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Learn Effective Middleware Monitoring with Message Monitor Pro

Boost your performance and diagnostics through effective monitoring of Message Monitor Pro. Inquire more:

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Learn Effective Middleware Monitoring with Message Monitor Pro

  1. 1. Business agility with Royal Cyber MonitorPro Solution Performance, control, and over all visibility
  2. 2. Agenda   Company Overview.  Why Royal Cyber?  Global presence.  Royal Cyber Inc. Partners.  Why do we need MonitorPro.  Challenges to business leaders.  Major headache issues.  The Holistic View of MonitorPro MonitorPro for WebSphere Family. Architecture  MonitorPro Implementation overview.  With MonitorPro, you can.  MonitorPro Interface. Royal Cyber Inc.
  3. 3. Company Overview Established: Based in Illinois (USA), serving multiple industries including many Fortune 500 companies since 2002 by experienced IT professionals.  To offer cutting edge IT services globally.  Help organizations both in Public and Private sector to improve and modernize their services.  Supplement an organization’s skill set with team augmentation.  On-site resource deployment.  Improved Return-on-Investment (ROI) by taking projects offshore. Achievements: To date, Royal Cyber Inc. has grown into a reputable IT firm not only in USA but also in European, Middle Eastern and South Asian Markets.
  4. 4. Why Royal Cyber?  Winner of the IMPACT 2013 - Mobile Innovation Award We’ve obtained Smarter Commerce authorization that allows us to be solution providers in the IBM smarter commerce division. Only 11 business partners have achieved this status.  IBM Premier Business Partner for around 10 years and have more than hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world including some well known Fortune 500 companies.  Team of more than 300 highly skilled IT professionals for providing consultancy of IBM Technologies.  10 + years of extensive experience in Websphere Brand solutions.  Offer Administration support, Implementation and Migration services; IBM certified training, support packages and performance improvement packages to make your business more successful.
  5. 5. Royal Cyber Global Presence
  6. 6. Royal Cyber Inc. Partners IBM Premier Business Partner IBM Authorized Trainer Sales Technology Implementation Royal Cyber Inc.
  7. 7. WebSphere Middleware Brand Coverage WebSphere Message Queue WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus WebSphere Message Broker WebSphere Application Server WebSphere DataPower Appliances IBM Business Process Manager IBM Operational Decision Manager IBM Worklight
  8. 8. WebSphere Message Queue MQ Server & Client Installation & Verification RC-SERVICES Performance & Tuning Troubleshooting MQ Administration & Health Check MQ Development Security Intercommunication Monitoring WebSphere MQ Request & Reply MQ Migration Training Publish & Subscribe MQSC Scripts Transport for SOAP, Messages & Code
  9. 9. IBM WebSphere ESB Requirement Gathering Design Document RC-SERVICES Installation of WebSphere ESB & Fix packs Configuring WebSphere ESB Development of Mediation Modules Test Cases & Testing of mediation Modules Migration Performance & Monitoring Trouble shooting & Support Setting-up of High-Availability Cluster(s)
  10. 10. Three Key Demands/Challenges to Business Leaders Higher service expectations •Improve efficiencies across the business •Respond to new changes quickly Rising cost pressures •Shorten ROI, remove complexities •Add value now New risks and threats •Increase collaboration, but in a protected way •Support anywhere, anytime access …while acting with a sense of speed and urgency.
  11. 11. Why do we need Royal Cyber MonitorPro Business Objectives Lack of visibility Lack of information Performance issues High costs No Graphs & Charts No clue of Errors Complex processes & systems Complex applications & interfaces Difficult to diagnose Large portion of Time spent on searching logs for Errors No Statistics Hard to Diagnose
  12. 12. Royal Cyber MonitorPro - Advantages Productivity Performance Direct Control Better decisions At low Cost
  13. 13. Major Headache Issues – MonitorPro handles Performance issues Identify and isolate application issues and status Measuring performance Reporting on business operations Monitoring transactions in real-time Business Reports Business dashboards Messaging.
  14. 14. With MonitorPro Solution, you can Customise your own monitoring application. develop more precise management reports. Establish performance thresholds Trace the causes leading up to an alert. Determine the specific causes of a problem in your application Reduce Cost and increase ROI Monitor URLs perform capacity planning by monitoring transactions per hour
  15. 15. MonitorPro for WebSphere Middleware Family WebSphere Message Broker WebSphere Application Server •With MonitorPro, you can keep eye on WMB •MonitorPro on applications Integration Bus 9 •New comer Integration Bus 9 can also be Monitored WebSphere ESB •MonitorPro deploys on WAS and monitor ESB
  16. 16. The Holistic View of MonitorPro Architecture Monitoring Dashboard, complet ely customizable Event/data sources /DB2 Send XML/SOAP events Event Distribution Retrieve external data (optional) MonitorPro Applications WebSphere Application Server Author monitoring Modeling MonitorPro Toolkit (Process Designer, Integration Designer, or RAD) Data Services Alert Services Action Services Take action (event, email, pager, alert, process invocation)
  17. 17. Royal Cyber MonitorPro Implementation Overview Infrastructure Events Infrastructure Events Any Event or Issues from Any Source •Any Event or Issues from Any Source Views Business Views & Operational Views Real-time Transaction Performance, Service Status, and End-User or Service Experience Application Servers Infrastructure Application Support team receives the alert and Rectify the Issue/ Problem
  18. 18. The MonitorPro Web interface consists of six main sections. MonitorPro – Interface Navigation Bar Overall Status Transactions in Last 6 hours Critical Errors Message Board MonitorPro Dashboard
  19. 19. Case study – Easa Husain Al-Yousifi CLIENT INFORMATION: In 1955 the founder Easa Husain Al-Yousifi, in his twenties, opened a small shop in Souk Al- Tujjar, the old merchants market, where he sold mainly coconut oil and bicycle spares. One day a representative from Matsushita of Japan, who had been trying to sell a small variety of products, mainly batteries, entered his shop. In those days the quality of Japanese goods was not known in Kuwait and the representative had been unsuccessful with other merchants. Impressed with Easa’s honesty and go-ahead attitude, he placed his stock in the small shop and left the country. When the products sold well, Easa realized that a demand existed and there for he sent an order for more products. Gradually he expanded the range of Matsushita products he sold. BUSINESS CASES: Easa Husain Al-Yousifi’s expansion raised the need of its Web presence where its customers can browse and place orders for product they choose to buy in contrast with the walk in buying. To capture these benefits you need a highly functional website that allows your customers to: • Web based orders submitted directly into your business systems. • Order inquiries can be done directly from the web. • Check order status with a single view (for many companies the SAP system is not the single version of the truth). • Track shipments. • WebSphere Commerce can be deployed to standalone and update SAP when it’s convenient • Updates to profiles, can be done directly by the supplier or customer. • See their unique pricing and terms. • Easier access to data for the customers. It includes order history, invoice history, shipment tracking, user name and password management and re-order capabilities. • Monitoring WebSphere ESB messaging environment.
  20. 20. Case study – Easa Husain Al-Yousifi PROPOSED SOLUTION To begin the project, IBM Business Consulting Services performed a specific study of strategy and change management at Easa Husain Al-Yousifi & Sons co. The purpose of the study was to determine the best way to implement such a solution that can cater Al-Yousifi’s Web presence. After the initial study was completed, Royal Cyber Inc. took part in studying & implementing the solution based on WebSphere Commerce, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V7.5, and already existing SAP_ERP System. In addition to that Royal Cyber Inc. proposed and implemented Royal Cyber’s MonitorPro, a monitoring solution, in Al-Yousifi’s environment. The solution consists of the followings: 2 SAP-ERP System servers on RHEL6.1 2 HTTP servers residing on RHEL6.1 2 Solar servers on RHEL6.1 2 WCS servers on RHEL6.1 2 DB2 machines on RHEL6.1 2 WebSphere ESB V7.5 instances on RHEL6.1 1 WAS admin machine on RHEL6.1 MonitorPro solution on WAS server
  21. 21. Case study – Easa Husain Al-Yousifi AL Yousifi Production Environment Design Web_Cluster ESB DMGR Firewall USER HTTP1 DMGR HTTP2 Load Balancer WCS_Cluster ESB_Cluster Solr Cluster WCS_2 ESB_2 SOLR_ 1 HTTPS SAP Server ESB_1 WCS_1 Solr Web Server SOLR_2 COM_DB_1+ ESB_DB! COM_DB_2+ ESB_DB2 HADR Page 1
  22. 22. Demo Demo
  23. 23. Questions & Answers
  24. 24. Three ways to get started with Royal Cyber 1 2 3 Learn more about our mobile apps and solutions for social business Learn more about RC Mobilty Solution: • • Talk with our Royal Cyber representative at booth M-14 .
  25. 25. Our Clients
  26. 26. USA Headquarter: 55 Shuman Blvd, Suite 1025, Naperville, IL 60563 Tel: +1.630.355.6292 Canada Office: A7-560 GreenField Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario , N2C 2M2, Canada Tel: +1.416.848.3816 UK Office: RC Technology Limited. Suite 202, Lansdowne Building, 2 Lansdowne Road, Croydon, Surrey, UK, CR9 2ER.Tel: + South Africa Office: Royal Cyber Pty Ltd 3rd Floor, 5 Sturdee Ave, 2196 Rosebank, Johannesburg, Gauten g, South Africa Tel: +27.72.891.9973 Pakistan Office: Caesars Tower (National IT Park), Office No: 1101 to 1104, Sharah-e-Faisal, 75350 Karachi, Pakistan Tel: +92.21.3280.3061-62