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Media questionnaire powerpoint

  1. 1. Here are the results of my audience research which I have carried out along with graphs and what they show.<br />Questionnaire analysis<br />
  2. 2. Question 1: Male or female?<br />Here is a pie chart to show how many of each sex I asked my questionnaire to. It shows that I asked 8 males and 12 females which I think is a good amount. However, I could of made it more fair to ask 10 of each male and female yet I don’t think it would of made a huge impact.<br />
  3. 3. Question 2: What is your age group?<br />For my second question, I asked peoples ages and although they do not have much relevance by themselves, I feel as though if I analysed this aside another question I could find out more about what age groups feel about music videos.<br />
  4. 4. Question 3: Through what medium do you watch music videos? <br />I feel as though this question told me a lot about how people view music videos although, looking back, I don’t believe that it has much relevance to my future tasks. It is clear that television is the most popular form of watching music videos as music programmes such as 4music, MTV and VIVA are constantly on the increase showing many genre to suit all tastes. I added in another option of ‘other’ and some of the comments I received were that people view music videos in public places such as in shops, at work and at the gym. Despite 25% of the people using their mobile phone as a video watching device, it wasn’t as popular as the other options and this may be because of the technology and video downloading access on people’s phones may not be as high quality as using an IPod for example.<br />
  5. 5. Question 4: How often do you watch music videos?<br />I found that this question shown me that music videos are watched very often. However, the ‘rarely’ option was chosen by 5 people. I found this to be odd so I looked back over the completed questionnaires and found that the people who answered ‘rarely’ were all above the ages of 42 and the person who answered ‘never’ was in the age group ‘61+’. This demonstrates to me that my music video should definitely target the lower end of the age ranges as the older generations do not seem to have as much as a passion for music videos. Generally, most people seem to watch a music video a ‘couple of times a week’. <br />
  6. 6. Question 5: What is you favourite genre of music?<br />Pop: 13<br />Hip-hop: 7<br />R’n’b: 10<br />Rap: 6<br />Punk: 2<br />Country: 2<br />Jazz: 1<br />Classical: 2<br />Soul: 3<br />Blues: 0<br />Heavy metal: 0<br />Drum and bass: 3<br />Dub step: 2<br />Dance: 4<br />Other: Grime, Rock, Alternative, 80’s.<br />From this question I can see that the most popular type of music is ‘pop’. The most popular types of music generally are pop, R'n'b and rap as these genres are on the increase in today’s music charts. On music television, it is these genres which dominate rather than soul or blues and this could be why they are less popular as well as being dated. <br />
  7. 7. Question 6: What is the main thing that you feel a music video should consist of?<br />This was an open question and some of the answers were:<br />It should go to the beat of the music.<br />It should tell a story to narrate the song.<br />It should be all about the artist/band.<br />Dancing and movement to excite the viewer.<br />Relevance to the lyrics.<br />It should distract from the actual song.<br />This question gave me many mixed answers and I agree with some of them in the sense that the video <br />should not be too distracting from the song and that it should excite the viewer. A few of the comments <br />were that the video should be relevant and tell the story of the lyrics and I think that this is a valid point <br />although I believe that it is the song which determines if the video should be illustration or disjuncture.<br />
  8. 8. Question 7: Would you rather watch a music video along with the song or just listen to the song?<br />For this question I gave the answer options of:<br />Watch the video with the song.<br />Just listen to the song.<br />Don’t mind.<br />For this question, the majority of the answers I got were ‘don’t mind’. If I were to re-do this <br />Questionnaire, I would take out this answer option as it didn’t allow people to answer the <br />actual question and give me any results to analyse. Despite this, I don’t really feel as though <br />this question is too relevant to task of me completing my own music video and therefore I <br />am not too worried about this question not working how I wanted.<br />
  9. 9. Question 8: Do you think that the artist/band should feature in their music video?<br />I think that this question was one in which could help me in the future as it could influence my decision as to whether I have a person miming to the song in my video or just focusing on the video rather than the singing. As you can see 50% of the people asked thinks that the artist should feature and one of the people stated that ‘it is their video so they should appear in it’ however, another comment from a person who said ‘no’ said ‘It detracts from the lyrics because the celebrity takes the attention’. Also, 9 out of the 20 people<br />asked said that they ‘don’t mind’ however<br />this could of just been because they<br />‘couldn’t be bothered’. <br />
  10. 10. Question 9: Do you think that special effects more interesting?<br />I think that, although this question gave a quite evened out answer (although ‘yes’ did have the highest amount), was quite useful as I also asked the person completing the questionnaire which special effects made the video more interesting and some of the answers I got were:<br /><ul><li>Colour manipulation,
  11. 11. Lighting effects,
  12. 12. Slow motion,
  13. 13. Energetic movement,
  14. 14. And one stated that ‘the effects should not be too much as they can be tacky and distracting’.</li></ul>I agree with the comment that says special effects should not be too distracting and I also agree that slow motion and lighting affects can make a music video interesting.<br />
  15. 15. Question 10: favourite music video?<br />Many people found it difficult to choose one particular video however<br />here are a few answers I obtained:<br />Michael Jackson: Thriller – Because he always expressed the lyrics in his songs.<br />Beyonce: Single ladies - Because of the dancing and movement (focussed).<br />James Blunt: You’re beautiful – Because of it’s simplicity.<br />Daniel Powter: Bad day – because it tells two simultaneous stories.<br />Eliza Doolittle: Skinny genes – Because it’s funny & there is always something going on.<br />Bruno Mars: Just the way you are – Because of its creativity.<br />Tinie Tempah: Passout – The video goes with the song’s beat.<br />