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Are you LinkedIn?


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Steps to build and complete an informative and effective profile to "connect" with other LinkedIn users.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Are you LinkedIn?

  1. 1. Are You LinkedIn?
  2. 2. Your Address Book On Steroids
  3. 3. Your Address on Steroids• Over 100 million users - 44 million in US• 60% male• Most users working for companies with over 1000 employees• Highest proportion are active in high tech, finance & manufacturing• LinkedIn used by 69 of the Fortune 100 companies
  4. 4. It is Free to Join
  5. 5. Completing Your Profile
  6. 6. Tips to Complete Your Profile• Work, school and associations experience• Accomplishments not just titles• Professional photo• Links to social media, blog & website• Customize your profile URL• Content is searchable, consider links, tags and anchor text
  7. 7. Network Building
  8. 8. Let LinkedIn Reconnect You
  9. 9. Ask For Introductions
  10. 10. Make a Positive ImpressionUpdates once or twice a week is sufficient.Make it the MOST interesting thing you are doing this week
  11. 11. Endorsements
  12. 12. Endorsements•Ask key people to give you a reference•Return the favor-give endorsements•Monitor them- if you no longer want to be associated with the endorser remove from your profile
  13. 13. Promote Events
  14. 14. LinkedIn Answers
  15. 15. Using LinkedIN Answers• Establish yourself as a thought leader/expert• Get noticed by asking and answering• Search key topics• Ask poignant questions• Answer questions if you are SURE of the answer – In regulated industries, be sure to check before answering• The more you answer the more you will be noticed
  16. 16. Groups
  17. 17. LinkedIn for Lead Generation •Similar to Facebook and adwords •Good for both hiring and selling •Cost per click structure •Choose budget, timeframe and demographic target
  18. 18. Why LinkedIn?
  19. 19. Responsive Web SiteResize for Device
  20. 20. Simplicity
  21. 21. Strong Visuals• Elegant Theme Standard Gallery• Next Gen Gallery• Categories• Portfolio
  22. 22. Videos• Load to YouTube• Embed in Your Site - al-media-strategy-and-budget/
  23. 23. Branded Social Media
  24. 24. Subtle Social Media• Indiana Humane
  25. 25. Forms:• Schedule Appointment -• Contact
  26. 26. Clear Calls to Action
  27. 27. Smaller Logos••••
  28. 28. Balancing Brand & Avatar
  29. 29. Maps and Locators••