Let others work for you - How Small Businesses Can Grow with User Generated Content


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Many business experts agree one of the best ways to grow a business is with "OPM" (Other people's money). The idea is to reduce your risk and multiply the impact of your capital with loans from banks or resources from investors. The influx of capital helps accelerate the growth of a business.

In a way, this same strategy can apply to your online marketing. To accelerate the expansion of your brand you need "OPC" (Other people's content). In marketing circles the technical term is user generated content (UGC).

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  • Make reviews easy
    Solicit reviews
    Monitor and respond
    Create case studies
  • Say thankyou,
    Intermittent reinforcement
  • One hastag
    Tell people what you ant
  • Let others work for you - How Small Businesses Can Grow with User Generated Content

    1. 1. www.roundpeg.biz LET OTHERS WORK FOR YOU Unlocking the Potential of User Generated Content
    2. 2. www.roundpeg.biz REVIEWS What do other people think?
    3. 3. www.roundpeg.biz We Trust UGC • 68% leisure travelers research online before they decided where or how to travel3 • 85% consumers are more likely to open their wallets when online recommendations support offline advice4. Source: 3: Google Source 4: Cone Inc
    4. 4. www.roundpeg.biz Peers More than Pros Source 1. : Lab42 • 85% smartphone social media users trust online reviews from diners more than pro food sites.1
    5. 5. www.roundpeg.biz Underutilized 72% of marketers do not recognize and leverage customer referral value (Source:Loyalty360)
    6. 6. www.roundpeg.biz Ask for the Review
    7. 7. www.roundpeg.biz Respond to Feedback
    8. 8. www.roundpeg.biz Reviews Drive Business • A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue. 2 Source 2. Harvard Business School
    9. 9. www.roundpeg.biz SOURCE MATERIAL Ideas, Answers and Opinions
    10. 10. www.roundpeg.biz • Who needs writers when you have fans? Crowd Sourcing
    11. 11. www.roundpeg.biz Authenticity You Can’t Fake
    12. 12. www.roundpeg.biz CONTESTS
    13. 13. www.roundpeg.biz Make it Fun and Easy
    14. 14. www.roundpeg.biz Make it Viral
    15. 15. www.roundpeg.biz Promote Off Line
    16. 16. www.roundpeg.biz Make it Relevant
    17. 17. www.roundpeg.biz Let Others Tell Your Story
    18. 18. www.roundpeg.biz EVENTS
    19. 19. www.roundpeg.biz Give People Props
    20. 20. www.roundpeg.biz Leverage Influencers
    21. 21. www.roundpeg.biz Simple Success Tips • Invite people to participate – Online and offline • Make it easy – Tell people what you want • Make it fun – Encourage unexpected activities • Respond - Say thank you – Show people how you use their input
    22. 22. www.roundpeg.biz SHARE YOUR CONTENT www.roundpeg.biz/blog