5. AF General Questions


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5. AF General Questions

  1. 1. General Questions 1. What is your inner motivation to apply in the MC of AIESEC Romania 2013 – 2014?In my mind, this question, at its base, will always be: “What is going to keep me going for anentire year?”My answer is AIESEC most importantly, the people in AIESEC The fact that I can work with an AIESEC, AIESEC.entire network and strive to develop and engage our environment and our community is apowerful incentive to apply and to want to be a part of the national team.It took a while until I was 100% sure that applying in the MC is what I want my next step to beand the “Click” moment the moment when all the pieces fit together was during an moment,international conference when I looked around at all the delegates, facilitators and OC Teamand realized that its something incredible that we are even here, sitting in the cold andparticipating in sessions and trainings, all the while sharing views and new perspectives andworking as friends even if we just met each other. At that conference I received the question: “Whats the next step in your AIESEC Career?” and I said without a shadow of a doubt “ I want doubt: country.”to apply as MCVP GCDPi in my country.From that point on it was like everything was clear. I want to be able to be part of a team thatcreates such “Click” moments for others and gives others the impulse to just DO MORE! momentsAIESEC gave me a sense of purpose and its been giving me something to do something to do,strive,strive hope and dream for ever since I joined this organization. Its all about the idea that I ampart of something bigger that I am an element of a system that fights to create opportunities something bigger,and chances for entire communities.The last thing that I want to leave you with is this: one of the things that anyone hears in apresentation about AIESEC is: “ However much you give to AIESEC, that is how much AIESEC However you.”will give back to you. and I am happy to say that I am not done giving or receiving. 2. What is the leadership that the World & Romania is expecting from AIESEC?When I think about the World and more specifically Romania, I always feel like we form acompass that cant seem to find its North. This happens because there is a lot of confusionregarding our values and principles the rules that should guide us and offer a safety net to fall principles,onto when we are faced with a challenge.We get bombarded with different messages of what is right and wrong, of what should be andwhat is. We are confused.This is where AIESEC comes in. AIESEC has the capacity to offer a frame where strong valuesand principles can be set and then sent out in the external environment, in Romania and theWorld.
  2. 2. AIESEC can change things from the inside it can reach different environments be they non- inside,corporate or corporate ones. It can change things from the inside with the help of changeagents.agents Change Member @Way ELD AgentSo if you will, we can look at change agents as spies, that use different gadgets in their spy box,provided by the Central Development Agency known as AIESEC. Those gadgets vary fromstrategic thinking to empathy, they showcase a good set of values principles and an international values,support network to rely on during secret missions in a varied number of fields ranging fromentrepreneurship to social development to politics and economics.But to be able to use those gadgets we need a space to practice That is achieved by the practice.projects that we organize but that do not really have the desired impact, why is that? I think itsbecause we are afraid to think bigger and we shouldnt, because only thinking big and actingupon it will let us be more visible. People cant look for something to satisfy their needs if theydont know it is there.As expectations go, I think that we expect of ourselves to be present in the externalenvironment and to shout as a unit, as a group until our voices are heard. And guess what? If weall do that at once, with structured plans and with big results, we might just make it.What I am trying to say, in a very round about kind of way, is that we need to engage and weneed to be more engaged, we need to participate and to get involved. We need to seechallenges through, create solutions and DO MORE MORE.I think that through everything that I said here AIESEC leadership can be called value-based value-leadership,leadership or principle-based leadership and it can be summarized in one simple quote: “Be thechange you want to see in the world!” We can only be that change if we start thinking about allof our members as AIESEC Ambassadors and preparing them just for that. what3. Having in mind a SWOT analysis for AIESEC in Romania, what is the role of AIESEC inRomania? Based on that, how can AIESEC in Romania be more relevant?The way that I tried to answer this question, along with analyzing AIESEC Romanias SWOTchart was to ask myself the question: “What would happen if AIESEC Romania woulddisappear?”The role of AIESEC in Romania is one of the most complex, challenging and rewarding rolesthere are. It is about being an enabler on a social, entrepreneurial and human scale. WhatAIESEC does is create the environment where:
  3. 3. Awareness Development Interactions Networking We can become more relevant by making ourselves heard and seen. That means that we need to diversify our products by breaking into new markets consolidating old ones Something that markets, ones. is crucial is having a good product packaging if externally we can not make ourselves packaging, understood then we do not have a chance to become relevant and to fulfill needs for the external environment. As an internal direction AIESEC can become more relevant if the members understand the direction, organization and why we do the things we do. A high focus on education and organizational education, knowledge will aid in developing members who are not only prepared process wise but also are prepared to be AIESEC Ambassadors in the external environment. The glue for all of these directions will be the synergy in the country The way the LC s work country. together and the way that we communicate as an entire unit not as 15 separate entities (MC+LC s). Creating a collaborative environment where members, VP s, LCP s and MC Team alike can be transparent will help us be on the same page when it comes to presenting ourselves in the external environment. 4. AIESEC Romania is halfway towards our 2015 midterm ambition. Evaluate our key achievements from 2010 and key things that should happen in the next 3 years. • achievements: Key achievements o establishing a better connection with SDV for gROw o the implementation of the VP AD position at LC level o Romania is one of the piloting countries for the NPS system (both domestic and exchange) o encouraging a team-based structure team- o focus brought back on exchangers o increase on GIPi numbers o implementing sub-programs and sub-pools strategies sub- sub- o EVS accreditation o increased relevance of RYLF I will divide the key things that have to happen in the next 3 years between the international directions: 1. Cross-generational impact it is all about the alumni. So far, because of the introduction Cross impact: of the VP Alumni Development in half of the LC s alumni relations have been improved but the networks are not yet consolidated and solidified. We need to create more products aimed at the alumni, so we can keep them engaged with the organization and products alumni also offer a platform where they can reach out to each other and bring about impact through different sectors in Romania and the World.
  4. 4. 2. Global Youth Voice the products that we are offering, overall do not cover the entirety Voice: of the external market To become a Global Youth Voice we need to impact the youth, market. therefore we need to increase our product variety and include projects aimed at students, for students. We need to grow on GCDP incoming and outgoing numbers so we can became one of the main providers of international experiences for students in Romania. 3. First-choice Partner the growth on GIPi this term showed us that things are starting to First- Partner: develop. We need to consolidate, what will help will be initiatives such as AIESEC Academy in the corporate sector to increase our credibility and relevance for them. On the GCDPi, the NGO market is under-developed. What we can do is have the MCVP under- developed GCDP Incoming and the MCVP Corporate Development work on product porfolios for their respective areas and present them to possible partners. Also, going the route of joint- joint-project creation and implementation with an issue NGO will increase our chances of becoming a first-choice partner.5. What will be the changes that will increase the volume of AIESEC in Romania ELDrealizations for 2013 – 2014 term (have in mind the connection between our productsand external environment).The changes that need to occur are as follows: :Internally:Internally- align education cycles (knowledge and know how between LC s) -> a structure of clusters education- solving infrastructure weak points for the internal structure of departments.- institute exchange area allocation after each recruitment (encourage TMP/TLP efficiency andnumbers growth)Externally:Externally- continue working on the sub-programs market in GIPi and Outgoing exchange programs sub-- increase number of national projects on GCDPi- refresh the ELD product packaging (clarity and stability in our messages.)6. What will AIESEC in Romania remember about 2013 – 2014 term? Describe which will bethe key milestones you commit to strive for during next term.The term will be remembered for its capacity to unite one national network and leading it onthe same path. It will be known for providing a consultative and supportive environment whereLC s managed to share and continue with their existing strong points and improve on theirweak points. The milestones that I commit to strive for during next term are: • AIESEC Romania exceeds 1000 exchange experiences exceeds • implementing a national project aimed at the student market • push on exchange area allocation after recruitments • National Congress form and function (taking the major steps in uniting the national network) • RYLF (maintaining and improving a frame where members and wannabes feel connected to the network).
  5. 5. 7. In 2014, AIESEC in Romania is the winner of the Global Excellence UBS award. Explain why. In trying to figure out what the UBS Excellence Award stands for and in the different information that I gathered about the this award, I came to the following conclusions conclusions: - the criteria set for this award are set by AIESEC International and the general rule is that the country has to show performance in every area and a high growth. But in my enough. mind, that is not enough So what I think will be the things that will help us win the UBS Award in 2014 are the following: - being a united network that achieves high growth and quality on all processes processes. - being known as a national provider of qualitative international and domestic experiences for diverse market segments. - Establishing a brand in the international network as the country with the most engaged members and a solid Alumni network We will deserve the UBS Global Excellence Award because if we add all of the achievements mentioned above we get this: AIESEC Romania established itself as a country that provides passion driven performance in all processes and markets.