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A7 russian history the cold war spying from the air the costs


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Story of US Air Surveillance of Soviet Union and the resulting loss of US Air Force Personel.

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A7 russian history the cold war spying from the air the costs

  1. 1. Spying From the Air the CostsResearch by Dan Ligeski, S/Sgt. USAF Intelligence Analysis Presented by Joe Boisvert - 99th Combat Support Group, Eighth Air Force, SAC
  2. 2. Clandestine Air War: The Truth Cold War Us Surveillance Flights
  3. 3. Top Secret Reconnaissance of the Soviet Union• The USSR was a "denied" area, that is to say, travel within its territory for foreigners• (or even its own citizenry) was severely restricted. Obtaining reliable information about the country or its military capabilities was difficult, if not impossible, through conventional intelligence methods.• In response to this need, defense policy makers established a national program of reconnaissance, carried out by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy.
  4. 4. Soviet Downing of Electronic Intelligence Plane in 1958• On September 2, 1958 the Soviet Air Radar Forces where tracking a C-130 Surveillance Plane flying in Turkey along the Soviet Border.• It is believed the Soviets lured the plane into Soviet Air Space with false radio beacon signals and it was shot down by Soviet Jet Fighters• There where 17 US Airmen Aboard the Intelligence Plane.
  5. 5. Turkey Trabzon Air Station –Cold War Listening Station
  6. 6. Turkey Listing Station1958
  7. 7. During the Cold War period of1945-1977, a total of more than 40 U.S. reconnaissanceaircraft were shot down. The flights were so secret that news of these shoot-downs nevermade it to newspapers... the crews never received the honors due them. Families could noteven receive details of their loved- ones death.
  8. 8. Col. Yevgeny G. Pepelyayev: "...on 20 May 1951, during the periodof 15:08-15:58 hours, during an air battle with a group of F-86Sabres I fired at an F-86 at a range of 500-600 meters. At the timeof my firing, I noticed shell strikes along the enemys right wing,after which the aircraft went from a bank to the left into a rightturn.”Col Pepelvayea was a Soviet Ace and Shot Down 19 US Planes