How to coach rowing and sculling using Rowperfect


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A detailed lesson on how to use the unique Rowperfect dynamic rowing machine as a way of teaching technique for rowing and sculling.

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How to coach rowing and sculling using Rowperfect

  1. 1. How to coach using
  2. 2. History and Origins • Casper Rekers – inventor & innovator • A Rowing Simulator with features to match • To learn rowing you need 3 things – Teach the crew to do the same stroke pattern – Teach the crew to all do it at the same time – Acquire proficiency in handling the oar(s) • Rowperfect RP3 helps with the first two
  3. 3. Benefits of Rowperfect • Training on RP makes you fitter for rowing • It trains the body in the rowing movement • It trains boat-moving skills • You can predict your on-water boat speed • Compare athletes of different weights fairly • Train crews to move together on linked RPs • Real-time power curve is very sensitive to changes in how you power the flywheel making RP a great technique coaching tool
  4. 4. Users & recent results • Mahe Drysdale NZL 1x (Olympic Gold) • Juliette Haigh & Rebecca Scown NZL W2- (Bronze) • Alan Campbell GBR 1x (Olympic Bronze) • Croatia M4x (Silver) • USA Sweep squad M4- (Bronze) • Cambridge University Boat Club, UK (won Boat Race 2012) • University of Washington, USA (won 5 titles 2012)
  5. 5. Video: 4 top men using linked RP
  6. 6. 10 reasons RP3 is unique 1. The only dynamic rower that is already producing champions 2. Designed by the Rowperfect inventor “Cas Rekers” 3. The best feel & floating motion of any dynamic rowing simulator 4. The only available dynamic rowing simulator that gives you full feedback about your power application with computer software 5. Stainless steel construction 6. Made in Europe by a factory with >25 years experience 7. Design is being improved all the time adapting to new technologies 8. Transition - RP to water rowing better than with any other machine 9. A large range of drag factors to develop speed & power 10. It makes you fitter than any other fitness tool in the world
  7. 7. Why use Rowperfect? • Problem: with indoor rowers – Athletes ‘chase’ numbers on ergos – Watts & Split appear to improve with poor technique & higher stroke rates • Solution: – Use a measure that is independent of rate – Use a measure that improves with good technique Joules
  8. 8. Joules = Power output Understand how these are calculated • Joules = power • Watts = power per second Why does this matter? • Joules: When the rate changes the joules don’t change if the power is constant. • Watts: When the rate changes the watts do change because it’s calculated per second. So you can take the rate up and watts goes up BUT the power could have gone down. Therefore using Joules gives a true power measure.
  9. 9. Watts and Joules compared
  10. 10. Why Coaches use Rowperfect 1. Help athletes row the way you want 2. Software adds a new dimension • Force curve • Stroke length • Joules energy 3. Link RP3s together for crew simulation sessions and align power delivery
  11. 11. Rowperfect session with software
  12. 12. How to coach using RP3 Make your blade work hard every stroke GET MORE BOAT SPEED by – Longer length of stroke – More power in the stroke • Teach power first using – Joules – Stroke length – Low ratings – High resistance
  13. 13. Video: Use RP from 1st day rowing =youtube_gdata_player
  14. 14. 1st rowing session on RP3 Introduce the Rowperfect rowing machine • Row for 5 minutes • Explain good posture and show “hands on” moving body position • Set computer software to show: Power curve, Stroke length, Joules • Row on a heavy drag factor rowing at 16 -18 strokes per minute • Row on for 5 - 10 minutes. Observe the rower • If he does a good, long stroke and a good curve, tell him • Most athletes start making changes to their stroke by themselves. Using the direct feedback s/he starts realising which movements help get more work per stroke watching the Joules x stroke data. Go onto the water • Tell the athlete to make the same feel of load and acceleration
  15. 15. Your Rowing Coaching skills The message is • Your coaching skills apply to Rowperfect use • From the 3 videos could you see technique you could coach / correct? • Continue to use your skills just add – Joules – Stroke Length – Feel & boat movement – More power & fitness in your athletes
  16. 16. Skill Drills & Exercises you teach • British RowingTechnique tour slides by Rosie Mayglothling – Download slides from RP shop by-rosie-mayglothling-213.html – List of exercises for each part of stroke cycle coaching-drills.pdf – Use exercises to teach correct movement – Use RP3W software to check the effect of exercises
  17. 17. Teaching Resources for coaches • Rowperfect Newsletter with tips and advice • Email series ‘How to coach using Rowperfect’ • FREE e-books in RP shop – RowperfectWhite Paper - Will Hoodless – The Rowperfect Challenge - Murray McLeod Jones murray-mcleod-jones-292.html#.UE0s_bIgeyE • Harry Mahon & Martin McElroy technique DVDs 226.html
  18. 18. Thank you • Rowperfect aims to give coaches, athletes and rowing clubs information & resources that promote good technique leading to faster boats and more rowing / sculling enjoyment. • We write a daily blog on our website • Please send us any comments, questions or suggestions to