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  1. 1. I Need Money Now - If Thats You, Read
  2. 2. We were in that position - the ‘I need money now position - and we know its nofun. People often whimsically say that being without money; being in desperatetimes when you have more money going out then coming in, is all characterbuilding stuff. Well we can personally state that is rubbish!Not having enough money, worrying about bills thatneed paying, and worrying where its going to comefrom; waking up each morning with the I need moneynow stress, is anything but "character building" - itundermines every element of your life in a bad way -your health, your family relationships, your sociallife, your existing work motivation, your spiritual wellbeing - every aspect of your life is often negativelyimpacted by the simple need that you need moneynow, and yet you possibly can see no realistic solutionto getting it.
  3. 3. The reason we understand that exhausted, low, viscous spiral downwards of moreand more stress is we found ourselves in that position. We had a conventionalbusiness that went wrong due to our particular market changing. We dont blameanyone - we perhaps should have identified it sooner - but nevertheless ithappened, and we found ourselves needing to make some money fast. We couldntafford work premises; we couldnt afford expensive commutes, with car and petrolcosts; our children needed to stay in their local schools, so all this pointed towardsus exploring a business we could start and build from home, possibly using thecomputer. The only key requirement was - it had to make some money fast!That led us to explore many of the proclaimedopportunities that are out in the online internet world.Sadly we learned the hard way after wed parted withour money and invested our time that many were justfull of empty promises. But in doing our due diligenceand the constant need to make money quickly weeventually arrived at some excellent home-basedbusinesses that are genuine and very real in their abilityto earn folks money fast, and satisfy the I need moneynow requirement.
  4. 4. If you are in the position now that we were, we urge you to not rush into anything"just to make some money" because many of the options you discover will simply justtake your money and eat up your valuable time. We understand the need you have towant to make money quickly, but try and counter that if you can with looking intoeach opportunity properly, as we eventually learned to do, that way you may take alittle longer to find whats right for you, but when you do (and there are may goodones out there), you will be able to throw yourself whole-heartedly into it knowing itsa good, sound, reliable and profitable business worth your time, investment andeffort.Steve & Yvette Carter spent months desperate tomake some money quickly to solve some of theirfinancial headaches, reviewing all the good and thenot-so-good offers available today. Sadly manyopportunities made promises they didnt reallydeliver on and just wasted peoples time andmoney. Yet some really did do what they say, andwere genuine and viable ways to make money fast.