Hawaii Cruise 2007 part 1


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Hawaii Cruise 2007 part 1

  1. 1. We left our Sunday We’re luggage with 11/11/07 on our the hotel O’Hare way! bellman, then 6:15 A.M. United #461 took a walking tour of downtown San Diego and the Bay area. It was Park Bench about 65o. Downtown San Decorated With Diego from Children’s Drawings Balboa Park We saw many interesting The sights along Navy and airport Broadway Piers. is at the harbor.Electric street carsprovide public transit.
  2. 2. AnAirplane Airport Tower Hmmm… A Playful Seal! This is the largest base of the U.S. Navy on the west coast.
  3. 3. Sheraton Suites San Diego at Symphony HallLunch time! View from our Suite #2114. We’ll have a buffet Airplanes flew right by us! breakfast here at The airport is right here. Sheraton tomorrow. Built on the site of the home of Ulysses S. Grant, Jr., the El Cortez Hotel, with its Spanish Checking Colonial Revival architecture, was famous for messages its outdoor elevator, the “Starlight Express.”
  4. 4. Monday 11/12/07 San Diegos first granite building, with its VETERANS DAY Baroque Revival structure, was the Bank of Commerce until 1893 when it became anWe rose early so we could oyster bar, a favorite of Wyatt Earp’s.see more of San Diego’shistoric 16½ block GaslampQuarter and the waterfrontbefore boarding our bus toEnsenada.
  5. 5. Convention Center A huge pharmaceutical convention was in town.Petco ParkMajor League Stadium
  6. 6. The CV-41 USS Midway aircraft carrier museum must be set upfor a Veterans Day program. There’s a huge tent on it today.
  7. 7. a HUGE Jesusgoing across the border waiting in line to board the Tijuana, Mexico ship Baja racerCelebrity Cruises arranged for a Motor Coach to take passengers from the hotel to Ensenada, Mexico to the ship. If itwasn’t for Jim’s persistence, though, our luggage might not have made it! Then, we were told to have our passports out atthe border, but Mexican officials didn’t board the bus. After a scenic 1.5 hour drive into the Baja California Peninsula,we arrived in Ensenada where we saw Baja 1000 drivers preparing for the famous off-road desert race set to begin earlythe next morning. 3:45 P.M. We received our SeaPass cards and b
  8. 8. We used the safe behind the mirror. “This wind makes it very chilly out here!” “Look at the long line of people waiting to board!” “No wonder they’ve rescheduled the muster drill!” “Hey, is that our luggage?” “I can hear the sea lions we just saw from up here!”Sunset 4:50 P.M.62o.
  9. 9. 9:45 P.M. At the poolside “Bon Voyage Sail-Away Party!” we said good-bye to Ensenada, then caught part of the “Welcome Aboard” show in the theater where the Hawaiian Ambassador Paki Allen and the Hula Maidens were introduced.8:30 P.M. We were the only ones inthe Navigator Nightclub! We dancedto reggae spun by the DJ. 6:00 P.M. Since our luggage with our dress clothes hadn’t yet been delivered to our room (it arrived at 8:00 P.M.), we skipped the main dining room and enjoyed the buffet area instead. It turned out that only one couple from our table of 4 couples showed up for dinner in the dining room, then they never came back, but we all did!
  10. 10. Tuesday, 11/13/07Sunrise 6:25 A.M.Expected high - 57o Poor Jim! We have to sail 2,255 nautical miles across the South Pacific to Lahaina, Maui and Jim is already starting to feel (and look) seasick!
  11. 11. Random fact:Ship supply = 2,700 bottles of assorted wines
  12. 12. We never swam in the ship’s 3 pools. Oops…While unpacking the luggage in the stateroom, Carol realized she must have left Jim’s BRAND NEW, perfectly suited neckties at home when she was reorganizing the bags to fit all of Jim’s shoes. He brought more than Carol! AND, Carol couldn’t find her hairbrush! So, she purchased a $3 brush at the ship’s sundries store, and Jim got some Tums, but, unbelievably, none of the shops had neckties. The retail manager said they only sell them on a ‘theme’ night, and that was 6 days away. However, she was kind enough to haul the box of “colorful” ties out of storage the next day and sell them from the box. Carol got 3 ties for $30, hoping at least one of them would work. They all worked fine. For a guy who rarely wears ties, though, Jim now has plenty to We never had to We bought a hairbrush and choose from – as long as Carol remembers use the bank! Tums here! them!
  13. 13. We gave ourselves a daily gambling allowance. We came back winners! Jim also placed 9th out of 24 in a blackjack table tournament! We witnessed a Peter Max painting sell for $9900 at one of the art auctions. The cinema showed a different movie every day.Still hanging in there! One day, it was Titanic!
  14. 14. Because the ship is Bahamian registered, wewill have to go throughCustoms when we get to Hawaii.
  15. 15. 10:00 A.M.Muster Drill (emergency and lifeboat drill)
  16. 16. Random fact:Ship supply = 200 bottles of champagne 11:15 A.M. We attended an invitation-only Honeymooners & Anniversary Party in the forward part of the ship – but only for 15 minutes as Jim finally succumbed to his illness. He went to bed and re-emerged a day later feeling a little bit better. Carol hung out by herself…taking pictures around the ship…learning how to make a lei…dressed up in formalwear for dinner and met the table companions…watched the Celebrity Singers and Dancers accompanied by the Celebrity Orchestra…
  17. 17. How to make a lei: String fresh tropical flowers on a string, twine, clear lineor floss using a 10” long lei needle that has a hook instead of an eye.Carefully string the flowers together by going through the centers of theflowers, from front to back, and slide them two or three at a time down thestring until it is about 36” long. Tie the ends together. Carol was done first!
  18. 18. Carol wore one of Nicki’s high school Homecoming dresses. She metJim & Kathy from British Columbia (who kept trying NOT to say“eh”) and Darlene & Dennis from Arkansas who are Buffett fans.
  19. 19. We purchased a sodaWednesday, 11/14/07 drink package forSunrise 5:58 A.M. unlimited soft drinks. Jim was drinking a lot of Ginger Ale to keep his stomach steady. Random fact: The ship’s tonnage is 77,713 with a speed of 21.5 knots. It’s our 33rd anniversary of dating! Jim felt well enough, so we had an early buffet breakfast on deck, then took it easy all day. Jim watched Carol learn how to hula to My Little Grass Shack!
  20. 20. Sunset 4:55 P.M.We have to turn the clocks back 1hour tonight. We will be in AleutianStandard Time, which is 10 hoursoff of the Greenwich mean time.Interestingly, we visited the primemeridian in Greenwich, Englandwhere ‘time begins’ just 2 monthsago for Nicki’s wedding!
  21. 21. We were surprised when ourservers sang “Happy ‘versary” tous, carrying a chocolate ganachecake with lit candles! Everyone atthe table got a piece. Each evening, our Stateroom attendant Jose turned down our bed and left the next day’s schedule, Celebrity Today!, and 2 chocolates.
  22. 22. Thursday, 11/15/07 Sunrise 6:24 A.M. Expected high – 72o We enjoyed the ship’s amenities and attended Paki Allen’s presentation on our ports of call. Jim started feeling ill again and went to bed. He slept through the afternoon while Carol gambled and did well! Jim met her later Random fact: in the casino and did well, too!There are 10 decks and 944 total staterooms of varying sizes.
  23. 23. Random fact:Ship passenger capacity = 1,870 After dinner we joined in the congo line at the 50’s & 60’s Rock & Roll Sock Hop.
  24. 24. Friday, 11/16/07Sunrise 5:37 A.M.Expected high – 80o We walked the fitness track every morning after breakfast, then planned our day.
  25. 25. Our day usually included eating, walking, laying about, gambling, taking in a show or event, more eating,more walking…
  26. 26. We accidentally took a3 hour nap, wakingup just in time tochange for dinner!
  27. 27. 10th lap!Saturday, 11/17/07Sunrise 6:22 A.M.Expected high – 82o
  28. 28. A toast to being We invited a lone couple (from Saskatchiwan)together on our second sitting near us to join our table. It turned out formal night! they had friends in common with Jim & Kathy! He is a retired RCMP. Then we found out we were rooming next door to Darlene & Dennis!
  29. 29. Sunday, 11/18/07Sunrise 6:30 A.M.Lahaina, MauiExpected high – 85oWe calledmom to let We were in line at 8:00 A.M. to goher know through customs,we made it then were on asafely tender boat and onacross the shore at 8:30 A.M.ocean!
  30. 30. We immediately captured Hawaiithrough our senses….through thescent of the fragrant flowers waftingthrough the air, the melodic singingof the birds all around, the beauty ofthe lush flowers and greenery, andthe hazy atmospheric VOG (volcanicash likened to pollution) hangingover the mountains that causes 80%of Hawaiians to suffer asthma.
  31. 31. World’ssecondlargestBanyantree, andthelargest inHawaii
  32. 32. We roamedon our own today. Our plan was to see this tree, walkaround thetown, shopat Whaler’sVillage, andsnorkel at a beach.
  33. 33. Plumeria Red Ginger Bougainvillea
  34. 34. Bailey House We thought of Shannon when we saw a Subway! museum was Later in the day, at a once an 1850s McDonald’s, we saw U of I missionary hoopsters in town for the home. Maui Invitational. They were very tall! Lahaina translated means ‘merciless sun.’ It was once famous for whaling and had areputation as a party town . Many of the old buildings are the original structures. This is the library.
  35. 35. Someone’s houseexample of architecture fromsugar plantation days antique car run an unusual taxi The Art Society sells local artists’ work in the jail cells of the old jail in the basement of the courthouse. One of the cells has period photos showing the Banyan Tree and Courthouse from a century ago.
  36. 36. We took the publicbus for $1 each.
  37. 37. Carol sampled 100% Kona coffee at this store - delicious! – and purchased a toothpick holder!We purchased sandwiches at aMcDonald’s Express and a local deli.
  38. 38. The islands of Lanai and Molokai arevisible from Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii’snumber one beach resort area. It is thebusiest, best and most photographed beachon Maui with its three miles of goldensands and beautiful views.Carol managed to cut the bottom of her big toerather deeply on either the black rocks or coral.Our band-aid and antibacterial wipes supplyheld until we got to one of the popular ABCstores for more.
  39. 39. We enjoyed snorkeling! Jim was able to rentRx goggles so he really experienced theunderwater world. The snorkel shop washaving trouble finding big enough fins forsome basketball players! Our fins fit! Endangered, wild Green Sea Turtles feed in the area, and we saw 3 of them! In fact, we learned that Hawaii is host to more endangered species than anywhere else in the world.
  40. 40. Jim is watching the turtles. They would swim under us and we actually touched them! We are so glad we brought an underwater camera. This sea turtle swam alone with Carol forseveral minutes before it swam out further, leaving the area. This amazing creature chose to be with her - they even surfaced together eye to eye - and the experience became the most awesome part of the whole trip for Carol.
  41. 41. We sawa lot ofcrabs.
  42. 42. Our tender-trip back to the ship was a bit scary…the waveswere rocking the boat – big time! We were delayed on thewater so the ship could reposition itself in order for us todock safely to it. Jim managed, but it wasn’t pleasant!Seeing the rainbow helped!