Wictor hugo & william wordsworth


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World Literature

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Wictor hugo & william wordsworth

  1. 1. World Literature
  2. 2. Who are they?? Victor Hugo And William Wordsworth
  3. 3. Quick facts
  4. 4. Victor Marie Hugo 1802-1885 William Wordsworth 1770-1850 Born : February 26, 1802 At Besançon, France Born: April 7, 1770 Wordsworth House, Cockermouth, Kingdom of Great Britain French poet, novelist, and dramatist Author, Playwright Poet Died: May 22, 1885, Paris, France Died: April 23, 1850 (aged 80) Cumberland, United Kingdom
  5. 5. Is there any Significant Story of their life??
  6. 6. Victor Hugo… Personal Life, Literary Career, Memorials
  7. 7. PERSONAL LIFE, •Third son of Joseph Leopold Sigisbert and sophie trebuchet. •Born in a military family •His parents seperated when he was 12. •Passionate supporter of republicanism. •His wife Adele Foucher. Love affair Juliet Drouet. •His daughter Leopoldine died w/ her husband . •His son died at the age of 8.
  8. 8. LITERARY CARREER •Won a poetry contest. •Several novels such us. Cromwel Hernani, Had d Island, Hunchback of the notre dame, Les miserables. •Studied Law bet 1815-1818 •Founded Literary Magazine •Cedes El poesive Divares •Hand D Island •3 Plays
  9. 9. MEMORIALS •At the age of 76 he became seriously ill •His body lay in state beneath the Arc de triomphe bofair burial. •Buried in the Pantheon
  10. 10. William Wordsworth’s life… Personal Life, Literary Career, Memorials
  11. 11. PERSONAL LIFE, •Son of Johu Wordsworth and Ann Cookson. •Mother Died when he was only 8. and five years after his father died. •William has 3 brothers and sister Dorothy. •Fell in love to Annette Vallon & bore him a daughter named Caroline. •Married to Mary Hutchman
  12. 12. LITERARY CARREER •with Samuel Taylor Coleridge. •Lyric Ballad. •The prelude •An evening walk & Descriptive Sketches. •Appointed British poet Laureate
  13. 13. MEMORIALS •Died in 1850 at the age of 80
  14. 14. Victor Hugo and William Wordsworth are.. 1. Both Romantic Writer 2. Both famous throughout the world 3. both supporters of a revolution
  15. 15. Romanticsm/ Romantic Period(era) •Artistic Literary and intellectual movement that originated in Europe. •“Spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings” •Love for nature, peace, freedom etc.
  16. 16. Victor Hugo Is devoted in expressing his political and social beliefs. But why???
  17. 17. William Wordsworth Is developed in his writing a deep love for nature Because of ???
  18. 18. What is their Famous Masterpiece??
  19. 19. The Expiation Victor Hugo Term: Atoning for a sin Suffering Punishment for an offense or crime, What is the story behind the poem??
  20. 20. Long tragic retreat of Napoleon Bonaparte Grand Army ..
  21. 21. France Vs. Russia
  22. 22. Strategy
  23. 23. Fall of the French Army
  24. 24. 1.Constantly attacked by Russian snipers. 2. Harsh Russian winter 3. Inadequate Clothing and food. 4. Frostbite
  25. 25. Defeat and exile of Napoleon Bonaparte
  26. 26. Ode; Intimations of immortality from recollections of early childhood William Wordsworth Term: Ode - Lyric Poem Intimation - indirect suggestion or hint, announcement Immortality- unending existence recollection – memory that which is remembered. What is the story behind the poem??
  27. 27. Stanza I. - Declares nature appeared mystical to life. II. - Confesses that natural object are still visible. III. - Says that he is determine to be depressed because It will mar the beauty of nature. IV. - Declare it would not be right if he determined aloof in that season. V. - Highly Significant VI. - Turns Philosophical VII. - foresees the rest of his life. VIII. - Calls the child a philosopher. IX. - The longest in the poem. X. - Speaks to the creatures. XI. -Accepts that nature gives support to everything in his life.
  28. 28. Form and Analysis of the poem
  29. 29. Thank you for listening… Reported by: Roxanne Tiffany P. Dotillos