The hollywood smile


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The hollywood smile

  1. 1. Do you want to smile like a star?
  2. 2.  Today you can have the perfect smile or the Hollywood smile .
  3. 3. Criteria of the perfect smilethe color of the teeth should contrast with your skin and the white in your eyes.
  4. 4. the incisal edges of your front teeth should not be at the same level ,the lateral incisors are 1mm shorter than the central incisor.
  5. 5. the gum should be scalloped and follow the contour of the teeth.It should be light pink .
  6. 6. Oval , slender and slightly tall teeth look more attractive on girls.
  7. 7. square, round and bulky teeth look good on men.
  8. 8.  A great smile lifts a persons confidence and makes them feel more attractive
  9. 9. 1.symmetry around the central line is of a great importance for an aesthetically pleasing smile. The central incisors should be symmetrical in size, shape and length .
  10. 10. 2.horizontal alignmentThe smile line should be aligned so its parallel to the horizontal which is a line connecting between the pupils of the eyes.
  11. 11. 3.the edges of the upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip.
  12. 12. 4.the gum line connects the highest points of gum levels of the upper teeth and it should follow the line of the upper lip to ensure minimal gum exposure.
  13. 13. 5.the smile widthA wide smile is much more attractive because you can see the ideal progression from the front to the back.
  14. 14. 6.embrasuresThey are the small triangle spaces between the tips of teeth and they must be done to ensure a natural look.7.lipsThe shape ,fullness and symmetry can optimize the ideal smile.
  15. 15.  To have a perfect smile the doctor takes into consideration the shape of your face ,lips color of skin and gums.
  16. 16.  *lipsThick lips help to hide discrepancies and enhance the smile .If the patient have thin lips we can do lip augmentation (botox or filler)
  17. 17.  *gumsThe gum should be pink with a scalloped appearance .If the patient have a gummy smile we can do gum contouring or teeth movement .
  18. 18. In a perfect smile1.we shouldn’t see the black corridor .
  19. 19. 2.the incisal edges of the upper teeth should slightlytouch the lower lip.
  20. 20. 3.only 13 of the upper teeth must show while smiling
  21. 21. 4.while smiling we shouldnt see the molars and only upto the second premolar.
  22. 22. *** the smile lineA perfect smile line is the one that follows the curve of the lower lip and runs parallel to the horizontal line made by connecting the pupils of the eyes.This curved line will make you look younger while a straight one will make you look older.
  23. 23. 1.low smile line Little or no teeth appear while smiling2.medium The most desirable one where the whole tooth appear during smiling.3.high lip line All the front teeth and the gum shows while smiling.
  24. 24. There are many things you can doto have the perfect smile Teeth whiteningWhitening is the most popular and the least invasive cosmetic treatment .Its a simple procedure done only by itself or with other techniques .The chair side whitening procedure offers the patient an immediate and fast results.And it can affect the whole face.
  25. 25.  VeneersThey are thin custom made moldings that cover the front of your teeth .
  26. 26. They can cover gaps, mask stains, misshaped or crooked teeth .The color of the veneers doesnt change and it looks pretty natural.
  27. 27. Misshaped teeth
  28. 28. Spaced teeth
  29. 29. Stained teeth
  30. 30. Minimal amount of the tooth structure is removedunlike crowns.
  31. 31.  Dental implantsThey are substitutes for the roots of missing teeth and they act as an anchor for the replacement of a tooth or a set of teeth.
  32. 32. To maintain the perfect shimmering smile that youobtained ,you should have a great oral hygiene (noplaque ,calculus gingivitis or caries ) and you shouldfollow up with your dentist.
  33. 33. Done by : Dr. Balqees Tannous DDS- University of Jordan European dental centerSwaifieh -Paris Street-Champs-Elysées complex - second floor Tel: 065816016 _ 065817170