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From Random Strangers to Raving Fans

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From Random Strangers to Raving Fans

  1. 1. From Random Strangers to Raving Fans Using eMail to connect to, convert and retain customers
  2. 2. Customer Acquisition is Like Dating• First Date: Banner ad, social media or search drives customers to your website• Courtship: Drip campaigns on relevant topics• Engagement: Blog posts, social media and off line conversations• Married Life: Monthly newsletters
  3. 3. Your Website is the Center of Your Client Relationship Web Site
  4. 4. The Offer The Offer Web Site
  5. 5. More Examples:
  6. 6. Capture Contact Information • Ask for Limited Information – Name – Email – Zip Code or Phone • The more you request, the fewer leads you will get.
  7. 7. The Drip• Short, focused email: – 100 – 200 words• Written as a series• Link to site for more on the same topic• Delivered over specific time line• Start at any time.
  8. 8. Sample Drip
  9. 9. Drip Campaign Content• 90% Information• 10% Advertising• Each with a call to action• Link back to the website
  10. 10. Close the Loop 2nd Offer The Offer Drip WebCampai Site gn
  11. 11. Traditional Newsletters• Longer more general• Specific release date• Include links to drip campaigns
  12. 12. Sample Newsletter
  13. 13. Close the Loop 2nd New Offer Info The Offer WebDrip SiteCampaign Email