Find Your Passion by roxanne catherine mapp


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Tips to finding your passion and multiplying your talents.
Creativity, talents, technology, design, art

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Find Your Passion by roxanne catherine mapp

  1. 1. Roxanne Catherine MappCreative Director/LibrarianRoxanne Mapp Design
  2. 2. Creativity from WithinSome people believe that they have to quit their day job in orderto pursue their passion, but don’t, especially not in this economy.Being inspired is the first step and people fail to realize thatinspiration can be found in the simplest of things.It could be nature, travelling, a movie, reading,or reflecting on how good your life is.Self - reflection is a good way to start.Take a walkTravelFind inspirationin simple thingsSign up forfree classesNetworkRead a good book
  3. 3. Creativity from WithinI believe in making lists, so my advice is to make a list of all thethings that you love doing and through a process of eliminationyou will find that thing or things that you are passionate about.Before we start let’s get rid of the chains of negativity that hold uscaptives in our own lives. Better known as excuses.I am the first to admit that I make excuses when I know in myheart I am procrastinating.Stop making excusesForce yourselfto think positiveMake a listof things thatyou likeBe proactiveForgiveDon’t blame others
  4. 4. Creativity from WithinExcuses, ExcusesHere are some excuses that we all make.1. I have lots of time.2. I don’t have time.3. I am too old.4. I am still young.5. I am tired when I get home from work.6. My body aches constantly (my favorite excuse, lol ).7. I live from paycheck to paycheck.8. My family needs me so I really can’t focus on what I want.9. It’s the holiday season and this year it’s at my place.10. After the kids move out.11. Not my time.12. When I retire I will have more time.The list goes on and on . . . trust me I made a lot of these excuses until I realized that theonly one stopping me from following my passion was me. It is all a matter of personalchoice and no one can force us to do anything if we are not ready. Another thing aboutfollowing one’s passion is to recognize that it is about using your God given talentsso you will be happy doing what you love.
  5. 5. Creativity from WithinWhat are you passionate about?Start with what you love the most and end with what you like but are not reallypassionate about. Once the list is done eliminate the things that do not excite youuntil you are left with six items on your list. From there narrow it down to the onething that really excites you when you think about doing it. That my friend is what youare passionate about. Now that you know, take baby steps, borrow books on the topicfrom your local library. Work on doing related things in your spare time when you arenot at work. Carve out a few minutes a day for yourself to think or read abouthow you plan to explore the creativity within you.In the columns below, make a list of the things that you like doing.Things that I like doing Things that I like doing
  6. 6. Creativity from WithinWhat are you passionate about?By freeing ourselves from the shame and guilt that we may think is unforgivable, we must first remember that noone is perfect and as imperfect human beings we all make mistakes. As long as we are aware of the fact that eventhough God is a forgiving God, we should not go out of our way to deliberately cause each other pain and agony.Disrespecting others just because we can is mean-spirited. Not cool!Follow your dreamsWe all have some secret dream that we would like to fulfill in life but until its figured out we should keep it thatway . . . a secret. Sometimes over talking can kill dreams instead of making them come true. Take baby steps andalways have a notebook handy so that you can jot down ideas as they come. There is no need for perfection(this advice from someone with OCD  ), scribbles are fine you can make sense of it later as long as theseed is planted.Shhh! Don’t Broadcast!Sometimes when we share ideas it is natural for others to hate on us and say that it is not a good idea ortry to put a negative spin on what we are excited about.So unless you are 100 percent sure that your idea is off the ground, keep your mouth shut! Zip It!Check off items from your listOnce you make your list you will sub-consciously think about what’s on it. You will be amazedat how quickly you will start crossing things off . Before you know it you will have to start a newlist of ideas and things to do!Be RealisticAs was stated before, start off simple, believe in yourself and your idea.Test your idea with positive people, yes we all know some.
  7. 7. Creativity from WithinAvailable now atWant more? Hope that you enjoyed thepreview of my second book