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ROVIN_Demonstration Presentation Chapter10


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ROVIN_Demonstration Presentation Chapter10

  1. 1. Mexico’s Role in the conquest of the Philippines The Philippines was ruled from Mexico Mexican in the Philippines The Galleon Trade The Parian of Mexico Mexican Contributions to the Philippines Filipino Contributions to Mexico
  2. 2. Mexico’s Role in the conquest of the Philippines After the Magellan expedition, the Legazpi expedition was patronized by the Mexican authorities, paid for by Mexican funds and manned by Mexican soldiers and sailors. It was Legazpi, with the help of father Urdaneta, who conquered the Philippines for Spain. Without the additional troops, missionaries, and supplies from Mexico, Legazpi’s expedition could not have succeeded.
  3. 3. The Philippines was ruled from Mexico From 1565- 1821, the Philippines was ruled by the Mexican viceroy in the name of the Spanish King.
  4. 4. Mexican in the Philippines Many Mexicans came to the Philippines to live or to work.
  5. 5. TWO MEXICANS WHO SERVED AS ARCHBISHOP OF MANILA Archbishop Miguel de Poblete (1653- 1667) Archbishop Manuel Antonio Rojo (1759- 1764)
  6. 6. FOUR HEROES OF THE TONDO CONSPIRACY Pedro Balinguit –Datu of Pandacan Pitongan – Datu of Tondo Filipe Salonga – Datu of Polo Agusti Manuguit- another Datu of tondo
  7. 7. The Galleon Trade The chief link between the Mexico and Philippines then.
  8. 8. The Parian of Mexico Philippines influence the Mexicans to build their own Parian (Chinatown). Today, the site of the former Asian market place in Mexico is the Plaza de la Independencia.
  9. 9. Mexican Contributions to the Philippines •New plants and animals •New industries •New diet and dress •New musical instruments and dances •Catholic images •Catholic Churches •Customs and Tradition •Words and language •Mexican blood •Inspiratioin for Independence
  10. 10. Filipino Contributions to Mexico •New plants •Tapayan earthen jar •Antiques •Parian •Filipino Words •Filipino blood •Independence money