NFBPA Professional Development Institute


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NFBPA Professional Development Institute

  2. 2. National Forum For Black Public Administrators Metro Atlanta ChapterGree$ngsOn   behalf   of   the  Na$onal  Forum   for  Black  Public  Administrators  –   Metropolitan  Atlanta  Chapter   (NFBPA-­‐MAC)   and  our  Board  of  Directors,  we  are  excited  to  launch  the  inaugural  session  of  the  Professional  Development  Ins$tute  (PDI).  The   PDI   embodies   NFBPA’s   mission   and   commitment   to   strengthen   the   posi$on   of   Blacks   within   the   field   of   public  administra$on;   to  increase  the  number   appointed  to  execu$ve   posi$ons  in  public   service   organiza$ons;  and,  to   groom  and  prepare  younger,  aspiring  administrators  for  senior  public  management  posts  in  the  years  ahead.  In  keeping  with  that  vision,  the  PDI   is  designed  to  equip  emerging  leaders  with  the  requisite  skills,  coaching  and  technical  assistance  to  more  effec$vely  work  in  today’s  public  organiza$ons.    The  seminars  that  have  been  scheduled  for  2011-­‐2012  offer  a  combina$on  of  both  soU-­‐   and  hard  skills  training  workshops.  The  seminars  will  give  you  just  a  glimpse  of   what  can  be  expected  when  the  local  chapter  hosts  our  na$onal  conference  in  2013.  If   you   have   any   ques$ons   or   need   more  informa$on   about   reserving   a  block   of   registra$ons   for   your   employees  or  sponsorship,  please  contact  our  PDI  Chair  by  email  at J. Taggart Jr. Catherine Foster-Rowell                                  President                                              PDI  Chair
  3. 3. Professional Development WorkshopsLength  of  Workshop:    2.5  Hours  (Thursdays  from  2-­‐4:30  p.m.  or  Saturdays  from  10:00-­‐12:30  p.m.)LOCATION  FOR  ALL  WORKSHOPS:     Georgia  Interna$onal  Conven$on  Center 2000  Conven$on  Center  Concourse   College  Park,  GA  30337   The  Basic  Elements  of  An  EffecQve  PresentaQon       Date:  Thursday,  May  12,  2011 Presenter:  KrisQe  Roberts,  PH.D           Associate  Professor/MPA  Internship  Coordinator,  Troy  State  University LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  German  Room Learn   the   basic   elements  of   effec$ve  presenta$ons.   Explore   the   impact   of   individual   styles,  types  of  audience,  and   the  intent  of  presenta$ons  on  prepara$on  and  delivery.   PZina Quarles Cooperar$cipants  will  be  able  to  prepare  and  actually  deliver  a  five-­‐minute   presenta$on  using  the  tools  and  techniques  they   learn  in  the  class.  The  instructor   and   par$cipants  will  give  feedback  and  sugges$ons  to  enhance  par$cipants’   presenta$on  skills. Bond  Financing               Date:  Thursday,  June  9,  2011 Presenter:  Edmund  J.  Wall,  Managing  Director,  Raymond  James  &  Associates,  Inc. LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Swiss  Room Bonds  are  generally  used  to  finance   the  cost   of  building  capital   facili$es  such  as  roads,  fire   sta$ons,  flood   protec$on,  and  schools.  Bond  financing  is  when   government  agencies  borrow  a  specific  amount  of  money   which   then   must   repay   over   $me.    The   bonds   are   repaid,  with   interest,   using   revenues   from   taxes  or   some$mes  from  fees  and  charges.    Ci$es,   coun$es  or   states  may  also   issue  debt,   called  municipal  bonds,   to  finance  local   improvements  or   other   specific  areas  of  their  budget.  Municipal   bonds  have  a  higher   yield   than  treasuries  and  are  also  oUen  tax   exempt  which   makes  them   par$cularly  a]rac$ve  to  investors  and  a   great  tool  to  finance  public  projects.   Managing  Conflict  Dealing  with  Difficult  People  in  the  Workplace Date:    Saturday,  June  11,  2011 Presenter:  Clara  Axam             CEO,  ClarificaQon  and  MediaQon,  Inc. LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Italian  Room In  this   fast-­‐paced   environment,   few  workplaces  are  free   of  conflict.     In  fact,  everyone  knows   of  difficult   people   in   the   workplace,   but   few   of   us   know   how   to   deal   with   them   effec$vely.   Difficult   people   can   sabotage   almost   any  situa$on,   and   can   wreak  havoc   on   a   workplace.  But   oUen   the   real   trouble  arises   when   we   overreact   to   these   people.   Par$cipants   will   learn   methods   to   iden$fy   one’s   own   difficult  behaviors  or  reac$ons.    They  will  also  learn  how  to  iden$fy  personali$es  and  traits  that   make  people  difficult.      In  addi$on,  they  will   be  introduced   to   techniques  to   effec$vely  cope  with   difficult   people.   Some   of   the   expected   learning   outcomes  would  be  gaining  a  new   perspec$ve   on  conflict;  recognizing  how  differences  can  influence   communica$on  and  percep$on;  understanding  how  to   find  out   what  people  really  want  when  in   conflict;   learning  how  to  prepare  for   addressing        conflict;  prac$cing  skills  to  help  you  communicate  be]er  when  in  conflict.
  4. 4. Professional Development Workshops Balancing  Work  and  Family           Date:    Thursday,  August  11,  2011 Presenter:  Deborah  Porter,  PH.D,  CEO/President,  Porter  TransportaQon,  Inc. LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  German  Room As  women   pursue  their  professional  careers,  there  is   the  reality  that   their  upward  mobility  may  be  hindered   as  they  struggle  to  balance  the  oUen$mes   compe$ng   family  and   career  expecta$ons  placed   upon  them.    In   an  effort   to  strike  a  balance,  women  have  employed   a   number   of   strategies   to   effec$vely   handle   the   dual   responsibili$es  of  home  and   career.    These  strategies  will  be  discussed  in  the   workshop.  and  par$cipants  will   also  be  engaged  to  share  their  successes  in  maintaining  a  healthy  balance. EffecQve  Interviewing  Techniques                   Date:  Saturday,  September  10,  2011 Presenter:  Zina  Quarles-­‐Cooper,  Director  of  Human  Resources,  Nypro,  Inc LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Spanish  Room Effec$ve  interviewing  is  a  skill  that   can   be  improved   through   prepara$on   and   prac$ce.    In   this  workshop  you   will   learn   to   iden$fy,  demonstrate  and   package,  with   confidence,   your   skills  and   personal   quali$es   in   ways   that   will  be   meaningful   to   employers.   You  will   also   learn   oral   communica$on   skills  and   prac$ce  delivering  a   one   minute   high   impact   presenta$on   to   poten$al   employers.     Gain   the   knowledge   and   skills   to   conduct   successful  interviews  thereby  increasing  your  chances  of  being  made  a  job  offer. Strategies  to  EffecQvely  Manage  a  MulQ-­‐GeneraQonal  Pool  of  Employees   Date:    Thursday,  October  13,  2011 Presenter:    Shamiah  Kerney             Senior  Business  Analyst,  Government  Accountability  Office     LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Spanish  Room Organiza$ons  today,  large  or   small,  public  or  private,  profit  or  not-­‐for-­‐profit,  are  faced  with  the  daun$ng  task   of   managing  a  “mul$-­‐genera$onal”  pool  of  employees.  The  various  genera$ons:  Baby  Boomers,  Baby  Busters,   Genera$on   X   &   Y   all   have   differing   and   compe$ng   interests,   needs   and   expecta$ons   that   are   placing   a   demand   on   organiza$ons   to   embrace,   cul$vate   and   incorporate   these   needs   within   the   organiza$onal   structure.  These   reali$es  have  caused   management   to   rethink  and  ul$mately  abandon   the   tradi$onal   “one  size   fits   all   approach”   to   management   in   search   of   more   crea$ve,   balanced   and   flexible   strategies  to   manage   the   new/emerging  popula$ons.  This  workshop  will  help   you   be]er   understand  the   differences  in  the   mul$-­‐genera$onal  workforce,  and   provide  strategies  that   will   help   you   overcome   these  differences  in   order   to   develop   an   efficient   and   effec$ve   work  environment.  How  to  Stand  Out:  Your  Resume  –  You  on  Paper!Date:  Saturday,  November  12,  2011  Presenter:  Desir  Group  ExecuQve  Search      LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Spanish  RoomA  resume   is   a  professionally  presented   career   package.    It   should  be   focused,  well-­‐wri]en,  and  clearly  organized.       Come  learn  what  to  highlight  on  your  resume  to  gain  interest  from   a  poten$al  employer.  This  workshop  will  teach  you  how  to  put  your  best  foot  forward  by  learning  how  to  highlight   and  arrange  their  accomplishments  and  achievements  on  paper.    This  is  an  interac$ve  workshop  and  par$cipants  should  bring  at  least  two  copies  of  your  resume.  
  5. 5. How  to  Reach  Your  Individual  Career  Goals       Date:  Saturday,  December  10,  2011 Presenters:    Marshall  Taggart,  Assistant  AviaQon  Director,  Tallahassee  Regional  Airport JusQna  Mann,  Procurement  Manager,  City  of  Atlanta  Department  of  AviaQon   William  Johnson,  City  Manager,  City  of  College  Park LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Kenyan  Room The  career  op$ons  in  the  field  of   public  administra$on  are  endless.   Come   hear  a   panel   of   mid-­‐career   professionals  walk  you  through   their  individual  career  paths.    This  workshop  is   designed   to   help   par$cipants   learn   how   to   posi$on   themselves   properly   for   growth;   understand  the   importance  of   personal   branding  and  reputa$on  building;   and  strategies   for  demonstra$ng  to  others’  your  capabili$es  and  readiness  for  growth.  The  Ethics  and  Integrity  of  Leadership  in  the  Public  Sector      Date:  Thursday,  January  12,  2012Presenter:  Thomas  G.  Sampson  II,  Esq.,  Thomas  Kennedy  Sampson  &  Tompkins,  LLPWillie  Loveh,  Esq,  Director  of  Fulton  County  Child  Ahorney  OfficeLocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  German  RoomPublic  leaders  are  oUen  expected  to  me$culously  conform  to  standards  higher  than  those  aligned  with   personal  morality  because  of   their   stewardship  of   public   resources.   Moreover,   as  ci$es  and  coun$es  con$nue   to   face   shrinking   resources,   it   is   more   important   than   ever,   to   elect,   hire   or  appoint   ethical  men   and   women   into   poli$cal   and   organiza$onal   leadership   to   help   regain   the  public   trust   in   our   government   and   restructure   today’s   economy   at  the   federal,   state   and   local  level.    This  workshop   will  highlight  some  of   the  moral  dilemma  that  a  public  official  may   be  faced  and  provide   strategies  to  avert  these   pigalls  as  they  seek  to  manage  being   held   accountable  to   a  wide  variety  or  ci$zenry  and  stakeholders.  New  Market  Tax  Credits  101                              Date:  Thursday,  February  9,  2012Presenters:    Tyrone  Rachal,  Senior  Development  Manager,  Atlanta  Development  AuthorityDale  Royal,  Program  Manager,  Atlanta  Development  AuthorityLocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Spanish  RoomCome  learn  how   the   Atlanta   Development   Authority  is   crea$ng  jobs,  assis$ng  minority-­‐  and   female-­‐owned  businesses   and   invested   in   economically   distressed   neighborhoods   through   the   New   Market   Tax   Credit  (NMTC)   program.  The  program  provides  financial  assistance  to  private-­‐sector  companies  (for-­‐profits  and  non-­‐profits)   seeking   low-­‐cost   financing   for   real   estate   development   projects   (typically   between   $5   and   $40  million)   that   create   posi$ve   targeted   community   benefits.   The   eligible   uses   for   NMTC   funding   include  property   acquisi$on,   new   construc$on   and   rehabilita$on   of   exis$ng   real   estate.   The   types   of   project  supported   by  NMTC   funding  are   office,  retail,  manufacturing,  community  facili$es,  mixed-­‐use   development  (at  least   20-­‐30%  commercial),  and  housing  projects  will  not  be  eligible  for   this  funding  source.     Projects  must  be   located   in   Atlanta   (Fulton   County,  Georgia)   and   in   a   qualified   census   tract,  as   defined   by   the   Federal  program   requirements   that   require   a   poverty  rate  of   30%;  average   household   income   below   60%   of   area  median  income;  and  unemployment  of  1.5x  the  na$onal  average.      
  6. 6. Professional Development WorkshopsEmergency  Management:  An  Interagency  CollaboraQve  Mandate        Date:    Thursday,  March  8,  2012Presenter:  Mahhew  Kallmyer,  Director  of  Atlanta-­‐Fulton  Emergency  Management  AgencyAngela  Barreh,  911  Emergency  CommunicaQons  Director,  Fulton  County  Government    LocaQon:  Georgia  InternaQonal  ConvenQon  Center  –  Spanish  RoomEmergency   Management   is   the   interdisciplinary   field   that   deals   with   the   strategic   organiza$onal  management  processes  used  to:    deal  with  risk  reduc$on;  prepare  resources  to  respond  to  hazard(s);   response   to   the  actual  damage   caused   by   the   hazard;   and   limit   further  damage  (e.g.,  emergency   evacua$on,  quaran$ne,  mass  decontamina$on,  etc.)   in  order  to   return,  as  close  as   possible,  to  the   state   before   the   hazard   incident.     Today,   local   and   state   governments   are   inves$ng   more   in   preparing   to   respond  to   emergencies   and   natural   disasters  (i.e.,   Hurricane   Katrina,  flooding),   and   human-­‐made  disasters  (i.e.  9/11,  court  house  shoo$ngs,  etc)   come  hear  how  public  administrators   are  tackling   these  challenges  and   learn  about  the  tac$cal  strategies  that  are  being  devised  locally  to   respond  to  these  threats.    Also,  find  out  more  about  the  innova$on  that   has  been   brought  to  the   Fulton  County  Emergency  Communica$ons  Center     and  how  this  state-­‐of-­‐the  art  facility  is  protec$ng   life  and   property  by  delivering   effec$ve  and  compassionate  9-­‐1-­‐1  public  safety  communica$ons  to   the  ci$zens  and  public  safety  responders  of  Fulton  County.
  7. 7. Workshop Registration Form  (This  form  can  be  downloaded  from  Name  _________________________First  Name  ____________________________M.I._________________Department__________________________________________________________________________________Ins$tu$on___________________________________________________________________________________Address  (Street  Number  and  Name)______________________________________________________________City___________________________State/Province____________________Postal/Zip  Code  ________________E-­‐mail___________________________________________________Phone______________________________  All  workshops  are  $50  per  registrant  and  $75  for  non-­‐members.    All  PDI  sessions  will  be  held  at  the  Georgia  Interna$onal  Conven$on  Center  located  at  2000  Conven$on  Center  Concourse,  College  Park,  GA  30337.***Par$cipants  must  complete  eight  of  the  11  workshops  to  obtain  the  PDI  Cer$fica$on***To  confirm  your  registra$on,  payment  must  accompany  your  registra$on._  Money  Order_  Check  (Money  Order  or  Check  must  be  drawn  on  a  U.S.  bank  and  payable  in  U.S.  funds  to  NFBPA  Metro  Atlanta  Chapter)_  Paypal_  Credit  CardCredit  Card  Number_______________________________________Expira$on  Date(mm/yy)  ______  /  ______Card  Holder________________________________________________________________________________Signature  of  Cardholder  __________________________________________  Paid  U.S.$  ___________________Registra$on  fees  are  non-­‐refundable,  but  all  paid  registrants  will  s$ll  receive  the  materials  covered  by  the  registra$on  fee  regardless  of  a]endance.  If  NFBPA  cancels  the  event  due  to  circumstances  beyond  its  reasonable  control  including  but  not  limited  to  acts  of  God,  government  emergency,  labor  strikes,  and  acts  of  war,  NFBPA  will  refund  to  a]endee  his/her  paid  registra$on  fee  minus  a  por$on  of  the  event  costs  acquired  by  NFBPA.  This  refund  will  be  the  a]endees’  exclusive  remedy  and  NFBPA’  only  liability  for  cancella$on  of  the  event  for  reasons  described  above.Registra$on  Methods:_  Online  Via  Web:    h]p://www.nupaatlanta.com_  E-­‐mail:  PDIregistra$on@nupaatlanta.com_  Mail:  NFBPA,  ATTN:  Catherine  Foster-­‐Rowell,  PDI  Chair,  P.O.  Box  -­‐541  10th    St.  Suite  273,  Atlanta,  Georgia  30318
  8. 8. COST TOPIC                                                                                                                                      $175.00  member NFBPPA  NaQonal  Annual  Dues  $30.00  member NFBPA  -­‐  MAC  Annual  Dues  $50.00  member Thursday,  May  12,  2011                                                                                                                                                                                      2:00-­‐4:30  p.m.  -­‐  German  Room The  Basic  Elements  of  An  EffecGve  PresentaGon  $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenter:  KrisQe  Roberts,  Ph.D,  Associate  Professor/MPA  Internship  Coordinator,  Troy  State  University  $50.00  member Thursday,  June  9,  2011                                                                                                                                                                                          2:00-­‐4:30  p.m.  -­‐  Swiss  Room Bond  Financing  101                                          $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenter:  Edmund  J.  Wall,  Managing  Director,  Raymond  James  &  Associates,  Inc.  $50.00  member Saturday,  June  11,  2011                                                                                                                                                                                      10:00-­‐12:30  p.m.  -­‐  Italian  Room Internal  CommunicaGons:  Managing  Conflict  Dealing  with  Difficult  People  in  the  Workplace  $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenter:  Clara  Axam,  CEO,  ClarificaQon  and  MediaQon,  Inc.  $50.00  member Thursday,  August  11,  2011                                                                                                                                                                              2:00-­‐4:30  p.m.  -­‐  German  Room Balancing  Work  and  Family  $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenter:  Deborah  Porter,  PH.D,  CEO/President,  Porter  TransportaQon,  Inc.  $50.00  member Saturday,  September  10,  2011                                                                                                                                                                10:00-­‐12:30  p.m.  -­‐  Spanish  Room EffecGve  Interviewing  Techniques        $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenter:  Zina  Quarles-­‐Cooper,  Director  of  Human  Resources,  Nypro,  Inc  $50.00  member Thursday,  October  13,  2011                                                                                                                                                                          2:00-­‐4:30  p.m.  -­‐  Spanish  Room Strategies  to  EffecGvely  Manage  a  MulG-­‐GeneraGonal  Pool  of  Employees    $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenter:    Shamiah  Kerney,  Senior  Business  Analyst,  Government  Accountability  Office  $50.00  member Saturday,  November  12,  2011                                                                                                                                                                  10:00-­‐12:30  p.m.  -­‐  Spanish  Room How  to  Stand  Out:  Your  Resume  –  You  on  Paper!  $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenter:  Desir  Group  ExecuQve  Search        $50.00  member Saturday,  December  10,  2011                                                                                                                                                                  10:00-­‐12:30  p.m.  –  Kenyan  Room How  to  Reach  Your  Individual  Career  Goals      $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenters:    Marshall  Taggert,  Assistant  AviaQon  Director,  Tallahassee  Regional  Airport;  JusQna  Mann,   Procurement  Manager,  City  of  Atlanta  Department  of  AviaQon  and  William  Johnson,  City  Manager,  City  of   College  Park  $50.00  member Thursday,  January  12,  2012                                                                                                                                                                            2:00-­‐4:30  p.m.  -­‐  German  Room The  Ethics  and  Integrity  of  Leadership  in  the  Public  Sector          $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenters:  Thomas  G.  Sampson   II,  Esq.,  Thomas  Kennedy  Sampson  &   Tompkins,  LLP   and  Willie   Loveh,  Esq,   Director  of  Fulton  County  Child  Ahorney  Office  $50.00  member Thursday,  February  9,  2012                                                                                                                                                                            2:00-­‐4:30  p.m.  -­‐  Spanish  Room New  Market  Tax  Credits  101                            $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenters:    Tyrone  Rachal,  Senior  Development  Manager  and  Dale  Royal,  Program  Manager,  Atlanta   Development  Authority  $50.00  member Thursday,  March  8,  2012                                                                                                                                                                                      2:00-­‐4:30  p.m.  -­‐  Spanish  Room Emergency  Management:  An  Interagency  CollaboraGve  Mandate            $75.00  (non-­‐member) Presenters:  Mahhew  Kallmyer,  Director  of  Atlanta-­‐Fulton  Emergency  Management  Agency  and  Angela   Barreh,  911  Emergency  CommunicaQons  Director,  Fulton  County  Government   Total  Due METRO ATLANTA CHAPTER