R 4 russian history class 4 year 5 putin murders 2012 2013


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Discussion of difficulties between US and Russian under Putin's Leadership. Economic improvements in Russia mainly in Energy and rebuilding of Infrastructure makes Putin popular in Russia but harder do deal with on World Stage

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R 4 russian history class 4 year 5 putin murders 2012 2013

  1. 1. MODERN RUSSIA HISTORY TODAY - CLASS 4 - GORBACHEV TO PUTINProfessor - Joe Boisvert 2012/ 2013
  2. 2. Authoritarian Regime Tamped down by the authoritarian regime of Vladimir V. Putin. In March 2012, Mr. Putin reclaimed the presidency for the third time, but his return to office has not been welcomed by all Russians and he has faced an increasingly assertive opposition movement.
  3. 3. Putin’s Russia
  4. 4. Putin’s Russia Partial Return toCold War Tactics
  5. 5. Modern Russian City
  6. 6. Putin War Dead
  7. 7. Politics Dominated by Mr. Putin For more than a decade, Russian politics have been dominated by Mr. Putin, who was named acting prime minister in 1999 by the former president, Boris N. Yeltsin, and then elected president in 2000. Arising from obscurity, Mr. Putin, a former K.G.B. officer, proceeded to consolidate control over almost every aspect of society and business and marginalize what opposition still existed
  8. 8. Who is the Real Putin
  9. 9. The Threat from Russia The collapse and reconstitution of the Soviet Union did not lead to its disarmament. Russia still possesses a powerful nuclear arsenal-thousands of land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), sea-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and sea-launched cruise missiles (SLCMs), armed and targeted at the United States. Moreover, Russia continues to modernize and expand this arsenal despite its economic problems and perceived military weakness. In recent years, reports have indicated that security at Russias nuclear/missile facilities is breaking down, thus elevating the chances that a warhead or missile will fall into the hands of terrorists or rogue military elements.. Finally, Russia is among the worlds most rampant proliferators of missile technology. For these reasons, Russias nuclear and ballistic missile arsenal remains the single greatest strategic threat to the United States.
  10. 10. Breakdown of Russian Arsenal and ProliferationIn addition to the threat of a conventional Russian nuclearattack, the United States is also threatened by negligentsecurity at Russias nuclear/missile facilities, as well asrampant proliferation of ballistic missile technology andexpertise to rogue nations and terrorist-sponsoring states.The security of the Russian nuclear arsenal constitutes aserious threat to the United States. Should a missile orwarhead get into the hands of rogue elements of theRussian military, a launch is possible.Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara haswarned as recently as April 2004 that a nuclear attack fromRussia is a very real scenario today, whether by accidentor intention.
  11. 11. Nuclear Attack from Russia is aPossibility Former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara has warned as recently as April 2004 that a nuclear attack from Russia is a very real scenario today, whether by accident or intention.
  12. 12. Russia Still DangerousEven a benign Russia that miscalculates can destroy America in lessthan half an hour.Moreover, there remains the possibility that a loose Russian WMDmight fall into the hands of Islamist terrorists,Some possible dangerous places are those operating in Chechnyaand the former Soviet republics in Central Asia.In May 2004, the head of the Russian Federal Security Service(FSB), stated his concern that these terrorist organizations could gainpossession of loose Russian nuclear weapons, as well as otherWMDs.
  13. 13. Russia and US War of WordsRussia and the United States are clashing over a series ofdifficult issues: the American deployment of a missile defensesystem that Mr. Putin considers a threatPending legislation in Congress that blocks visas and freezesassets of Russian officials linked to human rights abuses Statements from the State Department about the protests thatgreeted Mr. Putin’s inauguration that left the Russian leaderfuming.But the biggest irritant of all right now is Syria, a longtime ally ofRussia
  14. 14. Putin blasts "imperialism," says Russianmissile test was response to U.S. moves  MOSCOW — President Vladimir Putin said today that tests of new Russian missiles were a response to the planned deployment of U.S. missile defense installations and other forces in Europe, suggesting Washington has triggered a new arms race.  In a clear reference to the United States, he harshly criticized "imperialism" in global affairs and warned that Russia will strengthen its military potential to maintain a global strategic balance.
  15. 15. Bush flies into missile storm with Putin President George Bush yesterday flew to Europe where he will confront Vladimir Putin over US plans to base a new missile defense system in former Russian satellite countries. The White House described as unhelpful a warning by Mr. Putin that if the US goes ahead with its plan, Russia will retaliate by training its missiles on European targets
  16. 16. Putin Accuses US of Being LikeNazi Germany in recent weeks Mr. Putin has likened the Bush administration to the Nazis and accused the US of trying to take over the world. The Russians will also be incensed by Mr. Bushs visit to Prague yesterday and to Poland on Friday, with the missile defense plans the key issue under discussion.
  17. 17. Moscow threatened to target itsmissiles at EuropeBush and Putin G8 Putin vs. George W. Bush  U.S. President George W. Bush (left) and Putin at the G8 summit in June (AFP)  This was the year Vladimir Putin implicitly compared the United States to the Third Reich. It was the year Moscow threatened to target its missiles at Europe and was accused of carrying out a cyber-attack on a NATO member. It was the year Russia pulled out of a key arms-control treaty and resumed strategic-bomber patrols
  18. 18. Putin Voices Pessimism on Missile DefenseJune 21, 2012 :: The Moscow Times :: NewsPresident Vladimir Putin said he does not believe that the UnitedStates and Russia will manage to resolve their disagreementsregarding the U.S. missile defense shield in Europe no matterwho the U.S. leader is.Speaking Tuesday at a news conference at the G20 summit inLos Cabos, Mexico, Putin said he saw no sign that the U.S. wasready to change its approach to the system, which Russiabelieves could threaten its nuclear deterrent."I think the problem of the missile defense shield will not besolved regardless of whether Obama is re-elected or not," Putinsaid, Interfax reported.
  19. 19. Russia is America’s biggest strategic threat.The renewed tensions come as the United States is heavily dependent on Russiancooperation for its military operations in Afghanistan.With Pakistan cutting off supply lines to Afghanistan, the so-called northern distributionnetwork through Russia is the primary reinforcement route for America’s war on theTaliban.
  20. 20. The assassination of Anna Politkovskaya Anna (born in 1958), the Russianjournalist, writer and human rights activist, took placeon Saturday, 7 October 2006. She was well knownfor her opposition to the Chechen conflict andcriticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin ]Sheauthored several books about the Chechen wars, aswell as Putins Russia, and received numerousprestigious international awards for her work. Hermurder, which occurred on Vladimir Putinsbirthday, was widely perceived as a contract killingsparking a strong international reaction.
  21. 21. Anna Politkovskaya murder case
  22. 22. •A week after the assassination, Alexander Litvinenkoaccused Putin of sanctioning the murder.•Two weeks after this statement, Litvinenko was poisonedby the radioactive polonium.Two days before his death on November 24, 2006, hewrote a statement, in case he "does not make it". He said:"Name the bastard. Anna Politkovskaya did not do it, so I will, for both of us.You may succeed in silencing one man but the howl of protest from around the world will reverberate,Mr. Putin, in your ears for the rest of your life. May God forgive you for what you have done, not only to me but to beloved Russia and its people".
  23. 23. Other journalists in the country, shesays, fared much worse. Several journalistswere murdered, including AnnaPolitkovskaya, who was writing aboutChechnya."She had run afoul of ... the Putin governmentand was murdered six years ago on Putinsbirthday," Gessen says. "There are conflictingtheories as to who murdered her. It certainlydidnt have to be on Putins orders. But what Iargue is that Putin has created a system inwhich people who run afoul of the governmentknow that they are living with a constant threatto their lives. At this point we are living in asituation where physical attacks on critics of
  24. 24. Russia: Cold War Lite
  25. 25. BP OFFERS TO INCREASE ITSSTAKE IN ROSNEFT By ANDREW E. KRAMER MOSCOW - BP has offered to acquire a bigger stake in the Russian state oil company Rosneft if it can sell its interests in a private joint venture here, the president of Rosneft said on Friday. Such a move would make BP the largest single outside investor in Rosneft.