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Empathy map assignment


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Published in: Education, Business
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Empathy map assignment

  1. 1. STAKEHOLDER: Mr. Raffy Agoncillo (A student who is in last trimester of under graduation and about to accept a job offer) What does he SAY? 1. Raffy has a good general average and he is sure of getting a good job. 2. He was an intern at a Hotel for 1 year. 3. Exposure to research is useful 4. He is looking for a good salary and a nice environment. 5. Nowadays, companies look for competitive, efficient and effective employees. 6. He is looking for a long time job from a reputable company. 7. He is thinking of pursuing further studies after a few years of working. What does he DO? 1. He is concerned of recruiting fresh graduates. 2. He is concerned with the facilities of the company. 3. Happy with the salary package and incentives. 4. Happy with the research going in the company. 5. Contented with the flexibility provided during work hours. 6. No clue about enriching his further studies while working.
  2. 2. What does he THINK? 1. Research facilities are must in colleges. 2. Internships had an advantage for his placements. 3. He looks for other facilities while choosing a good company. 4. He prefers to have a good salary package, benefits and incentives. What does he FEEL? 1. Must improve his skills individually 2. He must be flexible and can do multi-tasking. 3. Research facilities must improve. 4. Salary package, benefits and incentives must meet his expectations.
  3. 3. PROBLEM STATEMENT: NEEDS A WAY TO BECAUSE   Stakeholder: Students who is about to graduate from a top school and looking for a good company.   Student needs to posses good skills and be able to meet the requirements of the organization.   A student has good research, communication skills and also has industry experience due to his internship.  
  4. 4. Submitted by: Mrs. Rowena A. Sison INSIGHTS! 1. Internship is essential. 2. An organization/company must provide all facilities to the students/employees. 3. Students must possess extra curricular activities. 4. Students must possess a good researching skills.