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Computer Technolgy Class 1 Internet Security

  1. 1. Class 1 – New Computer Technology – Noah’s Ark<br />Internet Security<br />Instructor Joe Boisvert<br />
  2. 2. Security Areas to Check<br />Windows 7 Action Center – Control Panel<br />Windows – Internet Options<br />Security Center – Vista and XP<br />Vista and Windows 7 – Windows Defenders<br />Internet Virus Protection Suite – McAfee, Norton, AVG, , Kaspersky, etc.<br />Malware, adware, spyware<br />Look in Control Panel – Programs add or remove <br />
  3. 3. Welcome to McAfee Help<br />Start with McAfee Help to get the assistance you need when solving problems as you work in SecurityCenter. It&apos;s the best and quickest way to find detailed information about your security suite, whether you simply want to discover the best way to use your McAfee programs or if you need to learn how to troubleshoot a problem. Make sure you have the most recent help by downloading the updated user guides from the McAfee Web site. For more information, see Support and Downloads.<br />If you can&apos;t solve your problems by consulting the help, try running McAfee Virtual Technician. Like a personal, technical support representative, Virtual Technician collects information about your SecurityCenter programs so that it can resolve your computer&apos;s protection problems for you or give you advice about how to proceed on your own. When problems persist, Virtual Technician can also put you in contact with a McAfee technical support representative, along with the information it collected from your computer.<br />McAfee Total Protection<br />McAfee Total Protection provides comprehensive, proactive security that guards what you value. Continuously and automatically updating, McAfee helps prevent online hacker attacks with the latest protection. Also, it features a back-up and restore capability for computer crashes and environmental mishaps. <br />McAfee Total Protection includes multi-user Parental Controls, protection from identity theft, spam, and scams. With McAfee&apos;s security service you always have the latest enhancements and threat updates that block viruses and spyware. Also, it includes a firewall to deter hacking. <br />
  4. 4. McAfee Internet Security and Virus Scan<br />McAfee Internet Security<br />McAfee Internet Security is a proactive, always-updating, security bundle that protects what you value, your identity and your computer from viruses, spyware, e-mail and IM scams, hackers and online predators, and provides automated backup for important files. Surf the Web, shop, bank, e-mail, instant message, and download files with confidence. Parental Controls help you and your family members avoid unsafe Web sites. McAfee&apos;s security service continuously and automatically delivers the most up-to-date features, enhancements, and threat data. Also, automated PC tune-ups remove unnecessary files for peak PC performance.<br />McAfee VirusScan Plus<br />McAfee VirusScan Plus offers proactive PC security to prevent malicious attacks, so you can protect what you value as well as surf, search, and download files online with confidence. This service also provides security against multi-pronged attacks by combining anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall technologies. McAfee&apos;s security service continuously delivers the latest software so your protection is never out-of-date. You can now easily add and manage security for multiple PCs in your home. Moreover, improved performance allows it to protect, without disturbing you.<br />
  5. 5. Using McAfee Virtual Technician<br />Like a personal, technical support representative, Virtual Technician collects information about your SecurityCenter programs so that it can help resolve your computer&apos;s protection problems. <br />When you run Virtual Technician, it checks to make sure your SecurityCenter programs are working correctly. <br />
  6. 6. McAfee Virtual Technician<br />It discovers problems, Virtual Technician offers to fix them for you or provides you with more detailed information about them. <br />When finished, Virtual Technician displays the results of its analysis and allows you to seek additional technical support from McAfee, if necessary.<br />To maintain the security and integrity of your computer and files, Virtual Technician does not collect personal, identifiable information.<br />Note: For more information about Virtual Technician, click the Help icon in Virtual Technician.<br />
  7. 7. Using SecurityCenter<br />Before you begin using SecurityCenter, review the components and configuration areas you will use to manage your computer&apos;s protection status. <br />For more information about the terminology used in this image, see Understanding protection status and Understanding protection categories. <br />Then, you can review your McAfee account information and verifying the validity of your subscription.<br />
  8. 8. Managing your subscriptions<br />Each McAfee protection product that you purchase comes with a subscription that lets you use the product on a certain number of computers for a certain period of time. The length of your subscription varies according to your purchase, but usually starts when you activate your product. Activation is simple and free—all you need is an Internet connection—but it&apos;s very important because it entitles you to receive regular, automatic product updates that keep your computer protected from the latest threats. <br />Activation normally occurs when the product is installed, but if you decide to wait (for example, if you don&apos;t have an Internet connection), you have 15 days to activate. If you don&apos;t activate within 15 days, your products will no longer receive critical updates or perform scans. We&apos;ll also notify you periodically (with onscreen messages) before your subscription is about to expire. That way you can avoid interruptions in your protection by renewing it early or by setting up auto-renewal on our Web site.<br />
  9. 9. Subscription Activation<br />If you see a link in Security Center prompting you to activate, then your subscription has not been activated. To see your subscription&apos;s expiration date, you can check your Account page. <br />
  10. 10. Things to Check - Monitor<br />Activation Status of Internet Security<br />Updates <br />Virus Scans<br />Computer Backup – File Backup<br />Computer Drive <br />Registry Errors<br />Internet/ Computer House Keeping<br />
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