Culture as Revenue: 5 Ways Culture Drives Profit


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Lately, company culture has been making big moves from "beneficial" to "essential". A healthy culture is now one of the most important indicators of long-term financial health, and it's time that it should be addressed as such.

This webinar will focus on five ways that culture affects sales, sales teams and sales process and how executives can harness what makes them unique to drive the top line.
Join Brent Daily, Co-Founder & COO of RoundPegg, and Natalie Baumgartner, Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist of RoundPegg as they illuminate and explain the important connections between culture and revenue.

This webinar will cover culture's influence on:
- Onboarding new hires
- Team construction and effectiveness
- Longitudinal profit
- Sales and support differentiation
- Engagement and re-engagement
And more...

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Culture as Revenue: 5 Ways Culture Drives Profit

  1. 1. Culture as Revenue 5 Ways Culture Drives Profit photo by: amagill Culture Science
  2. 2. RoundPegg unleashes your business potential using real-time culture science. RoundPegg Boulder, CO Dr. Natalie Baumgartner & Brent Daily Co-founders, RoundPegg Culture Science
  3. 3. Culture Defined Communication ! What are the norms for interaction? Culture Rewards ! What actions are rewarded? ! How we do things around here. Decisions ! How are decisions made? Culture Science
  4. 4. Culture Misnomers Perks create culture Culture is universal Culture is top down Culture can’t be measured Diverse teams always win Culture Science
  5. 5. Agenda 1 On-boarding (RoundPegg) 2 Longitudinal Profit (Aquent) 3 Sales Team Construction (Agility Recovery) 4 Support as Sales Differentiator (Webtrends) 5 Engagement (Kaiser Permanente) Culture Science
  6. 6. Culture as 1 Revenue Onboarding photo by: tax credits Culture Science
  7. 7. Onboarding RoundPegg David Lyon, VP Sales Culture Science
  8. 8. Onboarding Time is Money Top culture fits start generating a positive ROI 2-weeks faster. Culture Science
  9. 9. Onboarding Recommendations Interview for values. Put your best culture fits on the front lines of hiring, test for cultural fit. 1 Focus on individuals. Give the new hire insights into how every team member prefers to operate. Turn the tables. 2 Check in often. After hire check in every 30-days. What’s working/not? 3 Culture Science
  10. 10. Culture as 2 Revenue Longitudinal Profit photo by: dafnecholet Culture Science
  11. 11. Longitudinal Profit Aquent / Vitamin T Culture Science
  12. 12. Longitudinal Profit Widening ROI 15% Year 1 35% 18-months Culture Science
  13. 13. Maintaining Fit/Profit Recommendations Monitor concerns. Check in with employee during 1:1s around areas where they may get frustrated. Give them tools to bridge differences. 1 Ease interpersonal dynamics. Assume there is a ‘fit’ problem before leaping to solution. 2 Establish a regular forum. Provide time and method for team members to vent. 3 Culture Science
  14. 14. 3 Culture as Revenue Team Construction photo by: maybeemily Culture Science
  15. 15. Team Construction Agility Recovery Culture Science
  16. 16. Team Construction Recommendations Align communication. Strive for assembling those who communicate and make decisions similarly. 1 Align rewards. Ensure everyone desires the same types of rewards*. 2 Complement operational traits. Pair up those who bring different strengths to the table from a skills perspective. * Don’t assume everyone is only motivated by money. Culture Science 3
  17. 17. Culture as 4 Revenue Culture Differentiation photo by: bloodybee Culture Science
  18. 18. Sales Differentiator Webtrends Culture Science
  19. 19. Sales Differentiator Selling Your Culture Culture Science
  20. 20. Sales Differentiator Recommendations Sell your values. What makes you different from competition in a way that benefits customers. 1 Model values to replicate success. Identify core value drivers to provide top flight performance. 2 Celebrate values. Use sales wins as a way to reinforce culture values rather than focusing only on the dollars. 3 Culture Science
  21. 21. Culture as photo by: Markus Grossalber 5 Revenue Engagement Culture Science
  22. 22. Engagement Kaiser Permanente Culture Science
  23. 23. Engagement Indirect Revenues ! 11 ! Percent increase in patient satisfaction from top engaged medical staff Culture Science
  24. 24. Engagement Recommendations Engagement is personal. Ask each report - what motivates, how to best communicate and how to reward. 1 Check in. Create frequent avenues for employees to provide feedback on what can be improved. 2 Develop. Reengage based on individual’s values and motivations, not your own. 3 Culture Science
  25. 25. Culture is Revenue Summary Culture is not a touchy-feely endeavor. There is a direct connection to the top-line. ! Understanding your sales teams’ core values will enable you to properly motivate and point them toward success. CULTURE Culture Science
  26. 26. Let’s Talk Culture & Engagement RoundPegg ! Boulder, CO +1 720.663.7344 @roundpegg Culture Science