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Invitations and replies to invitations


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Invitations and replies to invitations. This was used during a session of a special course on English for Communication.

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Invitations and replies to invitations

  1. 1. By: Miss Rowena L. RosalejosSakon Nakhon RajabhatUniversity
  2. 2. What are the occasions wherein people make invitations1. a reception 2. a lunch, aluncheon3. a cocktails 4. a farewellparty5. a farewell party 6. a dinner
  3. 3. How to invite you to1. I would like to make invitations?have lunch at my home nextweek.2. I would like to have you cometo my birthday party thisevening.3. Would you like to go to themovies next Sunday?4. Won’t you come in and have acup of tea?
  4. 4. How to make5. Will you be able to go to the rock invitations? night?concert with me tomorrow6. How about having lunch with metomorrow?7. Can you have dinner with metoday evening?8. I would like to invite you to havedinner with me this coming Sunday.9. Are you free on Monday? I shouldlike to invite you to have lunch withme.
  5. 5. How to reply to invitations?-Accepting an invitation 1. Thank you. I shall beglad to. 2. Thank you. That’s verykind of you. I’d love to. 3. Thank you. I’d be
  6. 6. How to reply to invitations?- Accepting an invitation 5. That would be very nice. Iwould definitely join the party. 6. That would be wonderful. Ican assure you that I won’t misssuch a lovely party.
  7. 7. How to reply to invitations?-Refusing an Invitation 1. I’m sorry but I haveanother engangement. 2. I’m awfully sorry, but Imust meet my boss at theairport. 3. I should like to, but I have
  8. 8. How to reply to invitations?- Refusing an Invitation 4. I’d love to come, but I’mafraid I can’t. I have an urgentmeeting. 5. Oh, I’m sorry. I’d love tocome but I’ve already acceptedanother invitation.
  9. 9. ConversationA : If you are free this Sunday.Would you like to have dinner with me?B : I’d love to, but I have anappointment with my friend. Ihope you’ll invite me againsometime.A : Surely, I’ll.B : It’s very nice of you to inviteme.
  10. 10. Example Mr. Sean Robinson, Managing Director requests the pleasure of your attendance at the dinner party on the occasion of the 10thanniversary of Games Power Company on Friday, June 25th ,2010 at 18.00 hours at Jade Ballroom, Siam Royal Convention Hotel
  11. 11. ExercisesUsing the invitation card in the previous slide, take apartner and make your own replies of acceptanceand decline to the invitaion. 1. Accepting the invitation 2. Declining the invitation