life style. These people love traveling and they keep on changing their location of stay. The tribal community takes the full responsibility for the migration. The people of this tribe worship the goddess called Shakti. Jarawa Tribes:
  2. 2. This is the tribal group that has belonged to Andaman Islands. They are mostly inhabited in the region with the reality of making food. The Jarawa tribe people are believed to be migrated from Africa to these Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. These people stay in the jungle during the night and used to collect seeds, berries and other fruits for their living. There is also a report that only 400 people are left in the Jarawa community. Tribal festivals and fairs: Sammakka Saarakka Medaram Jatra: This is one of the India’s largest tribal fairs. This tribe fair mostly done in the state of Andhra Pradesh once in two years. The village of Warangal here is very famous fort this fairs, and it is located just over 100 km from the main city. This fair and festival of Sammakka Saarakka Medaram Jatra attract many people from outside as well as the other tribal communities. Losar Festival This tribal festival is mainly related to the Tibetan region, where this tribal festival is very much special. Especially this Losar festival bridges the gap between the other communities and other tribal casts. This is celebrated in the region of Tibet to have a unity for the nation and the community. Learn more about the Indian culture through Ankit Lodha article and advises He covers vast area of India tourism Including Rajasthan tours, South India, North India, Golden Triangle etc.