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Egypt 2012 2013 decline of egypt class one

  1. 1. Class One 2012Ancient Egyptian History: The Last Thousand Years of the Egyptian Empire the Decline Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Adjunct Professor Joe Boisvert
  2. 2. Long ago the Egyptian People Emerged from thehunting and gathering groups and began the longjourney to Civilization.They seemed to evolve fully formed into aorganized culture with a Religion and a StrongRitualized Burial Concept.The Population of Egypt when from anApproximate low of three million to a high Nearor slightly exceeding Ten Million
  3. 3. The Old Kingdom was the First Historical Period ofEgyptian History which was to last Three ThousandYears, this first period was the time of the Pyramidand the Unification of Lower and Upper Egyptunder Pharaoh Namur
  4. 4. Akhenaton Believed in Akhenaton andAton the One Single God Nefertiti First inthe Majority of Written Record toEgyptians before and Believe in One GodAfter believed in AmonRe
  5. 5. King Tut From King Tut’s Grave
  6. 6. Pharaohs Throne Changes in Egyptian Art – Dwarfs where Scared in Ancient Egypt
  7. 7. Ramses Death Mask
  8. 8. Decline of the Egyptian CivilizationPart of the reason for Egypts (Kermits)decline was due to inevitability. Allcivilizations eventually decline afterreaching a peak.After hundreds of millenniums ofuninterrupted existence, a series ofinternal problems and invasions by outsidecultures(Persian, Hyksos, Greek, Roman)signaled the end.
  9. 9. In 954 B.C. the Libyans came in fromthe western hills, and laid about themwith fury.In 722 the Ethiopians entered fromthe south, and avenged their ancientslavery;In 674 the Assyrians swept downfrom the north and subjected priest-ridden Egypt to tribute.