Optec Asset risk management capability


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Optec provides a risk management training and design process and service for asset owners and managers in the power and utilities sector.

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Optec Asset risk management capability

  1. 1. Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre Capability Statement Head Office: 2 Church Street Morwell, Victoria, Australia 3840 South Morang - Melbourne - Perth – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide - Darwin ABN 60523722739 Tel: +61-3-51337174 - Fax +61-3-51337831 e-mail: trainingco@optec.com.au web: www.optec.com.auCopyright Optec July 2005
  2. 2. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre® ContentsOptec - Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® Page 3Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® Capabilities Page 4Optec Industry Training Page 4Overview Page 6Optec Capabilities Page 6-7Capability to Audit and Develop Safety Procedures Page 8- 9Optec’s Accreditation Page 10Alliance and Partnerships Page 10Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre®Profiles of Principals • Geoff Griffiths Page 11 • Norm Currie Page 11 • Rovel Shackleford Page 12Optec Clients Page 13Organisational Chart Page 14Copyright Optec July 2005 2
  3. 3. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Optec - Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre®BackgroundThe advent of terrorism and ASIC’s CLERP 9 has focused the Board’s of many institutionsattention on security and risk management. The various legislative responses developedby the respective Federal, State and Local Governments of Australia have created a needfor extensive compliance requirements for all asset owners and managers. As theparticular focus of Optec has always been in industries categorized as criticalinfrastructure in any such legislation; it is a logical extension for Optec to establish theOptec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® and work with the SecurityVulnerability Risk Assessment Guide SV-RAG Risk Management guidelines.Risk management through the application of various relevant Australian Standards issufficiently generic to allow the same or similar methodologies to be applied to anyindustry. As a consequence Optec, with regard to risk management in general and counterterrorism in particular, has developed workshops and auditing programs applicable to allindustriesThe Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® has recognized that thereare three critical elements to the risk management process. The first is the thoroughinvestigation required to fully identify hazards. The full recognition of hazards internal orexternal to a particular operation is essential to ensure the risk management outcome isnot flawed.The second essential element is the effective identification of vulnerabilities applying to aparticular location. Optec has been approved to use and adopt the Security VulnerabilityRisk Assessment Guide (SV-RAG) process to achieve this. This is a program initiallydeveloped by the water industry in Victoria, which, with industry specific adaptation, is avery effective methodology for the determination of risk and vulnerability. This ensures thatrisk mitigation measures are applied where they will have the most effect in risk reduction.This process also provides for remedial action post event.Thirdly the presentation of the risk management plan in a format which is user friendly,informative and generic. Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® iscurrently engaged through an end user needs analysis with a view to develop a suitableformat across many industries.Technology developed by the Optec risk management Centre entitled the SituationalCrime Prevention (SCP) approach relies on a scientific approach to the reduction ofcrime; a practical example relates to a major Australian Bank’s strategic approach toarmed robbery reduction through a research methodology and implementation strategyinitiated to mitigate the offence risk and situational threat.Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) - addresses the design ofthe built environment to promote personal safety and help reduce people’s fear of crime,by reducing opportunities for crime and anti social behaviour.Copyright Optec July 2005 3
  4. 4. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® Capabilities;Optec Critical Infrastructure Risk Management Centre® can offer the followingsolutions:• Education in internal and external hazard identification and threat assessments,• Training in the application of risk auditing methodologies,• Training in the operation of an intelligence program,• Compliance workshops• Hazard analysis surveys and audits of risk management plans and the development of tools such as risk management Logframe,• Situational Crime Prevention Research, a scientific approach,• Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) for operational personnel,• Training in risk/hazard identification and threat assessments,• Training in the use of incident reporting and subsequent tracking,• Competency Based Risk assessment and management training,• Capacity Building Needs Analysis,• Workplace Training and Assessments,• Risk Management and Awareness skills Auditing,• Preparation of standard operating and response procedures,• Armed threat and armed robbery reduction strategies.Optec Industry TrainingOptec Pty Ltd established in 1993 evolved from the former State Electricity Commission’s(SEC) Mining, Generation and Transmission training facility based at Morwell andestablished in 1927.Optec an Australian owned and operated company provides specialised Electrical &Mechanical Training, Procedural Development, and Consultancy Services for the Energyand allied industries throughout Australasia.Optec’s Principal Office is located in Church Street, Morwell, Victoria, Optec has otheroffice’s based in Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Sydney and Perth.Optec Pty Ltd is a Private Training Provider and is a Registered Training Organisation ofVocational Education & Training with the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA).Copyright Optec July 2005 4
  5. 5. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Optec’s Training, Procedural Development and Consultancy Personnel have beenemployed in various roles that include High Voltage Plant Maintenance, ElectricalEngineering Design, High Voltage Operating/Maintenance Procedure Development, PowerStation Operations Procedure Development and Electrical Safety Procedure Developmentwithin Transmission, Distribution & Power Stations Systems. Optec’s Team of technical,paraprofessionals and professionals are highly qualified in all facets of the energy industryfrom the intricacies of the National Energy Market (NEM) through to extensive knowledgeand experience in the requirements of High Voltage Operating / Maintenance, PowerStation Operations and Electrical Safety Procedures.Optec’s personnel are qualified with accredited industry training credentials. All Optec’sTrainers and Consultants have extensive experience in Power Generation, Transmissionand Distribution Activities within the Power Industry In addition to this, Optec’s Personnelhave been directly involved in Overseas Training & Consultancy Projects with otherElectrical Power Authorities in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Thailand. Optec Pty Ltd is a member of the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry - High Voltage Customer Sub - Committee. As a member of this Committee our Organisation is directly involved in representing High Voltage Customers’ interests and concerns regarding maintenance of standards with regard to High Voltage Operating Practices and Procedures. Optec Pty Ltd is also a member of the SPI PowerNet Live Line Standards Committee. Optec Pty Ltd is a foundation member of the peak energy Industry body, Energy Industry Advisory Group (EIAG).Optec has been successful in increasing its current Client Base to include Organisationsfrom the: - Electrical Power Industry in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore & Solomon Islands including: - Power Generation and Coal Mining, Transmission and Distribution, Marine, Oil and Gas Industry in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia & Northern Territory as well as Singapore & Vietnam. Petrochemical Industry in Victoria & Indonesia. Paper Manufacturing Industry in Victoria & Tasmania. Hospital and Medical Services in Victoria and South Australia. Food Industry in Victoria and Tasmania. Mining Industries of Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia. Banking Industry in Australia.Optec is widely recognized and acclaimed as one of the industry’s most successful trainingand consulting organizations clients refer to Optec’s delivery systems and technology as,Innovative, Progressive and Cost – effective.Optec’s objective is to be an effective solutions focused provider of Training, ProceduralDevelopment and Consulting Services to Australia’s Energy Industry.Copyright Optec July 2005 5
  6. 6. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Overview of services provided by Optec: Provision of Services to assist Companies in preparing an Electrical Safety Management Scheme submission. Provision of Validation functions for Electrical Safety Management Schemes prior to submission to the respective state based Electrical Inspection Authority. Auditing of existing Electrical Safety Management Schemes to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with the Electricity Safety Act.(OCEI VIC). Conducting Inspections of High Voltage Installations on behalf of the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector. Auditing of High Voltage Equipment and Installations to ensure compliance with relevant Codes and Industry standards. Development of High Voltage documentation and procedures covering Operational and Workplace Safety High Voltage Switching Programs High Voltage Equipment Operating Procedures EHV Live line work and Procedures Development of Low Voltage Safety Procedures. Provision of Training in both High Voltage and Low Voltage fields to meet industry needs especially in areas of High Voltage electrical activities and operations requiring specific authorisation. Provision of Training Power Station Operations Training. Development of Power Station Plant Operating Procedures for: Boiler Operation, Turbine Operation, Power Station Ancillary Plant. Development of Switching Instructions for High Voltage Customers. Provision of Electrical & Mechanical Operation & Control Services for a 300MW Gas Turbine Station. Provision of High Voltage Electrical Operating Services to High Voltage Consumers to enable Maintenance to be carried out.Copyright Optec July 2005 6
  7. 7. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre® Provision of Team Leader for Supervision of Optical Fibre Ground Wire Stringing on Transmission Lines. Design and Manufacture of Insulator Washing Equipment for Live Line Washing.Optec is a Principal Provider of High Voltage Electrical Operator and other associatedTraining. The Optec Risk Management Centre® has been established as a natural serviceto Optec’s consulting services delivery to our critical infrastructure clients.Optec specialises in developing Client Specific Training Programs that are designed tobroaden the knowledge and skills of Personnel in order to meet the Business goals ofClient’s through effective risk management.Optec provides Refresher Training in all aspects of Electrical Safety, including: High Voltage Electrical Operator Authorisation. Authorised Recipient Electrical. Authority to Make Application for Work (Associated with Electrical Apparatus). Codes of Practice on Electrical Safety. Advanced Safety Inspection and Testing of Portable Electrical Equipment. EHV Live Line Procedures. Asset Risk Management Threat AnalysisAll Optec’s Training Courses are COMPETENCY BASED thereby making the mosteffective use of training time.In addition to Training Optec can provide: Annual Knowledge and Skills Audits of all Personnel who hold High Voltage Authorisations (Code of Practice requirement). Training Records tracking Service that will supply the following detail: Training Reports, Training Refresher Dates for Employees. Tracking of Annual Authorisation Audit Dates for Employees. Employee Competencies Tracking and Assessments.Copyright Optec July 2005 7
  8. 8. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Optec offers the following Courses:, Basic Electricity. Generator Operation and Control. DC Systems and Fault Finding Methods. Principles of High Voltage Switchgear. Principles of Transformers. Synchronisation of Transformers and Buses. AC Motors, Control and Protection. Basic Electrical System Protection. Advanced Electrical System Protection. High Voltage Transmission. High Voltage Distribution. Gas Transmission. Gas Distribution. Boilers & Turbines. National Electricity Market Appreciation. Introduction to Ancillary Services in the NEM. Security Risk Management, Counter Terrorism mitigation. Situational crime prevention and CPTED.Optecs capability to Audit & Develop Safety Procedures:Optec provides an Auditing Service for both High Voltage Installations and High VoltageSafety Procedures (Rules to ensure that Clients Facilities meet with Best PracticeElectrical Industry Standards and Regulatory Requirements).Optec’s Procedural Development and Consultancy Staff have extensive knowledge andskills that which are directly associated with the Development, Implementation, andongoing Auditing of High and Low Voltage Electrical Safety Procedures & Power StationOperations. This expertise was developed in Management and Supervisory positionswithin the State Electricity Commission of Victoria SECV. The Prime Role of the Optecteam was associated with either: • The maintenance of High Voltage Plant ( up to and Including 500,000 Volts) or, • Making Power Station & High Voltage Plant safe for Maintenance Personnel to perform their work.Optec’s Procedural Development and Consultancy Staff have had direct involvement inthe ongoing review of the Code of Practice on Electrical Safety to ensure that workpractice reflects current work requirements and evolving technologies.Copyright Optec July 2005 8
  9. 9. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Optec’s Procedural Development and Consultancy Staff have had direct involvement inthe Development, Implementation and Standards Auditing of the former SECV.Departmental and Local Electrical Safety Procedures that specified the requirements forwork on: • the State’s Transmission Grid ( 11kV to 500kV). • the State’s Distribution System( 11kV to 66 kV). • the State’s Power Station Electrical Systems.Optec continues to provide Procedure Development Support and Procedure AuditingService to the Electrical and Mechanical Power Industries throughout Australasia.Optec provides the following Services to Clients: Development or assisting Organisations develop submissions to the State based Electrical Inspection Authority for approval to operate an Electrical Safety Management Scheme. Provision of a validation service for proposed Electrical Safety Management Schemes and auditing services for existing schemes: Standards. Development Auditing of High Voltage Equipment & Procedures (to assess compliance with Code of Practice and Industry of High Voltage Procedures (to ensure work is performed in accordance with Code of Practice and Industry Standards). Development of Industry Specific Electrical Codes of Practice. Development of High Voltage Equipment Operating Procedures. Development of High Voltage Switching Programs. Development of Client Specific HV Switchgear Descriptive Notes. Development of Low Voltage Safety Procedures. Development of Live - Line Work Procedures. (Extra High Voltage 220kV and above) Development of Extra High Voltage Line Manufacturing Procedures. Development of Power Station Boiler, Turbine & Ancillary Plant Operating Procedures.Copyright Optec July 2005 9
  10. 10. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Optecs Accreditation:Optec Pty Ltd is accredited by the following Organisations. Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector Victoria: (OCEI) has endorsed Optec as an accredited Consulting Organisation to assist the Operators of High Voltage Installations develop and manage an approved “Safety Management Scheme”, provide a Validation service to the OCEI for proposed new Electrical Safety Management Schemes and the Auditing of existing Schemes on behalf of the Office of the OCEI. Accredited High Voltage Inspector to conduct Inspections of HV Installations on behalf of the Office of the OCEI. Participating Member of the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry – Code of Practice (Bluebook) – High Voltage Customer Sub Committee. A participating Member of the SPI PowerNet Live Line Standards Committee. Optec is a Registered Training Organisation both within Victoria and Nationally. Foundation member of the Energy Industry Advisory Group (EIAG) services.Alliances and PartnershipsMany major industrial clients have recognized the value in forming long-term alliances withOptec, which provides for a cost effective service to the partner and a more efficient use ofresources for Optec.Copyright Optec July 2005 10
  11. 11. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Appendix One –OPTEC RISK MANAGEMENT CENTRE® PRINCIPALSPROFILESGeoff Griffiths:, is the Project Manager, Optec Pty Ltd. Born in Melbourne, Geoffgraduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education andBachelor of Education and has worked in both commercial and educational traininginstitutions. With a research major in sociology, Geoff carried out extensive research intoarmed robberies and was responsible for implementing a major strategic risk reductionprogram for the ANZ Bank. His situational crime prevention approach and risk plan was sowell received by American and Australian academics that he was invited to speak at manycriminology conferences, he has travelled widely, discussing his unique situational crimereduction approach. With an initial in depth review of 820 national robberies, Geoffidentified four species of offenders and implemented a number of proactive situationalcrime prevention strategies including a mathematical cash reduction program, CrimePrevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), target hardening, a video basedtraining program and the first ever bank regression analysis which predicted thevulnerability of the Bank’s 1400 branches; all this contributing to a major reduction inrobberies.Geoff has lectured at many educational institutions and universities and has also beeninvolved in forums and workshops on implementing crime prevention and CPTEDprograms for the Victoria Police. In 2004 Geoff and Norm Currie conducted a 2 daycritical infrastructure workshop in Risk Management/ Counter Terrorism with Policeand Government in Melbourne and Hobart.Norman J Currie: is the Specialist Adviser to the Optec Critical Infrastructure RiskManagement Centre®. Norm has a long established history in the security industry,joining the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) in 1963. Whilst servingwith ASIO for 16 years, Norm filled positions responsible for countering subversion,terrorism and espionage. In 1979, Norm joined the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as anoperational intelligence officer in the anti narcotics squad and then rose to the rank ofDetective Inspector in charge of operational narcotics interdiction teams, field intelligenceoperations and intelligence analysis. In 1986, Norm entered the private sector industry.He has served at senior management and board level with companies providing servicesin security transport, guarding, investigations and security risk auditing. Norm’sbackground as a professional intelligence and security risk management operative is notjust extensive but largely unique in Australia. From this skill base, he provides security riskmanagement and investigative services to a wide range of clients and lectures in securityrisk management at several educational institutions.Inquiry Agent Licence No IAO21492Copyright Optec July 2005 11
  12. 12. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Dr. Rovel Shackleford:General Manager Optec Pty Ltd - Strategy and PlanningQualifications • PhD Economics • Bachelor of Adult Learning • Masters Business Administration • Masters Psychology (Organizational Development) • Bachelor of Political Science • Diploma of Public RelationsRovel previously worked with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and AusAID ona wide range of international aid funded development projects in infrastructure, socialdevelopment, economic development, micro and macro finance, agricultural developmentand poverty alleviation. In recent years Rovel has managed and delivered technicaladvice to Infrastructure projects in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Timor, PNG,Philippines and Malaysia. Rovel has worked extensively with Australian business andgovernment in the fields of commercial development, Risk Management, contracting andeconomic strategy. In the late 1980’s Rovel started lecturing assignments with, MonashUniversity, Latrobe University, RMIT, Deakin University and Chisholm TAFE in the fields ofrisk management, procurement, strategic management, economics and contract law;mostly within MBA related programs.Rovel’s vision for Optec is to support the team in achieving status for Optec as a centre ofexcellence in training and consulting to the utilities sector (gas, electrical, water andtelecommunications) in Australia and the Asia Pacific regionCopyright Optec July 2005 12
  13. 13. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre®Appendix Two -Optec Clients (2004-2005) Alcoa Australia BHP Citipower Eastern Energy Ltd Esso Australia Agility Powercor Australia Edison Mission United Energy Kimberly- Clark Australian Paper Yallourn Energy Cadbury Schweppes ETSA (SA) Masterfoods International Sea Drilling Murray Goulburn Powercor Australia Pasminco Mining Santos Shell Refining (AUST ) Silcar Siemens SPI Powernet Snowy Hydro Temco Sydney Airport United Energy Transfield Trenack Excavations United KG Vestas Visy Paper Woodside Energy Ltd Worley ABB Yallourn Mine AllianceSpecific Risk management consultancies: ANL National Foods BHP Nissan Castrol Nylex GMH Orica Highland water Peters Ice Cream Melbourne Ports Authority One Steel Melbourne Water Velspar Welvic Western Water Westgate Transport Wilson Promontory National Park Yarra Valley WaterCopyright Optec July 2005 13
  14. 14. Optec - Optec Risk Management Centre® Market Development Optec Executive Logistics & Operations CLUSTER MANAGERS Risk Optec Management Zintec Power & Distribution WA Centre HV Ops Steam Optec Optec Optec Optec NSW Qld NT SA SPECIALIST RESOURCE POOLCopyright Optec July 2005 14 AUSTRALASIA