6. AF Specific Questions


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6. AF Specific Questions

  1. 1. Specific questions Vice President Incoming GCDP 1. Present and discuss the current reality of the GCDPi area in all the LCs in AIESEC Romania in the year 2012. When discussing refer to: what would you keep, what needs to be improved, which is the best structure. structure. LC reality established with the help of LCVPs, SONA and myaiesec.net.AIESEC Arad Re 7; double allocation (one exchange department, one support department); separate trainings on Arad:processes of exchange; quality of reception increased (through welcome/bye-bye packages, EP testimonials and culturalactivities); external positioning was made through OpenEd project, gROw and raising in kindergartens. There are noproducts aimed at students.AIESEC Brasov Re 5; department structure (1 raising team, 1 selection team, and a quality responsible); education Brasov:(NCD and II preparation conference for newies); implemented the ReBranders project, implemented a raising campaignin the autumn and one will follow in January; there are no products aimed at the student market, market reach is under-developed (not enough entities know or collaborate on PBOXes), X culture is weakly represented.AIESEC Bucharest Re 10; department structure (1 raising team, 1 matching team and a task force for reception); Bucharest:process trainings and weekly meetings between VP and TL s; diverse PBOXes(from elementary to university), no newprojects implemented this term and no NGOs approached; high focus on implementing an education cycle.AIESEC Cluj Re 17; department structure (until the autumn recruitment it was project-based, members had attachment Cluj:to the project but not the are of exchange); education (preparation meetings with the OC ICX and TL s of PBOXes,trainings on processes); one of the LC s that implemented ReBranders (for January), there are no products aimed atstudents; Sunny Days is a long lasting and succesful project.AIESEC Constanta Re 0; department structure (1 Quality Management team, 1 projects and NGOs team); education is Constanta:done through trainings depending on the needs of the members; area has members after the allocation after the autumnrecruitment; there are no products aimed at the student market; general social market is under-developed (there arefew projects based on issues).AIESEC Craiova Re 10; department structure; preparation was done through trainings on processes, and there are Craiova:weekly meetings for TL s and OC ICX; there are no products aimed at students, they have projects for kindergartensand high school pupils, in the external market they have started being known for language education projects.AIESEC Galati Re 9; department structure ( 1 raising team, 1 matching team, 1 quality team); education done through a Galati:members education cycle (trainings and information on processes, and on how to do certain tasks that help thedepartment).AIESEC Iasi Re 1; department structure (1 matching&legislation team, 1 raising team, 1 team on gROw matching and Iasi:reception); members receive process trainings and exchange preparation; on the external market, projects for Januaryrealizations have been developed.AIESEC Oradea Re 2; there is no set department structure; the education style is based very much on “learning by Oradea:doing”; difficulty in organizing department infrastructure and projects after the VP quit his position; there is a potentialmarket that can be approached with PBOXes, apart from gROw nothing has been implemented as of yet.AIESEC Pitesti Re 6; department structure (based on initiatives: 1 matching team for gROw); members learn the Pitesti:processes by participating in workshops and also matching marathons, where they learn by doing; PBOXes implementedare gROw and Summer School; raising is challenging because of the weak NGO market.AIESEC Sibiu Re 2; department structure; very good contact with officials regarding visa application; education is done Sibiu:through trainings; on the external market there was a raising campaign; Educating Money was implemented, a projectfocusing on financial education.
  2. 2. AIESEC Suceava Re 4; the department structure (there were few members allocated on exchange); an education cycle Suceava:was not implemented; market reach is not assured because there are no projects developed to cover it.AIESEC Targu Mures Re 8; project-based structure (members on project are knowledgeable on processes because they Mures:use them in the project implementation); new project for junior high school; they managed to reach out to severalNGOs and established an image of being a provider of international work force. There are no products aimed at thestudent market.AIESEC Timisoara Re 46; Department structure (was strictly project based until the autumn recruitment, there are Timisoara:department members now after the heavy allocation on exchange departments but the department structure has not yetbeen implemented), education is based on a members education cycle (containing sharing sessions and trainings onprocesses); 2 new projects have been implemented and there are projects for every segment of the market. Keep: Keep - education system implemented (adding a stable framework with the help of the MCVP Talent Development, so that LC s receive a stable education cycle). - LC s focus on quality of exchange exchange. Improve: Improve - Diversifying the market segmentation Out of this overview, few LC s have projects aimed for students. We segmentation. need to start implementing projects that help us reach the local pools of students. - Members allocation LC s need to have a plan for allocation on the exchange areas, LCVPs should have the allocation: necessary of the department and the HR pipeline should be planned accordingly. - Market reach in the NGO sector We can be providers of international experiences for NGOs as well, we sector: need a market research and the NST Market Development Manager to track the LC s. Structure: Structure - the optimal structure -> process- based structure It allows for easier tracking and assessment of the area’s process- based structure. performance by the LCVP. - Raising team team(Ra responsible); tracking team team(tracking responsible-reception); matching team (support in off-peak matching, on projects, legal management) 2. As you know, the grand majority of your goals are going to be achieved by local projects. Based on this, how do you plan to manage the situation towards the achievement of the national objectives? (Be clear and specific). 1. SprinCo: - deliver functional preparation & organizational knowledge SprinCo: functional 2. NC - Downscale and link national strategic plan with local GCDPi directions NC: directions. - Introduce the year planning with objectives and timeline. planning, - Support LCVPs in creating timeline for their own LC s and correlate local projects that have similar timelines. local - find common JD s from said projects and cluster them for an easier partnership management - consolidation on knowledge and connections between VP s. 3. maintain a strong contact between the MCVP and the LCVPs through Skype meetings with each VP at least every two weeks, in the beginning of the term and afterward, judging by their performance, planned versus realized numbers and general needs, establish a new meeting schedule. After each individual meeting gather the information and with the help of SONA present an analysis each month to all the LCVPs. 4. Organize meetings for performance clusters (every month, on skype) and deal with issues that arise in different clusters on a national level. This will help the LCVPs grow together by aiding them in having an overview of their area and finding solutions together. 5. After directions have been set, introduce the NST Each NST position will benefit the LCVPs, the Education NST. Manager will set education frameworks for each LC, to help in working knowledge with sub-programs. 6. NST and national network collaboration The Market Development Manager remains in contact with the VP s in collaboration. order to analyze the market (through market research) and, along with the MCVP come up with clear development standards and criteria of products for the LC. 7. Implement simple, user-friendly tools with a national framework, that VP s can later adapt to their particular user- needs, which will help them have a better understanding and overview of what is happening in real time As a time. few examples: adapt a national reception tool with clear steps that need to happen for a reception to meet a
  3. 3. minimum of quality standard On the matching process, have a tool that gives tips and insights on how to match standard. successfully. Create a SONA that can deliver information to the VP s and offer them a birds eye view of their efficiency and performance. 3. Present the issues that AIESEC Romania has on quality, present your strategy to increase the quality and eliminate the problems of GCDPi in AIESEC Romania. Quality of exchange in AIESEC Romania has the following weak points:- there is no centralized tool to serve as a starting point for tracking the quality of a GCDPi experience from start to finish, in real time.- There are different levels of understanding of the reception period, therefore we get differences in process different implementation (there is no clear flow - it resembles blocks, actions that are not connected to each other.)- There are challenges in assuring interns safety if pick-up from the airport can not be offered by the hosting LC- expectations of the TN taker are not always correlated with interns expectations.- Legality and Legal Management poses an issue because there is no centralized rule book regarding legal procedures.As a strategy for this there are three main things that need to happen: Information Management, Performance ManagementManagement and Quality Analysis Analysis.I will start by dividing quality offered by the hosting entity in two distinct periods: 1st period (post-matching, pre-arrival of the intern) and 2nd period – post-arrival and receptionIn the first period Information Management will help the hosting LC s by giving an organized framework as a solutionfor the issues: - Visa and legality package containing all available information, including but not exclusive to: visa black list, package: general procedure and paper work needed and a simple description of each entity involved in the visa process. - Pre-arrival package this package should contain the following documents: Pre- package: - National Reception Booklet; Job Questionnaire or Description;Local Reception Booklet, - So youre traveling to Romania? (short and to the point information about arriving in Romania)- Trainee expectation settingIn the second period Performance Management and Quality Analysis will take center stage.Performance Management will be represented by:- A session of expectation setting with the intern or interns (the delivery and facilitating of such a session can be easily achieved by the LCVP) in regards to the project, the OC team and the personal side with the VP, TL and OC Team.- The implementation of a reverse OGPS.- Having an EP Buddy for each international or creating a Buddy team that can track the interns; Analysis:Quality Analysis- NPS score implemented this term in AIESEC Romania.- SONA (project and process quality); Reception Planner tool (LCVP s can track the exchange in real time) 4. What is your strategy for driving GCDPi growth in 2013-2014? 2013-The strategy for driving growth in 2013-2014 will be represented by three main directions: Education, Collaborative Relevance.Environment, Relevance.Education (it stands at the basis of any qualitative process. If it is not done properly, issues can arise in processunderstanding, offering better quality of exchange or better project quality):- NST Education Manager (keeping the position of Education Manager in the NST is important, this will be the person who apart from the MCVP will have a complete overview of the education happening in LC s and will create trainings, booklets and different tools that help the VP s and members understand the area and its processes better.- XPP&ICB keeping updated and on point about changes that occur in the XPP or about case studies released by XPP&ICB: the ICB will offer examples in improving the GCDPi experience for the intern, the team and the TN taker.
  4. 4. - GN Summits on GCDPi/o summits focused on exchange, the why and how of it, done in collaboration with the GCDPi/o: MCVP OGP GCDP will offer a chance for networking between LC s and also create a learning environment where VP s and members can grow as exchangers.- Booklets on processes, legality and exchange reception Booklets:Collaborative Environment:( I want to create an environment where the LCVPs truly perform as a national team):- MCVP to VP bimonthly meetings with every VP, where we discuss status of planned versus realized numbers, VP: we analyze current projects, we discuss area structure and general needs of the VP.- GN centered skype meetings where VPs can interact with other VPs from the same GN. It will offer continuity meetings, between the interactions at conferences.- Offer tools that can help them evaluate and track themselves and tools that offer insight into how they should conduct operations in the following month: SONA, Reception tracker, Customer Servicing Index Index.- Conferences cycle we will have, during conferences short area meetings where we spend some time together, Conferences cycle: as a team.Relevance: (divided in internal relevance and external relevance):- Internal Relevance (VPs and members need to not forget the “Why?” of exchange, they need to understandwhat stands behind the processes): - Presence of a relevant NST for the LCVPs: Partnership Manager, Education Manager, Market Development Manager. Manager, Quality Manager - Corellate project timelines it is much easier to track when projects are organized clearly and do not have timelines: starting times with a delay between them of one or two weeks. It is easier to establish a partnership for realizations when you know that a certain number of interns need to arrive at the same time and then go to their hosting LC s. - Job Description clustering same concept as with project imelines. The posibility of having a partnership clustering: with other AIESEC countries increases when you have a clear overview of the demand of the LCs - Establishing international partnerships we get there by increasing visibility in the international network international partnerships: through wikis, packages for interns.- External Relevance (market reach and market segmentation): - more national projects need to be created and implemented, we can do that by up-scaling local projects up- that have become Good Case Practices in the network. - Increasing student market reach through projects aimed at students: students are the only pool from which we recruit our members and fulfill our outgoing numbers (the project would be created with the help of the NST and LCVP s) - Network brainstorming during conferences and Summits, brainstorm different ideas for projects. brainstorming: - NGO collaboration national NGOs who have regional or local representatives can become partners in collaboration: organizing issue based projects aimed at bringing a larger impact in the community. 5. Taking into consideration the problems that AIESEC Romania has, how are you going to use national initiativesin your favor? Also, specify which are the initiatives that you will implement in order to solve the problems (new and thatexisting initiatives)? As I said previously, some of the main issues identified are: low market presence especially in the student sector,internal and external relevance differences in education levels and knowledge. relevance, education Presence: Low Market Presence New: with the NST and LCVP s, based on an analysis of the LC s reality create a new project aimed at reality, students. Given the fact that this term we used up-scaling as a method of introducing a new national project, up- we can maintain the same method next year. Analyze the local projects that are good case practices and decide which we can implement nationally. (possible issues are environment sustainability or cultural education). education Old: Old I want to keep the National Raising initiative It is our best bet in reaching and setting up collaborations Raising initiative. with NGOs however, it needs to be correlated between the LC s (timeline, raising deadline and planning); NGOs, the MCVP GCDP Incoming in collaboration with the MCVP Sales will start focusing on selling GCDP at a national level for NGOs and companies.
  5. 5. Relevance:RelevanceNew: Increasing relevance can be done by providing a national project for students, that can also helpNew: studentsgenerate outgoing numbers. It would imply collaboration between the MCVP GCDP Incoming and MCVPOGP GCDP and their respective NSTs to develop a framework for a project that can solve an issue inRomania, found in other countries around the world and give the students opportunities to put into practicein a GCDP what they learned during the PBOX.Institute a market research in each LC. It will help offer a clear picture of the external environment. This willbe achieved with the help of the MCVP Communication and it will be a task force formed by theCommunication NST and the GCDP Incoming NST.Old:Old Keeping gROw and ReBranders as part of the national initiative portfolio will help in the following:gROw has so far offered AIESEC a chance to associate itself with a national project that deals with solving acurrent issue and has a set framework and timeline. We are relevant on the market for non-formaleducation and I want to keep it that way.ReBranders is a way for LC s to become more relevant for their universities, and NGOs through providing asolution to an issue that some city entities have in common. It increases relevance and awareness of AIESEC.Education:EducationNew:New Organizing GN Summits on exchange. Creating sessions and trainings to help solidify exchangeknowledge but also have sessions where we present the current state, where do we want to get to and howwe are doing it.Working with the MCVP Talent Development for a centralized MEC for exchangers and institute a bookletsystem for each exchange process.Old:Old Keep the webinars and trainings offered during conferences on functional processes.