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The 3 "R's" of Blogging


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The 3 "R's" of Blogging (and the Two "P's") shows how to blog to get people to pay attention.

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The 3 "R's" of Blogging

  1. 1. The Three “R’s” of Blogging And the Two “P’s”
  2. 2. Why Blog? – SEARCH!Content Helps People Find You
  3. 3. Search Starts Here:
  4. 4. Three “R’s”Recency, Relevancy, Related Links
  5. 5. Recency• When was your site updated last?• How often to you update your site?• Why does it matter?
  6. 6. Recency• When was your site updated last?• How often to you update your site?• Why does it matter? - Spiders Get Bored
  7. 7. Relevancy
  8. 8. Relevancy• Does content match search strings exactly?• How much content does your site contain with a particular search string?• Do page titles, tags and keywords contain relevant strings?
  9. 9. Blogging Leverages Recency & Relevancy• Easy to update• Vary content by page• Search engines typically count each post as a page
  10. 10. Related Links• On the internet, you are judged by the company you keep• Good links are on pages which have: – Influence, Trust, Relevance,
  11. 11. Types of Links• Inbound• Outbound• Internal
  12. 12. Two “P’s”Proximity & Prominence
  13. 13. Proximity• Address• Map Coordinates• Listing on geographic sites: Google Places, HotPot, Facebook Places
  14. 14. Prominence• Reviews• Recommendations• Ratings• Mentions on Social Media
  15. 15. Getting Started • Choose Hosting • Choose a Platform • Generate Content
  16. 16. Blogging Software is Easy to Use
  17. 17. What Makes Good Content• Product Information• Company Information• Employee News• Community News and Events
  18. 18. Promoting Your Blog• Don’t Leave it to Chance• Use Social Media to Drive Traffic• Add Blog to eMail Signature and Business Card
  19. 19. You Are Not Alone• Erie Insurance – Turn Key Content – Blog Posts – Tweets, Facebook or LinkedIn Updates – Squeeze pages and eMail
  20. 20. When I am Looking for Insurance Will I Find You?